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How you can support Australia’s bushfire relief

This summer’s bushfires have impacted all of us in many different ways. One thing is for sure, it brought our nation closer together and ignited a desire to do anything we can to support those affected – communities, wildlife, households.

When we named our business after a much-loved native animal that is globally recognised as a symbol of our great nation, we did so with a deep sense of obligation and admiration. That’s why a percentage of every mattress we’ve ever sold has been donated to the conservation of Koalas and their habitat. As long as our business thrives, we will do everything we can to ensure that Koalas and other Australian wildlife are given equal opportunity to do so too.

Since the bushfires started:⁠⁠

🐨 We have so far donated $233k to the WWF, the RFS and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Some of these funds are already having a real-world impact, with the WWF Koala detection dogs & Koala drinking stations being implemented in fire-affected areas to help surviving koalas seek the help and hydration they need.⁠
Spot The Koala is a project that invests in activities & technology to help speeding up finding injured wildlife and help them thrive again.

Spot The Koala – WWF-Australia and Koala employed koala detection dogs to spot injured koalas in fire-affected areas. Together we install water stations to help Australian wildlife to thrive in their habitats again. Help us to ‘spot the koala’!

❤️ As Kangaroo Island was one of the worst-hit areas in the recent bushfires, we have extended our partnership with WWF Australia to help the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo. With every Koala Sofa Bed sold, we’ll symbolically adopt an endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo on Kangaroo Island.⁠

🌱Together with WWF, we recently committed to the planting and saving of 2 billion trees by 2030 to ensure our Koalas will always have a home.⁠

👪 As a business, you can help fire-affected communities through staff initiatives. We’ve implemented new initiatives for our staff to support fire-affected communities over the long term. Including paid leave to volunteer, holiday or even time out of their working day to help out small businesses in fire-affected areas.⁠

Here are a few ways how you can help on a day to day basis:

Leave out bowls and buckets of fresh water with rocks in the bottom to help animals escape if they fall in.

Many species will continue to be food-deprived. Hanging bird and bat feeders, chopped fruit and wild bird feed from trees can help a lot.

Plant Trees
You can help plant trees or native plants in your garden or balcony. You can learn how to create your own seed bombs here. You can also join our tree planting event to take action or let us plant a tree for you.

Product Donations
The Red Cross is a good destination if you want to donate products that are needed for our brave firefighters and people who have lost their homes. Givit is also a great platform to understand what is needed in these areas.

Help local businesses 
Local businesses in fire affected areas need support too. Organisations like Spend With Them directly links you with businesses that have been affected by the bushfires. 

Look for fundraisers, raise awareness and share your support!

Click here for helping to Spot The Koala!

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