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A tropical fish swims near a coral reef against a dark ocean Comfier Planet

Do fish sleep? We discover the answer and more

Do fish sleep? And other sleep habits of our underwater friends Who says a good night’s sleep is just for…

A close-up of a group of ants moving a twig over a rocky surface Comfier Planet

Do ants sleep? All we know about little creatures and sleep

Do ants sleep? All we know about little creatures and sleep  You probably already know this about us by now,…

A beautiful Koala bed in a bright, clean bedroom with Christmas gifts Comfier Planet

Koala’s guide to Christmas home décor

Koala’s guide to Christmas home décor No matter when you decide it’s time to dust off the Bublé album and…

A close-up image of a Koala gripping onto a gum tree Comfier Planet

Facts about Koalas: we answer your questions and more

Facts about koalas: we answer your questions and more It’ll come as no surprise that here at Koala, we’re pretty…

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International Women’s Day

At Koala, we believe in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We celebrate the countless contributions that women have…

Calm As Mattress and Balmain Bed Base Comfier Planet

How to sleep when it’s hot

We’d wager that most late water-cooler/Zoom meeting conversations have gone a little like “I get so hot at night I…

A smiling woman relaxes on her Koala sofa and behind her wood coffee table from Koala Comfier Planet

Why we love a solid wood coffee table

Do you love a good piece of wood? Yeah, so do we. If your living room is anything like ours,…

A textured cream rug with timber bed base on top, covered with linen bedding and a yellow throw Comfier Planet

Gift Ideas | Buy them something they’ll actually love

Gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for them…wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts. Overwhelming. Expensive. We know….

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Need to get rid of a mattress? Here’s the lowdown on how

How to get rid of a mattress Unlike a fine bottle of red, mattresses sadly don’t get better with age….