Delivery delays & COVID-19 response.

Delivery delays & COVID-19 response.

Delivery delays & COVID-19 response.

Living Room

Whether your family is unwinding or entertaining, our range of furniture is made for Aussie living rooms, 
not fancy showrooms.

Lounging Sofa Bonnie Doon Blue 3-Seater

Being spoilt for choice is just the beginning

With heaps of colours, heaps of sizes, and comfort you’ll want to write home about, no matter what your living room looks like, we’ve got something that suits every Aussie household.

Modern Sofa and Chaise 3 seater left Arvo Storm - Lifestyle Front

We’re all about that laidback living

It doesn’t matter if you or your clan are a bunch of snugglers, nappers, readers, scrollers or plain chillers, whatever you lot get up to, we’ve got furniture for you.

Timber Bookshelf Tall and Narrow - Lifestyle - Home

Stay organised

Sourced from sustainable wood, our award winning storage solutions come in different shapes and sizes, plus we make it easy to put those prized possessions either on display or tucked away.

Showroom quality that won’t break the bank

We’re tickled pink that our living room range is produced from high quality and sustainable materials that are as comfy for your wallet as they are for the environment.

Timber Armchair - Bourke St - Lifestyle - Home

Create a living room that fits your lifestyle

There’s no such thing as one size fits all.  From the must-haves to the can’t-live-withouts, when it comes to piecing together the perfect living room, we reckon the most important thing is that you’re calling the shots.

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