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Back pain in your 20s? We’ve got you covered

What’s causing it and how to kick it to the curb

Back pain can be a buzzkill – especially in your 20s when you’re out there just trying to live your best life. Turns out it’s not a middle-age problem. Young-uns can experience aches and pains too. Stick with us as we look at what could be causing your pain and, more importantly, what you can do to get rid of it.

Is it normal to have back pain in your 20s?

If you’re getting lower back pain in your 20s, or pains anywhere in your back, you may not be alone. As a physiotherapist and co-founder of Brisbane Spine Clinic, Justin Lin is a man who knows a thing or two about back pain. He says, “Some of the biggest causes of back pain for people in their 20s can be grouped into a few main categories, including daily work postures, poor quality mattresses or injury from exercise.” 

Let’s take a closer look at the causes:

🙅 Work posture

You’ve probably heard it before, and we’re here to tell you again. The human body isn’t designed for long hours of any sustained postures or positions, whether it be sitting, standing or squatting. 

“More and more people in their 20s are entering the workforce where a lot of the roles are sedentary and working remotely from home is also a popular trend,” says Justin. “This means more time spent in prolonged sitting and no opportunities for fitting in a decent amount of walking and movement.”

🙅 Bad mattress

You’re in your 20s, sleeping on a secondhand spring mattress you found on Marketplace, or that daggy one you’ve had since you were little. Sound familiar? We’re all for saving a buck, but keeping costs down here could be a real pain in the back!

“Older or worn-out mattresses do not allow support of the spine and pose a high-risk factor for developing back pain for many young people in their 20s.”

🙅 Overtraining or sports injuries

Tried to go from couch potato to CrossFit champion overnight? Justin sees an increasing number of patients in their 20s who are overloading their bodies at the gym. 

“Some common acute injuries as a result of this include but are not limited to low back or neck disc sprain, rotator cuff muscle or tendon injuries, knee ligament sprains, tennis elbow, hip impingement syndromes and hamstring muscle strains.” 

🙅 Lack of exercise

At the risk of making you feel like you can’t win, we’re also here to remind you that just as too much exercise can be a problem, not moving enough can also cause back pain in your 20s

But a win is easier than you might think. Walk or cycle to work (or even part of the way) and use the stairs instead of the lift. This incidental exercise can help keep your body pain-free. 

🙅 Emotional stress

Emotional stress and anxiety can be a nightmare for chronic neck and low back pain. So, don’t stress – literally. 

Surround yourself with supportive friends or take up stress-combatting techniques like meditation to keep stress in check. And remember, seeking help when you need it can work wonders for your back pain. 

A young woman lies down on her new Koala SE Mattress after setting up her bedroom with a new mattress and Balmain Bed Base
Avoid back pain by stretching, getting professional advice and investing in a decent mattress

Avoiding back pain in your early 20s

Let’s take a look at what else you can do to keep that pesky back pain at bay:

Stretch it out

Whether you’re hustling in the office or chilling at home, giving those muscles a little love is essential. Take a five-minute stretch break every hour and seize any chance to move around. Walk to the photocopier, chat with a colleague, or take a bathroom break – it all counts! 

Get professional help

If you’re unsure about what’s causing your back pain, don’t hesitate to seek help from the pros. Physios, chiropractors and osteopaths have got your back (quite literally) and can guide you towards feeling your best again. 

Give yourself a Koala-grade mattress experience

Say goodbye to back pain woes with a top-notch mattress that’s comfy, breathable and oh-so-supportive. Look for a mattress that offers the perfect balance of cosiness and spinal protection. We’ve got a whole range of mattresses with our clever Kloudcell® tech and multi-layer ergonomic support for you to choose from. Your back will thank you!

And hey, remember, prevention is better than cure. Even if you’re feeling great now, let’s keep it that way by taking care of yourself. A balanced diet, quality sleep and staying active are all keys to keeping your spine happy and healthy.

Looking for the best budget mattress for back pain?

Money can be tight when you’re in your 20s – we’ve been there. And you’d be forgiven for thinking a decent mattress would set you back. Which is why we created the new Koala SE mattress. You won’t believe the magic we’ve packed into this budget-friendly wonder. 

The Koala SE has all the cosiness and support you need, thanks to its fixed cover with TENCEL™ and plush foam quilting, a dreamy six-centimetre Kloudcell comfort layer infused with bamboo charcoal, and three-zone support layers to cradle you in comfort. Plus, the zero-disturbance technology ensures peaceful nights, no matter how much your partner tosses and turns. We reckon it’s the best mattress for back pain on a budget. 

And when you’re ready to level up your mattress game, check out the rest of the crew. From the Soul Mate mattress to the Calm As and our legendary OG Koala mattress, we’ve got the perfect match for you. 

Welcome to the pain-free zone 

We can’t stress it enough – a quality mattress is the ultimate superhero for your spine and back. Need a few items for the bedroom? We’ve got loads of bedroom bundles that’ll save you some cash. And we offer a 120-night trial, super-quick delivery and easy returns, because choosing the perfect match can be a toughie. In fact, we’ve made buying a mattress online so simple that you’ve really got nothing to lose except that pain in your back. 

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