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What’s the cost of moving house? Let’s find out

Get cosy, we’re spilling the tea on what you need to know for a smooth move 

Ready to spread your wings and fly the nest? We hear you. Moving out of home is an exciting milestone. But let’s be real, it comes with a price tag. So, what is the cost of moving house? From flatmates to furniture, we’re here to help you figure it out before you move out.

How much does it cost to move?

Ah, the million-dollar question. How much does it cost to move? 

The costs of moving out of home can vary depending on your set-up, and the initial cost to move out of your parents’ house is going to be a bit different from any other move. 

If you’re moving in with mates, you’ll want to chat about sharing the household costs. Or why not make a moving checklist to keep things fair and square? 

Okay, let’s break it all down so you know what you’re dealing with.

Removalists and packing supplies

You’ve got to get from A to B, right? Whether you’re channeling your inner Hulk or summoning the mighty powers of a trusty removalist company, moving weekend will cost you some dollars. Oh, and don’t forget those essential packing supplies like boxes and bubble wrap – they add up too! 

Life coach and keynote speaker Anthony Ikin is used to prepping the heads of people for their first move. He says, “If you’re using removalists or moving services, make sure you get a bunch of quotes and then choose the moving services that fit within your budget and that you feel are going to do a good job for you.”

When it comes to boxes and packing tape, Anthony also suggests a DIY sesh to save some cash. “Don’t assume that the removalists are going to pack and tape the boxes up for you. While you can add on a packing service, it’s an easy cost-saving to do it yourself.”  


Insurance costs – we know, yawn! It’s not the most thrilling topic and it bumps up the average cost of moving out for the first time. But it’s essential for a smooth move. “Renting or buying, always look for a good home and contents insurance – break-ins can happen, and it’s good to make sure you’re covered,” Anthony advises.  

Rent and bills

Ugh, bills. The downside to adulting. Budgeting for your new abode means factoring in the monthly rent, connection fees for utilities, and those pesky regular bills. Oh, and there’s the bond – typically a few weeks’ worth of rent – that you’ll need to cough up before moving in.

Also, stash away a little extra moolah for those ‘just in case’ moments. Life loves to throw surprises. But with your secret stash, you’ll be prepared for anything. 

A young woman sits smiling after successfully setting up her new bedroom with Koala furniture and mattress
A new mattress is a big investment, but you want to buy for longevity, and Koala’s mattresses have been designed to last for years

Things you need to set up your new home

Congrats! You’ve made it in. Now, let’s get this house feeling like a home. But where to start?

Furniture and appliances – those big-ticket items – should be top of the list. From beds and dining tables to sofas and fridges, your new digs will need a makeover.

Kitchen and bathroom essentials

You can’t live on takeaway forever. And what’s a home without a fully equipped kitchen? Think cookware, cutlery, a dining table and chairs, and any appliances to get you started. And you’ll need towels, bath mats and other bathroom essentials, too. 

Cleaning supplies

A tidy home is a happy home, so stock up on all the detergents and bits and pieces to keep your place gleaming. 

Pro tip: Your new home should have been cleaned but make sure your cleaning supplies are on hand to give things like shelves a quick wipe before packing away kitchen and bathroom items. 

Bedding and linen

Quality bedding and linen play a starring role in any good night’s sleep. At Koala, we’ve got a whole heap of bed linen for you to choose from – from French flax to organic cotton. Plus pillows and duvets to keep you snuggly and warm all night long.

How to shop smart: quality vs savings

Instead of purchasing everything you need for your ‘dream home’, Anthony recommends just having it “set up so that it’s really cosy and you walk in and you feel good about where you live. Avoid getting too emotionally attached to having everything right away.” 

You can also tap into local garage sales and online marketplaces for budget-friendly finds that can push down the cost of moving house while giving your space a personal touch. And don’t forget to look for deals. At Koala we offer loads of bundles so you can save time and money. 

But when it comes to the big stuff, like your bed and mattress, Anthony says it’s all about quality and longevity. 

“I would absolutely discourage second-hand mattresses. You want the mattress to form to your shape and make sure it’s a good quality mattress so that you get longevity out of it as well.”

Don’t think you can afford a quality mattress after all that moving? Think again. We know that moving can be a drain on your wallet, but everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. That’s why we created the Koala SE Mattress – a budget-friendly option with the same cloud-like comfort as all our other mattresses (with a few less added extras). It also has a 10-year warranty so will be supporting your sleep for the long haul.

Take 120 nights to get acquainted with your new mattress, and if it’s not right for you, contact us to organise a return and full refund. But with our famous Kloudcell® comfort foam plus three zones of support, we reckon you’ll get an epic sleep – without breaking the bank.

Cheers to new beginnings

Budget wisely, shop smartly and turn your fresh new pad into the place everyone wants to hang out. And when it’s time to rest your head, Koala’s got you covered. 

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