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Want the best mattress protector in Australia? Join the club

Need some advice on mattress protectors? We thought you’d never ask!

As the unsung hero of the bedroom, it’s time we started giving our mattress protectors their flowers. These trusty bits of bedding serve as the thin white line between our beds and our poor decisions, and they’re one of the most crucial purchases you’ll ever make.

So, do you actually need a mattress protector? (Yes! The answer is yes!) And how do you find the best mattress protector in Australia? Ask the experts, of course. We’re uncovering the must-haves you want in a mattress protector and answering some of your most pressing questions about this underappreciated Aussie battler. Let’s go.

What makes the best mattress protector, Australia?

They’re adored for being the luxurious, comfy places where we rest our noggins at night, but did you know your mattress can get kinda gross if you don’t look after it? A mattress protector, well, protects your mattress and it’s a must-have for every mattress.

To ensure you get this major purchase right, here are a few things to tick off your list when searching for the best mattress protector in Australia.

🛏️ Fit

Rule number one: a mattress protector must fit the mattress. Sounds basic, we know, but if you’ve got a queen bed, get a queen protector. If your mattress is deep, you’ll need a mattress protector that’s also made for thicker mattresses, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping.

🛏️ Durability

Go for a quality product that offers the best protection for your mattress. Find bedding covered by a warranty (hello, Koala), and it’ll last you for years. Cheap and cheerful mattress protectors often don’t cut it.

🛏️ Protection

Named for its protecting powers, the shield technology on a mattress protector is arguably its most important feature and acts as an effective barrier. It will not only limit moisture from reaching the mattress but also odours, microbes, bacteria and more.

🛏️ Breathability

There’s no point in finding the best waterproof mattress protector in Australia if it’s uncomfy to sleep on. The best kinds are shielding and breathable. So, get yourself a mattress protector that can do both.

🛏️ Cleanability

Sick of googling ‘how to get blood out of a mattress’? We hear you. A good mattress protector will hold on to all your stains and spills until you’re ready to clean it. And it should be as easy as throwing it into the wash.

The Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector in a box and a Koala bed
The best kind of mattress protector is both shielding and breathable, like the Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector

Do you put an electric blanket under a mattress protector? Uh, no (and other advice)

Cool down, firebug. Even in the depths of winter, we don’t recommend putting anything electric under your mattress protector. Their surface usually isn’t designed to take extreme heat. Pop the electric blanket on top of the protector to be safe. 

Have more Q’s? Here are a few other common ones people ask about their faithful protectors.

Do waterproof mattress protectors make you hot?

Some waterproof mattress protectors can smother airflow because they’re typically made with polyurethane. Choose a breathable option mixed with other lightweight materials, such as TENCEL™, to keep your body temp on point.

Do you need a mattress protector?

Yes, you little grub. Don’t believe us? Ask an expert. Justin Lin is a physiotherapist and co-founder of The Brisbane Spine Clinic. He explains why a protector is vital — for you and your bed. “Skin cells, dust mites, sweat, mould and bad odours can develop in your mattress. If you don’t protect it, it will deteriorate.”

Should you wash your mattress protector?

You should definitely clean it occasionally (especially if it’s just come out of storage). However, choosing an easy-to-clean option — like one protected with Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment — means less frequent washing and more room on the clothesline.

Let Koala take care of your mattress

As pros in the bedroom, we know a lot about mattress protectors. And since you’re investing so many of your hard-earned gumnuts in a good bed, a good-quality mattress protector is a no-brainer.

Koala’s Great Barrier Mattress Protector is crafted with 100% TENCEL™ lyocell fibres and 100% polyurethane backing. It’s breathable, protective and super easy to slip on. Plus, the Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment keeps even the dirtiest of bedrooms clean.

A believer in the bigger, the better? Go big with our Deep Fit Mattress Protector. With an extra eight centimetres of stretch, it’s made for larger beds — like the Koala Soul Mate Mattress.

Be good to your bed

As the backroom boys of the bedroom, it’s time to start giving our mattress protectors the praise they deserve. Check out Koala’s range of mattress protectors — and other splendid bedding — and equip your bed with the best.

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