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How to Live Like a Boomer with Koala

Hey, is this thing on? Boomers, they may need help with FaceTime, but let’s face it, their lives are pretty good. Being born at just the right time to enjoy affordable homes and stable incomes, they’re comfy and they know it. But as the cost of living skyrockets, younger Aussies are feeling the squeeze and cutting back on life’s little luxuries to pay the bills. Avocados… our heart yearns. 

Our mission at Koala is to make the good life gettable for all, not just those with already appreciating assets. So before you swap your takeaway order for a stay-at-home dinner, here’s how to live like a boomer without breaking the bank.

Win your rent or mortgage paid for a year

First up, you can enter our competition to win your rent or mortgage paid for an entire year! Yes, you heard us right. Get your hands on up to $75,000 so that you can put your feet-up worry-free. But there’s a catch, you need to know your Brangelina from your Bennifer, your swag from your haul, and which emojis not to send to your parents. We’ve created a ‘Boomer Blocker’ designed to stifle those 58 years and above and make sure that the money goes to those who need it the most.

But remember, you’re only a boomer if you think you are. Anyone can take on the boomer blocker. Passing it, though, comes down to you! 

From Monday 31 July to Sunday 27 August, visit and enter your details for a chance to win some much-deserved financial freedom. 

Sleep easy with great furniture finds

Buying furniture can be pricey, and when you’re renting it’s easier to inherit the bed from the tenant before you, than fork out for your own. But stop scouring second-hand forums right now, this doesn’t need to be the case. 

Our award-winning mattress range has something for every kind of sleeper, giving you champagne sleep on a beer budget. Pop that bottle, and get toasty in your comfy new bed.

If you’re more in need of a sofa then sit tight, we have a great range of award-winning and affordable sofas too. With cushiony comfort in different styles, shapes and sizes, you can recline and relax like a boomer on our Lounging Sofa, without needing a boomer budget (or a shared Netflix subscription). 

With Koala Second Home, you can also find nearly new and refurbished furniture, giving you great quality at lower prices, and the benefit of doing a little good for the planet too. 

Spruce up your space with affordable additions 

Adding simpler stylish touches to your space won’t stretch your budget, but makes a big difference to how you feel at home. You won’t even need permission from your landlord- win. 

Cushions add a comfy touch, and our Kick Back, Catch Up and limited edition Niah x Koala cushions are all great ways to add style and comfort worth of a boomer to your home. 

While you’re there, why not throw in a throw for extra coziness? It’s what the boomers would do, so you should too. 

Conditions apply Open to AU residents 18+. Ends: 11:59pm AEST 27/8/23. Limit 1 entry p/person. Draw: 3 Amy Cl, Wyong NSW 2259 at 2pm AEST on 29/8/23. Winner published at on 1/9/23. Prize:1x $75K. Permits: NSW TP/02801. ACT. TP23/01339. SA. T23/T23/1044

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