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Moving house? No worries, here’s how to do it stress-free

Move house, Koala-style: easy, peasy, eucalyptus squeezy

Moving house got you feeling stressed? We get it. But you can be sipping a cold one in your new digs before you know it. And the best part? All it takes is a pinch of prep, some packing tape and, if you’re looking to save on cost, a couple of willing mates. With our tips for moving house quickly, we’ll turn that hair-pulling process into a ripper of an adventure – and have you moved in 48 hours.

Want to know how to move house quickly? Let’s get this show on the road

Prep for a smooth move by checking in with the new place and making sure the keys are ready for you and the electricity is connected.

Next, focus on getting packed up. Anthony Ikin, life coach and keynote speaker, gives us his top tips for an easy-as moving day.

“Start planning early. Moving house is stressful anyway, but if you leave it to the last minute, you are going to cause so much more stress than you actually need. As early as possible, start to get your list together, dot all your i’s, cross your t’s and start to really plan that moving experience.”

And if you’re not hiring removalists, why not get your mates on board and make it a moving party? Anthony says, “Generally, friends will want to help. Just make sure everyone has their roles and responsibilities that tie in with your plan.” A little help can go a long way if everyone knows what they’re doing!

And here’s the pro tip – careful packing and boxing and clear labeling will not only make the move easier but also help you find those wine glasses in a flash when you get to the other end. Cheers to that!

A woman celebrates moving house by pouring herself a glass of champagne while lying on her new Koala SE Mattress she bought on a beer budget
Careful packing and boxing will not only make the move easier but also help you find those wine glasses in a flash on the other side of moving weekend.

Keep things stress-free with these moving house tips

Ok, you’ve got 48 hours to blitz through everything – teamwork makes the dream work. Let’s do this.

Saturday – wakey, wakey, it’s moving weekend!

Saturday morning, day one of your moving weekend — no time to waste! Here’s your to-do list for today:

💥 Pack down your furniture like a pro. Disassemble and pack up any non-essential items —  that’s anything you can manage without for the next 48 hours. Got any Koala pieces? Don’t forget they’re designed for no-tools assembly, making packing down and setting up stress free.

💥 Work room by room. Pack, tidy, and clean each room as you go. Oh, and don’t forget to label each box clearly, so you know which room it needs to go into at the other end.

💥 Purge as you pack. Let’s find some of that Marie Kondo magic. Donate, recycle or gift anything that isn’t coming with you on this adventure.

💥 Pack by weight. Lighter items like bed linen and clothing belong in larger boxes, while heavier things like books and kitchenware can go in smaller boxes. Makes sense, right?!

💥 Pack a suitcase for the first night. Toothbrush, pyjamas, and any valuables—chuck ’em all in a suitcase. That way, you can leave the major unboxing for the following day and have all the important stuff with you.

💥 Prep the boxes for the morning. As the arvo rolls in, prep the boxes so they’re ready to be loaded into the van tomorrow morning. If you’re a DIY mover, ropes, blankets and a trolley will also come in handy. 

Sunday – the grand finale! 

You’ve made it to Sunday! You’re almost there. Here’s what you need to do to get through the final day of moving:

💥 Pack the truck. Think of it like a game of Tetris. Bigger items first, heavier items at the bottom. Lighter items can be placed higher. Use all available space and secure any fragile items so they won’t be knocked or crushed by anything. 

💥 Do a final walkthrough. Leave nothing behind. Do a final check of each room, then lock up and get ready for a fresh start!

💥 Remember to take breaks. Anthony shares, “Things can feel stressful, you can forget to eat, you can forget to drink water, and those things can have an effect on your mood. So it’s just as important to schedule those breaks in to make sure you can keep functioning.”

💥 Put boxes in the right room. Remember those cleverly labeled boxes? Once you’re in the new place, you can put them directly into the room labelled on the box. Ta-da!

💥 Get set up and comfy. Start with the most important rooms—the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom first. Plug in essential appliances, including the fridge, washing machine, and dishwasher. 

Prepping for your first night’s sleep in your new home

You’ll also want to get the bedrooms ready for everyone to crash when bedtime rolls around. Let’s face it, you’ll be ready for a good night’s rest after a big couple of days. 

Need a new mattress? But on a budget? Our Koala SE mattress gives you champagne quality on a beer budget. With all the cloud-like softness and cosy-as technology you’ve come to expect from us at a lower price point, this mattress ticks all the boxes. 

And the best bit? With super fast delivery and quick assembly straight out of the box, you’ll be drifting off to the land of nod before your head hits the pillow. Another pro tip – if you need to factor in how long to let your Koala bed in a box expand, it’s just an hour to give the foam time to decompress and a few more days to fully firm up.

Enjoy fast and flexible delivery 

With a smooth move planned, you can focus on the fun part – picking out some fresh pieces for your new home. After a new mattress, bed frame or fresh linen sheets? Need it fast? No worries. We offer free same-day delivery in metro areas. Got a move date? Make the most of our flexible delivery with delivery windows on a date and time that suits you. If you need more than one item from Koala, don’t forget you can bundle and save with our awesome bundles.

Our products have no-tools assembly, making it super easy for you to get set up and start enjoying your new place. So, grab a cold one, kick back, and relish in the sweet success of your move. 

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