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Moving out of home? Here’s your ultimate checklist

First-time movers, this one’s for you

Welcome newbies. We get it, it’s a big step moving out of home. But do it right and there’s a whole heap of adventures waiting for you on the other side. And we’ve got your back with a bloody awesome checklist to make your transition as smooth as a well-brewed cuppa. 

4 questions to ask yourself when moving out of home

Picture this: you’re on the hunt for the perfect pad to call your own. It’s an exciting process, but you’ve never done it before! So, we’ve come up with 4 handy questions to ask yourself before leaving home and signing on the dotted line.

And we’ve asked an insider – life coach and keynote speaker Anthony Ikin who’s helped heaps of people transition through big life changes including moving out of home for the first time – to help you answer the questions and handle things like a pro.

Fun fact before we start: the average age to move out in Australia is around 23 or 24 years – but it is getting older!

✅ What’s your budget?

This will be different for everyone but it’s super important to keep track of how much the move will cost and know your budget. Anthony’s advice? “Whether you’re paying rent or a mortgage, make sure it doesn’t go above 25% of what you’re earning.” Learning how to budget properly is a key life lesson. 

“Get in the habit of doing it. Making it a life skill from an early age is going to help you navigate financial pressures and financial stress later in life.”

Is the property in good condition? 

Look for signs that the property is in good nick – for example, can it handle the Aussie weather conditions?

Anthony shares, “If you’re moving to a hot spot like Brisbane, make sure you have a cool set-up – air conditioning or good fans. Likewise, in colder regions, check for solutions to handle the chilly weather. Trust me, your mood impacts every aspect of life, so nailing this is a big deal.”

You also should look around the whole building and check that everything looks solid and in good condition. “I also like to take a careful look at the foundations, things like the ceilings, walls both inside and out.”

Are there any obvious repairs needed?

No one wants to deal with gum nuts falling on their head or dodgy wiring that’ll send a shock through you – have a proper look for anything that might need fixing before you move in. Is the hot water system up to scratch? Give those bathroom taps a twist, too.

Anthony always checks the water pressure, “I’ve made a mistake before and then you get in there, you move in, you sign your 12-month contract and you’ve got this drizzly little shower that barely washes anything” – nightmare!

“My advice would be to check every door lock, check that the windows lock, just make sure you do a thorough check that things are working but also that you’re going to feel safe there.”

How’s the mobile reception?

Staying connected is crucial. So, when inspecting potential homes, check the mobile reception. No one wants to be stuck in a mobile dead zone, right?

The Koala SE Mattress sits on a bed frame.
The Koala SE mattress offers cloud-like comfort at a pocket-friendly price.

Ready, set, move

Before you say see ya to your childhood bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re prepping for the big move:

✅ Clear out your old room

First, let’s declutter and clean out your room in your parents’ home. It might feel a bit nostalgic going through all those childhood memories, but trust us, a fresh start awaits! And your parents will thank you for it.

✅ Sort out your new sleeping arrangements

Scoring more brownie points by leaving your old bed in your parents’ house and letting them live out their guest room dreams? 

A new mattress for a fresh start is always a good idea. Worried you can’t afford one? We know how exxy moving can be, that’s why we’ve designed a mattress for people exactly like you. Cue the Koala SE Mattress, cloud-like comfort at a pocket-friendly price. Made with the same cosy technology as our other mattresses – with a breathable, plush foam quilting and Kloudcell® comfort layer – it’s everything you need for an epic sleep in your new pad. Still unsure? You’ve got 120 nights to roll around on your mattress, and if you don’t love it, get in touch and we’ll organise a return and refund.

✅ Double check your budget and paperwork

We know budgeting isn’t the most exciting part of moving out of home, but it’s crucial for keeping those fuss-free vibes high. Take it from Anthony – setting a budget will save you from any surprises along the way. And don’t forget those boring but essential things like leases and electricity bills – adulting at its finest!

Anthony adds: “Keep track of your discretionary spending – things like takeaway coffee and acai bowls add up quickly. You don’t have to give them up, but just watch where you’re spending your money and play around with a budget that works for you.”

Before the big day, remember to:

1️⃣ Keep calm and stay organised

2️⃣ Keep this moving out of home checklist handy

3️⃣ Keep repeating: “Everything will fall into place”

Moving day: things to remember

The big day is here – woop! Moving day can be a whirlwind of emotions, but with a bit of prep, we’ll have you cruising through it like a pro.

✅ Ask for help

Moving heavier items like a fridge or washing machine? You’re gonna need some help. Removalists usually come with trolleys, ropes and a van big enough to fit those larger items. They’re also more likely to have experience moving appliances – unlike your mates – so it could be an idea to get them on board.

✅ Pack everything up

Pretty obvious, but for a smooth moving day – whether you’re hiring removalists or roping your mates in to do the heavy lifting – you want to be packed and ready to go. Fuss-free packing? We’ve got you. Grab some boxes, pack up your life, and make sure you’ve got everything sorted. Check out our handy guide to moving weekend – from labelling boxes to keeping essentials handy. It’s all in there.

Things you need when moving out

Congrats, you’ve made it! Now for the fun bit – creating the ultimate hangout pad for you and your mates. Here are a final few things to think about:

✅ Essential kitchen and bathroom supplies

No home is complete without a well-stocked kitchen and bathroom – you won’t have your ‘rents replacing your daggy old toothbrush here! 

✅ Furniture essentials

Time to get cosy! Consider the furniture essentials that’ll transform your space into one you’ll love. From a dreamy bedroom set up to a dining table that’ll host endless dinner parties, choose pieces that fit your lifestyle. Forget the tools (and tantrums) – no tool assembly for all of our Koala furniture means you can get things set up in no time. Check out our full range of living room furniture.

✅ Add the finishing touches

Time to add some personality into the mix. Here at Koala, we’re more than just mattresses. Take a peek at our range of pillows, bed linen, and homewares. They’re designed with the same comfy-as-a-hug quality you know and love. After all, your new home deserves the best. And we’re here to make that happen. Need to stock up? Bundle your bedroom bits and pieces to save some cash for other items.

Forgotten something?

At Koala, we offer lightning-fast and flexible delivery. Which is great if, like us, you tend to leave things to the last minute. Plus, delivery is absolutely free on mattresses and small items. And the best part? You can choose a delivery window that fits your schedule perfectly. No need to wait around all day for your new goodies to arrive!

Cheers to the next step 

The key to a successful move is good prep. Make a list, check it twice, and you’ll be a master of moving in no time. And remember, our Koala SE Mattress will give you a comfy-as sleep in your new place without blowing the budget.

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