Meet our vegan leather couch: leather cows love

Looks like leather. Feels like leather. Isn’t leather.

Australia, we heard you crying out for a comfy, stylish vegan leather couch. And you damn well know we’ve delivered. Drum roll, plooooise – we’re over the moon to introduce our very first faux leather sofa: the Modern UnReal Leather Sofa and Ottoman. 

So what’s your vegan leather couch made of?

Nothing you’ve heard of before! We couldn’t find a faux leather sofa we fancied enough, so we went ahead and created our very own fabric. Koala UnReal Leather is made of entirely durable vegan materials and features a silicate layer to exquisitely replicate the matte finish and feel of real leather. You’ll struggle to find the difference, and our cow friends will be cheering.

But wait! There’s more! Our UnReal Leather is suuuuper stain and spill resistant, with messes sorted out in just one wipe. Red wine drinkers rejoice – we’re all about that real-life-proof design. 

Sweet – but is it comfy? 

You betchya. This faux leather sofa is part of the 2023 Product Review Award-winning Modern Sofa family. Turns out Aussies really dig the Modern Sofa’s generous cushion size and plushness with no sinking. We can’t blame ‘em. 

We’ve taken all the Modern smarts, including the incredibly nappable CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam seat cushions, and simply wrapped this baby in our faux leather and thrown a matching Ottoman in, to boot. 

The Koala Modern UnReal Leather Sofa in Black Wood
The Koala Modern UnReal Leather Sofa in Black Wood

Cows are cool, but what about the planet?

Call us Vanessa Amarosi ‘cause absolutely everybody will be stoked on this sofa. We’re very proud to have used responsibly sourced FSC-certified timber for the UnReal Leather Sofa frame, and low-VOC foam riiiight where your butt is going to sit. 

Our products boast tool-free assembly and this vegan leather couch is no exception: she’s built to last. The v. easy assembly and disassembly means the UnReal Leather Sofa can move from place to place with you; making it an investment to cherish for oodles of years to come. 

Well hot damn. What’s the catch?

Legit nothing. From our 120-night trial to the five-year warranty, you’ve got ample time to test the vegan leather couch out properly. The only thing to worry your little mind about is which colour you’re taking home with you: classic black Black Wood or sleek, stylish Burnt Rock? Right this way, you big lounger; you. 

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