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Where to put a mirror in a bedroom and other styling tips

Where to put a mirror in a bedroom and other styling tips

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Where should we put you in our bedroom? Well, sweet darlings, whether your style is coastal or contemporary, boho or boujee, we know you want your bedroom to be the fairest of them all.

Oh, sorry — what’s that? You don’t have a magic mirror to give you style tips? No dramas. Neither do we.

Whether your room is packed full of coastal bedroom furniture or it gives off more of a minimalist vibe, either way, you’ll need to know where to put a mirror in a bedroom after reading this. We caught up with Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward. We asked her about the dos and don’ts of mirror feng shui and how to get bedroom styling down to a fine art.

How to style a bedroom

Your bedroom should be the place you go to get that splendid R & R. If it’s beginning to look more like the back room of an op shop and less like the haven you had in mind when you moved in, it might be time to consider a new layout.

A ton of cushions on the bed and knick-knacks scattered across the room might sound like a good idea when you’re at the checkout of your favourite homeware store. But over time, these treasured trinkets can end up turning into clutter. Keeping design elements simple is sometimes the best way to cultivate a stress-free space.

“Your bedroom should reflect what you find most comfortable and relaxing,” says Lisa. “Don’t pick colours or styles that don’t resonate with you. If everybody’s got a big armchair in the corner and you hate armchairs, don’t get one. Pick things that will match what you like in the style of your home.”

Before you start splashing the cash on new bedroom furniture, modern homewares and those smoked salmon bedsheets you’ve been eyeing up, Lisa also recommends having ‘the talk’ with your bed partner (and no, we don’t mean the exciting ‘talk’).

“If you share your room with someone, it’s a good idea to have a chat with them before making those new purchases. After all, you both have to feel good about your new bedroom style.”

A young woman sits on her bed reading a book on a large bedroom with timber floors, rug and artwork
Your bedroom style should reflect your taste and lifestyle, but ultimately it needs to be a relaxing space you want to be in

Mirror feng shui

When it comes to where you put your mirror, Lisa is big on feng shui.

“Mirrored wardrobe doors are considered bad feng shui,” she explains. “The theory is that if you have mirrors next to the bed, they’re inviting another person into the bed and into the relationship.”

Well, if it floats your boat… But if you’re serious about not wanting any strange bedfellows in the middle of the night, here are some of Lisa’s reccos on where else you could place your panel of glass:

🪞 on the inside of the wardrobe door
🪞 on the back of the bedroom door
🪞 on top of a chest of drawers
🪞 on a dressing table

Masters of bedroom makeovers

Ready to give your bedroom a makeover? Whether you’ve got a head for Scandi design or a love for mid-century modern, at Koala, we’ve got some of the best contemporary bedroom furniture around.

Browse our full range of bed frames, side tables, armchairs and bookcases. And if there’s space left in the trolley, chuck in a mattress while you’re there. We have some of the best mattresses around — available in the full run of Australian mattress sizes — and a 120-night trial period. That means if you don’t like it, you can leave it. Let us know, and we’ll give you a full product refund.

Comfort and style

We know how easy it can be to get lost in the world of Pinterest boards and be #influenced by the latest TikTokers. But remember — your bedroom, your rules. Embrace your personal style and prioritise what you love over what’s trending. And with fast and flexible delivery, as well as a world-class warranty, shopping online with us is a piece of lamington. 

So whether you need a couple of new cushions or you’re ready to invest in a brand-new bed, we’re here to help you in the bedroom. Mirror, mirror on the wall: what will the mattress quiz reveal to all?

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