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Bedroom Glow-up on a Budget

Bedroom Essentials for … not dummies.

Wanna wake up on the right side of the bed every day but don’t have a heap of dosh? You don’t need to compromise on sleep cause you’re not cashed up, you just need to invest in a coupl’a bonafide bedroom essentials. 

We all know how important a night of good sleep is. Our overall physical, mental, and emotional health all depends on a good night’s sleep. If you aren’t getting a quality good ol’ 8-hour nap every day, take this as your sign to update your mattress, sheets, pillow, bed base and all-round sleeping environment. 

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and energised without breaking the bank, the key is to purchase high-quality items that’ll last you years to come. Here are our go-to bedroom essentials for a bedroom glow-up on a budget.

Balmain Bed Base
Balmain Bed Base

The Balmain Bed Base

Our team designs furniture with impact in mind— optimising your sleep, your space, and caring for the environment. If you want uncompromisable practicality, style, and sustainability, look no further than the Balmain Bed Base.

Compact and adaptable, this wooden bed frame fits nicely in a studio apartment or a master bedroom. While it’s got the space underneath for you to slide some storage under, you can also add opt to add one or two attachable Balmain Bedside Tables for additional functionality. 

Koala Sofa Bed in Bass Straight
Koala Sofa Bed in Bass Straight

A Koala Sofa Bed

If you know anything about our products, it’ll be no surprise that the OG Sofa Bed has hundreds of five-star reviews and won the award. Our comfy-as Sofa Bed folds out in seconds and fits any room. Available in four colour choices it’s a phenomenal way to get a good night’s sleep without a traditional mattress. 

Wanna add a little more? Grab a matching Koala Sofa Bed Ottoman to create the perfect place for AM or PM relaxation. 

A real bedroom essential - a budget friendly mattress
The Koala SE Mattress

The Koala SE Mattress

It’s no secret that koalas are the kings of sleep. So when it comes to comfort on a budget,  there’s simply no mattress that offers a better value than our Koala SE Mattress. We took all the good-good from our award-winning, much-loved Koala Mattress, took out a few bells and whistles to make it our best-value mattress offering. The best night’s sleep at a budget-friendly price? Yes ploise.

A summer doona and warmer weighted blanket are both bedroom essentials. The All Seasons Duvet has you covered for both!
The All Seasons Duvet

All Season Duvet

There’s nothing better for the budget than a solid duvet that works all year round. No more switching between winter doonas and summer duvets, get one gorgeous high-quality duvet and thank yourself. 

Our Aussie weather has proved lately to be unpredictable at best, so this duvet will have you covered (literally) whatever temp it is. With 8 TOG (thermal overall grading), this All Seasons Duvet is as good at keeping the warmth in as it is at letting it out.

The Koala Pillow Range should be added to every bedroom essentials list
The Koala Pillow Range

Pillows Perfect for Every Sleepyhead

Picking the perfect pillow is a very personal choice. So when you find the right one, you want to keep it real close. Our range of dream-worthy pillows are the final puzzle piece to your best sleep. 

We’ve got the Cloudy Pillow for that feather-like feeling. The Breeze Pillow with zoned memory foam that provides better head and neck support and Phase Change technology for optimal sleep temperature. Or to have the best of both worlds, snuggle up to our Koala Pillow that has a softer and firmer side that’s great for all sorts of sleepers. Hate decision-making? Take our quiz to find your perfect match. 

Off you trot!

There’s really nothing stopping you from having the best sleep of your night, every night. Go forth and sleep better with these bedroom essentials, no matter what budget you’re working with.

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