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Bedroom furniture 101: comfy, cosy and cool

Bedroom furniture 101: comfy, cosy and cool

Boudoir feeling more ho-hum than heavenly haven? Today’s the day that changes. It’s time to get your life together. As adult as it sounds, picking the right bedroom furniture and presenting it nicely can come with some pretty major payoffs.

Firstly, you’ll get that comfy, cosy vibe whenever you’re in it. Secondly, you’ll score those hard-to-get brownie points with mum. And finally, you’ll get to enjoy that fleeting, smug feeling that, this time round, you’re actually gonna keep your room clean forever.

So, what do you need in your bedroom to make it complete? We reached out to Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward to get a hot take on bedroom furniture basics (and extras) as well as how to perk up a room the Koala way.

So basic — the bedroom furniture everyone needs

Looking to upgrade your bedroom furniture, Australia? Start with the basics. These are the simple first steps towards a better bedroom with the pieces you actually need.

Step 1: Choose a theme

According to Lisa, having a theme in mind before you start shopping will give a more cohesive look to your bedroom furniture. Hamptons, mid-century modern, minimalist and Scandi — the list goes on. Thankfully, there’s something for every taste.

“Decide on what mood or theme you’d like, as this will inform the colour palette and the style of the furniture, bedding, cushions and accessories you choose,” says Lisa.

“When you’re choosing colours, try to tie them to the decor. Soft colours are traditionally more calming. Darker and bold colours can have a moodier feel.”

Once you’ve decided on a colour palette, Lisa suggests choosing the other pieces accordingly. “Anchor points that tie the room together are important. Look for patterns that match when choosing the artwork, occasional chair and floor rug.”

To that, we say, “Aye, aye, captain.”

Step 2: Get your bed right

Your bed is the superstar of this space. Heck, they even named the room after it. Given its domestic celebrity status, it deserves a lot of attention.

At a minimum, you’ll need a bed base and the best mattress for your body. The cherry on top? A good set — or two — of sheets and blankets plus pillows. And as we’ll soon find out, learning how to dress a bed can make all the difference.

There’s no need to splash the dosh and buy everything brand new, either. Can you put a new mattress on an old base? Sure can. Just make sure you’ve measured everything to ensure that the bed and mattress sizes match up.

Step 3: Storage wars

Storage is one of those ‘must-have’ things in your bedroom. But everyone has different storage needs. To figure out yours, take a gander at these quick questions:

🤔 Do I need a bedside table? How about two?

🤔 Are there things I’d rather keep hidden from visitors?

🤔 Is there built-in storage already in my room?

🤔 Am I more of a minimalist with nothing to store?

Lisa advises using your available space as a guide. “Smaller rooms might look better with a little side table instead of a full bedside table,” she says. “If you’re a reader, you might want somewhere to put a book and a bedside lamp.”

Bottom line? Only go for the storage you need.

A bed with comfy duvet, throw and pillows in a white bedroom with timber furniture and pretty accessories
Add artwork, lighting and a rug to complete your bedroom

Bedroom furniture that’s a little boujee

Now that you’ve got the must-have things in your bedroom, it’s time to add the like-to-haves. Check out these extra pieces, as well as Lisa’s tips on how to style a bedroom for that finishing touch.

🥰 Artwork. Art is the perfect way to express your style. And there’s no need to buy anything expensive. Op shops and second-hand stores are great places to find beautiful pieces. Stuck on where to put it? Lisa recommends choosing art that suits the size of your bed and hanging it just above.

🥰 Lamps and lights. They’re functional, and they create a sizzler of a mood. And nothing creates mood better than a well-placed lamp? Go big with floor lamps, add a lamp to each bedside table. “I like larger lamps,” reveals Lisa. “They give a room scale.”

🥰 Armchairs. Consider adding an armchair or occasional chair if you need more than a bed. This gives you somewhere to read, talk on the phone or pile your clothes onto (we all do that, right?). May we recommend the creamy goodness that is the Koala High Back Armchair? It’s covered in chunky linen knit and filled with CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam. The planet (and your bum) will say thank you.

🥰 Rugs. A rug is a perfect accompaniment to any bedroom for that down-to-earth, grass-between-your-toes feel. And they even work if you’ve already got carpet. “A rug can help ground the bed,” says Lisa. “It makes it look like more of a feature area than just the bed sitting there.”

How to dress your bed like a pro

As the main character and hero of the bedroom, you want your bed to look like a beaut. No modesty needed here. Lisa shares her wisdom on how to dress a bed that’ll make mucho difference to your room.

🛏️ Make your bed every day. Sure, we all want to live the John and Yoko fantasy of having a maid make the bed while we lie in it, but let’s get real. A little bit of effort in making the bed each morning won’t hurt. And it’s the easiest way to get that comfy bedroom feel.

🛏️ The top sheet debate. ICYMI: some millennials are ditching the top sheet. (And for those of you that aren’t millennials, we meant ‘in case you missed it’.) But for those of us that are old school, we swear by it for neatness and probably always will. The good news is there’s no right or wrong when it comes to using a top sheet for extra comfort and cleanliness. Your preference will guide you.

🛏️ Cover up. A big, fluffy blankie is what every adult needs in their bedroom (even if only to cover up an unmade bed). And Lisa advises that it should stay there over the summer — for the aesthetics. “You need a nice plump doona,” says Lisa.

🛏️ Throw on a throw. When it comes to creating visual balance, Lisa has just the trick. “A nice throw balances the end of the bed,” she says. “This is because your focal point is the whole bed, not just the top bit with all the cushions and everything else going on.” To keep your bedroom fresh, change the throw with the seasons. The Koala Switcharoo Throw is double-sided for that very reason, and it’s made with soft certified-organic cotton. That’ll do us just fine.

🛏️ Pillow talk. Lisa swears by the ‘two pillows per person’ rule but says, “If it’s a big bed, you might want an additional set across the top to balance it. The pillow arrangement should suit the size of the bed and the style of the room.” Chuck in some cushions that match, karate chop the tops and Bob’s your uncle.

Buying bedroom furniture online: yay or nay

How does one acquire all this cool but affordable bedroom furniture? Australia, we’ve got your back. The benefit of furniture shopping online with Koala is that we’ve thought of everything — shipping, assembly, returns. Not to mention stacks of stylish and sustainable options for the bedroom.

Our range includes bedding, linen, beds, mattresses, storage, desks, throws, rugs, cushions, chairs and sofas. Phew! Plus, our tool-free assembly means everything’s a cinch to put together.

We also offer fast, free and flexible delivery to take the backache out of furniture shopping, as well as considerable warranties that vouch for our quality. And there’s no need to feel nervous about buying bedroom furniture online, either. Koala offers a ripper 120-night trial, so we’ll sort it out if you need to return your new stuff for any reason. No worries needed.

Say hello to your new bedroom

So, what do you need in your bedroom to make it feel like home? That’s up to you. But here at Koala, we have a great selection of sustainable and stylish stuff to get you started. Check out the range today.

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