great example of boho furniture is the Koala bookshelf with armchair, plants and other collectables in a lounge room
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Get the boho look: how to style your boho furniture like a pro

Here’s how to style boho furniture like a pro

Do you like having all your books and treasured trinkets out on display? Do you instinctively just get the method behind the madness when it comes to patterns and prints? If you’ve said yes, we’re here to tell you that you might just be a raging bohemian.

We caught up with Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward to get her take on what it means to live and love the bohemian lifestyle, and how to style your home with some signature boho furniture pieces.

What defines bohemian home decor?

For those of us who love home decor, we’re always on the hunt for the interior design styles that speak to us and reflect who we are at our cores. To better understand the boho style, we asked Lisa to break down this particular form of expression.

“Boho home decor is an organic mix of texture and colour. It’s where traditional elements meet modern elements. It’s very focused on casual living and embracing that really relaxed style.”

When it comes to selecting homewares and boho furniture, Lisa says it’s cool to keep it warm and organic.

“Think eclectic vintage-style curves and shapes featuring timbers and rattan. Even the colour palette and materials are very natural and organic. It’s a real mix, but it must add to a sense of warmth and cosiness, and it needs to be inviting.”

We know all about being warm and cosy here at Koala (have you seen our sofas and mattresses?). So we can’t think of anything more inviting than a boho-style home where we’re surrounded by rattan home decor and all our creature comforts. Steaming mug of Jarrah in a handmade ceramic mug, anyone?

Style your home the boho way

Boho home-styling is all the rage right now, and for good reason. It’s affordable, creative and fun.

“People tend to like boho styling because it’s easier to incorporate particular pieces they already own,” says Lisa. These are things that they’ve maybe picked up on their travels, or they’re special sentimental pieces they want on display.

“It’s not a style that means you have to rush out and buy everything new. You can really mix and match with your patterns and textures — there are no hard-and-fast rules.”

The 101 on boho chic

Let’s face it, mixing patterns and textures can go wrong pretty fast. What we’ve learnt about boho chic is that while it can seem like a flurry of colours, textures and trinkets, there’s always harmony in the free-flowing artistry.

The secret is to make sure that there are no competing elements. Think about layering bright and bold patterns with smaller ones to allow one to emphasise the other. And pick one or two colours (and go crazy with all their shades) rather than picking the entire rainbow; it’ll steer the room away from looking too messy.

Avoid breaking the bank by sticking with neutral colours for larger items like the sofa and mixing up your colour palette with smaller decorative objects like cushions and throws. When you’re looking to freshen up a room, bringing in newly collected homewares is a much more affordable way to rejig the room.

Not sure where to start? “Get your foundational pieces sorted first,” says Lisa. “Then you can build out your look with the smaller items.”

A close-up of the Koala Outback rug, a great example of homewares that embraces the boho home decor look
When buying new pieces for your boho-inspired room, choose items that are made to last, such as the Koala Outback rug

How to do boho home decor

You know what you want — you’ve got our wishlist in hand — so let’s set things into motion by exploring exactly what you’ll need to get the boho party started.

🌻 Start with key pieces like sofas and armchairs in neutral colours. You can never go wrong with a killer neutral base.

🌻 Add texture with natural fibres like rattan, timber and plants. To all the crazy plant parents out there, it’s time to do your thing.

🌻 Layer patterns, and add colour with cushions or throws. The more textured and heavily printed the better.

🌻 Stick to a common colour throughout to keep your style consistent. It’ll be the method to your madness.

🌻 Create a space that feels comfortable and cosy. This one’s easy — just think of us.

🌻 Display treasures, trinkets and books that you love. Don’t be shy with this one — your collection is your art form.

Need any more reassurance that you’re probably already doing everything right when it comes to nailing all things boho chic? “There’s one thing that I really aspire to: if you love it, it will work.” Thanks, Lisa. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Get that lived-in look

Looking for some new inspo? If you’re a free spirit at heart and looking for your next boho home decor fix, you might just love our collection:

🌻 Our French flax Le Linen Sheet Set will add texture and warmth to the bedroom. All you have to do is add the spice.

🌻 Natural and neutral wool rugs like both the Outback and Matilda work perfectly in any room to amp up those boho vibes. They also bring everything you love about the Aussie outback right into your home.

🌻 Use the Kirribilli Bookshelf to house and display what you love most. We reckon incense holders and handmade ceramic mugs are a great place to start.

🌻 The Round Coaster is the perfect boho coffee table, complete with all the vintage curves and that timber finish you’ve been yearning for.

🌻 Complete your boho paradise with accessories like the Beach Bum and Daydreamer cushions and throws such as the Stitch Up.

Why we love the boho look at Koala

If there’s one thing we absolutely adore at Koala, it’s sustainability. ​​Not to blow our own trumpets, but our Koala products are B-Corp certified, meaning we stick to the best environmental standards when creating our range. We support WWF Australia and we’re proudly part of 1% For The Planet. 

Making the most of what we already have around us is always a priority when it comes to styling our homes. That’s why we love a look that’s all about reusing, upcycling and holding onto those lost treasures — and, boy, does the boho style tick all of these boxes.

Looking for the best boho home decor in Australia?

Add something new to your something old. Find everything you need to revamp your home with beds, mattresses, homewares and bed linens at Koala.

With our fuss-free delivery and 120-night free trial available on any product, you can unleash that free spirit and get your boho on!

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