Green is a great option when exploring the best colours for bedrooms
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What are the best colours for bedrooms?

Is colour psychology real? Can colours really impact your mood?

It’s no secret that colour has magical powers. Think about how fast food chains use red and yellow to make you hungry, green is how we know something is good for the environment, or how everyone knows a red car goes faster. 

Colour psychology is used widely across society and brands, but do these tropes translate to your mood at home? Is there rules when it comes to bedroom colours? If yes, then which colour is best for living room? And what are the best colours for bedrooms?! Let’s spin the colour wheel to find out. 

Yellow is great when considering the best colours for bedrooms, but give it a miss when decorating the nursery
Tencel Duvet Set in Keen As

Psychology of the colour Yellow

Let’s kick it off with what’s well regarded as the happiest colour. Evoking positivity and capturing warmth, yellow is a great choice in shared spaces like living rooms where it’s welcoming and energising. 

Yellow in the bedroom

Wake up energised with yellow sheets let our TENCEL™ duvet set in Keen As. Perfect the end of your bed with the soft, muted Big Swell Throw in Surfers Paradise. 

Maybe pass on yellow in the nursery though, babies have been known to cry more when there’s a lot of yellow around. 

Yellow in the living room

Add yellow for pops of sunshine that brighten darkened corners and spaces. Our Beachside Cushion is the perfect touch of positivity in any cosy reading nook. Style your sofa with the Big Swell Throw or Long Weekend Throw in Surfers Paradise to give your living room a coastal vibe. 

When it comes to the best colours for bedrooms, muted red should be used sparingly
Quiet Time Armchair and Ottoman in Nullabor

Psychology of the colour red 

While red also heightens the energy of the space like yellow, it’s a more intense aesthetic that gets the adrenaline pumping. Red enhances excitement, ambition, willpower, and action, making it a great choice for spaces where people gather for lively, creative conversations. 

Red in the bedroom

Spark creativity in your personal space with pops of red, but nothing too overstimulating. You do need to sleep there too. Opt for a more toned down red with the Quiet Time Armchair and matching ottoman. Together, this pairing provides a great stimulating escape for the outside-the-bedroom world. 

Red in the living room

Make a great impression and spark even better conversation with a red hue that heightens the mood. The Reef Rug in Cracked Earth can bring exactly those vibes. Fun, vibrant, while not overpowering it’s a wonderful way to set the tone. 

In answer to the question "what is the best colours for the bedroom" blue is a perfect, calming option!
Coastal Sofa and Ottoman in Billabong

Psychology of blue colour

Known as one of the strongest tones on the psychology colour wheel, blue is said to massively chill you out, for real. It’s believed to slow respiration and heart rate, as well as lower blood pressure. A deeper, bolder blue can create a sense of confidence, trust, peace, and success. 

Blue in the bedroom

Because blue is your go-to for creating peaceful spaces, it’s an obvious choice for bedrooms. In your bed, the Blue Gum TENCEL™ Flat Sheet is a must-have. Layer your bed with the Long Weekend Throw in Boardwalk blue and you’ll find inner peace. 

Blue living room

Bring a sense of ‘cool, calm, and collected’ with the Coastal Sofa in Billabong and matching ottoman. Style it with the Kick Back Cushion and you’ll be set for a sofa session. Beware though, you might get too relaxed to get off again. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya. 

Green is a great option when exploring the best colours for bedrooms
Getaway Armchair in Kakadu

Psychology of the colour green

Life, health, and good vibes, green evokes a sense of re-centering due to our mind’s natural association with it and the Earth. Striking a balance between invigorating blue and optimistic yellow, green stimulates balance, and has a refreshing rejuvenating quality as it encourages you to unwind while promoting togetherness.

Green in the bedroom  

What better way to feel grounded in your safe space than with a lush deep green rug. Inspired by Australian foliage, our Bottlebrush rug in Bush Scrub will help you centre yourself no matter what the day holds. Add a pop of pattern with the Pebble Cushion to bring the up green from the ground and into your bed.  

Green living spaces 

The heart of the home for togetherness and good vibes, the living room is a wonderful place to introduce green. No wonder the google search “emerald green sofa living room ideas” has become so popular! 

The Stunner Sofa Bed in Kakadu will become everyone’s favourite seat in the house to catch up over a coffee, while the Getaway Armchair gives you permission to sink in, close your eyes, and reconnect with yourself. 

So, is colour psychology real? 

Can colour really change your mood at home? We think so. While colours are a wonderful way to evoke a sense of warmth, energy, or relaxation, there’s infinite ways you can style, layer, and add texture to turn your space into a place you and your friends want to hang out. 

And hey, we love creating Aussie-inspired colours to use in your home. Shop the range now. 

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