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How to style bed linen: from rumpled mess to designer dream

How to style bed linen: from rumpled mess to designer dream

A bed can tell you a lot about a person. And if your bed is more rumpled mess than designer dream, you might wanna keep reading.

Whether you’re going for the relaxed bohemian look or the sophistication of the Hamptons style, stick with us, and we’ll show you how to up your bedding game — Koala style.

Sharp threads: 5 tips on how to dress a bed like a designer

Styling your bed is a bit like getting ready for a special event. You’ve got your undies on (the sheets and pillows), but you still need to pick the outfit that’ll get you looking as good as you feel (the cushions and throws).

We’ve asked Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward for her top tips on how to dress a bed in a way that works. 

“Bedrooms are supposed to be a restful place that you can retreat to,” she says. “How you style your bed has a big part to play in that. It should reflect what you find most comfortable and relaxing. Don’t pick colours or styles unless they resonate with you.”

With that in mind, let’s get our sheet on.

  1. Decide on a theme

This includes deciding on a colour palette and style. This will help you choose the right bedding, cushions and accessories for your bed.

Soft colours tend to be more calming and feminine, whereas darker and bolder colours can have a more masculine feel.

“You don’t just have to stick to plain linens and polyesters,” explains Lisa. “Look for little details that will really lift and elevate the look of the room.”

  1. Use a duvet, even in the summer

They’re great for creating texture and setting the visual mood in the bedroom. Lisa’s top tip? Always size up. If you’ve got a double bed, opt for the queen-sized duvet. Sitting pretty on a queen? You’ll need the king-sized cover.

The overhang is what makes a bed feel more luxurious, so once you get that right, you’ll feel as fancy as avo on a slice of sourdough.

  1. Invest in quality bedding

When you choose bedding that’s soft, comfy and easy to care for, like organic cotton and French linen, it takes care of itself. Start with your fitted sheet for the base, and then add a flat sheet between you and your duvet if that takes your fancy.

Lisa recommends starting with neutral-coloured sheets as your jumping-off point and building your style from there, adding pops of colour with duvet covers and pillowcases.[H3]

  1. Experiment with cushions

Play around with what works for your bed and your style. Get creative with patterns and colours. Look for anchor points that tie the room together, like artwork, rugs and throws. Lisa recommends keeping a theme running throughout your bedroom to avoid things feeling too chaotic.

“Don’t go overboard. Start small, and build out your style gradually. Remember, cushions can be swapped out easily if you change your mind.”

  1. Throw like a pro

Designers love a good throw for bringing balance to a bed. Throws are also an easy way to shake up your style come rain, hail or the new season of trends.

To achieve a classic and timeless feel, Lisa suggests “a lighter linen throw in the summer and a wool or knitted one in the winter”. But with a world of textures and colours out there to play with, the best advice is always to go with what you love.

 A Koala bed dressed in Koala linen and duvet in a large bedroom with green feature wall
The secret to styling a bed is to invest in quality linen, use a duvet (even in summer) and add a little colour and texture for interest

How to decorate a bed: How many cushions do you really need?

Great question — to which we also wanna know the answer!

“Always start with two pillows per person,” says Lisa. If you’ve got a really big bed, “Pop an additional set across the top of the bed, just to balance it out.”

Your cushion arrangement should suit the size of the bed and the style of the room. For a formal finish, be more structured with your cushion arrangement. “You might have two big square pillows and then a smaller lumber in front of each one,” says Lisa. “Or two bigger cushions with just one in front.”

And the hot tip — get clear on what you’re willing to do to maintain the ‘look’. If pulling a dozen accessories off the bed every night and putting them back every morning is going to drive you mad, don’t do it. Lisa says simple is best. “Make it something that you can easily maintain, and pick colours and prints that you love.”

Quick tips on making your bed

No matter what you put on your bed, it’s not gonna look good if you don’t know how to make it. Sad but true. Here are some nifty little tips:

Get the basics right, and you’ll have won half the battle. A good mattress protector, durable sheets, supportive pillows, boujee pillowcases for the LOLs and a duvet that suits your body’s needs will go a long way.

To style the bed, keep it simple. A considered colour palette can do wonders for your mood as well as the ambience of the room. For some extra inspo, check out these five easy steps on how to make your bed.

For that finishing touch, give your bed the personality it deserves. This is where you get to pile on the cushions and throws to your heart’s content. Because whether you go for something minimal or a menagerie of bed accessories is totally up to you. It’s all about whatever gets that bed looking snazzy!

Decorate my bed: Koala pieces your bedroom needs

Want snuggable sheets, divine duvets and pillowy, cloud-like cushions? Of course you do. It’s why you’re here!

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