A smiling couple snuggle up on a Koala bed after discovering the secret to how to sleep better

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A couple relaxes on their 3-seater sofa bed, the Koala Cushy sofa bed, in their large lounge room Comfier Sleep

What’s the most comfortable 3-seater sofa bed?

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How to clean a sofa bed: simple tips to spruce it up

How to clean a sofa bed (that’s good enough for Mum to sleep on) Sofa beds have their work cut…

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Bonkers for bouclé? Meet our range of bouclé furniture

Life a little bit ~fancy~ – introducing Koala’s bouclé furniture  Bouclé burst onto the scene way back in the 1940’s…

A woman reads a book on a Koala mattress and Koala Paddington Bed Base in a well-lit bedroom. Comfier Sleep

Sleeping Duck vs Koala: which is the best mattress?

Sleeping Duck vs. Koala: who’ll take home the crown? Welcome to the ultimate mattress showdown — Sleeping Duck vs. Koala….

A Koala mattress sits on the Kirribilli bed base in a contemporary-styled bedroom. Comfier Sleep

Do spring mattresses cause back pain? We get the skinny.

Do spring mattresses cause back pain? Our guide to back-friendly beds Springs can be acknowledged for having done their part…

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What’s the best sex bed set-up? Koala gets the lowdown.

The best sex bed set-up: Koala gets down and dirty Rocking the Casbah. Knocking boots. Doing squat thrusts in the…

A woman and her young child play on a Koala bed in a beautiful bedroom with a green feature wall Comfier Sleep

Want the best mattress for bad backs? Australia, we hear you.

Want the best mattress for bad backs, Australia? We’ve got you covered Ever woken up with a random pain in…

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How to get blood out of a mattress

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A man lies on a Koala mattress on a Koala bed frame in a bright, airy bedroom. Comfier Sleep

Ecosa vs. Koala: who makes the best mattress?

Ecosa vs. Koala: a battle royale of mattress brands Coke vs. Pepsi. Maccas vs. Hungry Jacks. Kmart vs. Target. We…