A father and son convert their Koala Cushy Sofa Bed from sit to sleep

How to clean a sofa bed: simple tips to spruce it up

How to clean a sofa bed (that’s good enough for Mum to sleep on)

Sofa beds have their work cut out for them. So, with all that hard yakka, we wanna make sure we treat them right. Whether you’ve got a trusty old rig or a new investment, learning how to clean a sofa bed is a skill that all of us could use.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the home of comfort. And Koala knows a bit about sofas and sofa beds, including how to keep them in tip-top shape. This simple guide to cleaning and maintaining yours will ensure it stays as good as the day you got it. Let’s begin.

Couch cleaning: the basics

As the Transformers of the furniture world, sofa beds work their bums off, keeping you comfy and giving you a place to sleep. And as a constant source of relief, all they ask is that you make a little effort to clean them up. Here’s how.

✅ Vacuum it. Regularly. Don’t just phone in the couch cleaning, either. Attach the little nozzle that’s made for sofas, and treat her like the queen she is.

✅ Clean as you go. Spilled something on the sofa bed? The quicker you spot-clean spills and spots, the easier it’ll be to get rid of them.

✅ Protect it. Just as you put a mattress protector and sheets on your bed, so you should with your sofa when it’s in bed mode. Considering some of the unsavoury sorts who’ll get around to sleeping on it (sorry, Uncle Dazza), it’ll be worth your while.

Top tips for sofa bed maintenance

You’ve got the basics on how to clean a sofa bed. Now, for the serious biz. Whether your sofa bed has all kinds of mechanics or is simple and soft, these 2-4-1 furniture items need a few key things to stay in shape.

As fun as it might sound, try to avoid jumping on the sofa bed. When you treat it like a trampoline, mattresses, cushions and springs can get easily damaged.

Fur and claws are no-nos on sofa beds. If possible, keep cats, dogs and all other fur babies at bay.

Don’t be tempted to sit on the arms of the sofa, even if they have those fancy cushioned ones.

Sofa bed breakdown? An expert should look at any springs or hydraulics. While DIY is possible, playing around with all those mechanics can be risky.

Give your sofa bed room to breathe, and keep it protected. Avoid putting it in front of a fireplace, an air-con unit or any source of moisture.

Pilling is common with lots of sofa bed fabrics. An automatic pilling remover can help remove fluffy spots without serious damage.

A quick Q+A on sofa bed love

Still trying to figure out how to take care of your sofa bed? That’s okay. We won’t judge. Instead, these common questions will give you a crash course on looking after your new favourite piece of furniture.

Can you leave sheets on a sofa bed?

Yes, but it’s not ideal. Once folded up, the mattress can stretch the sheets and ruin them. But if you’re desperate for space (hello, all of us), the Stunner Sofa Bed has built-in storage.

What sheets go on a sofa bed?

That depends on the size of the mattress on your sofa bed. Some quick measurements should guide you towards the right sheet size. Koala’s sofa beds match our sheets, so it’s easy to pick a double or queen to suit.

How do you even do it?

Mastering how to put sheets on a sofa bed is easier than folding them. With the right size, a fitted sheet should slide over the edges and stay put throughout the night — just like a mattress.

What’s the best sofa bed fabric?

The goal is to meet in the middle of soft and rugged (think Tom Hardy in fabric form). Easy-to-clean sofa fabrics — like Koala’s 88% polyester and 12% nylon soft-touch fabric — mean less scrubbing and more snoozing.

A young couple relax on their converted sofa bed in a corner of a compact living room
The Koala Sofa Bed is made for easy cleaning and durability

Koala’s sofa beds: autobots, assemble

Although these transformable sofas do a lot, we don’t want you spending thousands replacing them every few years. That’s why we design our stuff to last longer and feel comfier.

Our sofa beds are made without heavy hydraulics or clunky mechanics. This means you don’t need a toolkit to maintain our sofa beds. And they’re perfectly sized for kids and adults to enjoy.

Everything from the durable fabric to the sit-to-sleep simplicity was made with the average Aussie in mind. With three Koala sofa beds, there’s something out there for every bum. Check them out:

💤 Cushy Sofa Bed. She’s a winner (literally). Our customer favourite and highly rated offering, the Cushy Sofa Bed, has a super-fast fold-out, cushioned armrests and a small footprint.

💤 Koala Sofa Bed. Made with exclusive fabric for easy cleaning and durability, the Koala Sofa Bed is comfy as sin, with a mixture of layers built into the seat cushions for your pleasure.

💤 Stunner Sofa Bed. Integrated storage, simple three-step conversion, elevated sleep position, steel frame and small footprint? Stunning. The Stunner Sofa Bed is for those who take relaxation seriously.

Our amazing sofa beds are covered with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind. And you can try them at home for 120 nights to get an authentic experience. If you don’t love your new sofa bed within that time, return for a refund of the purchase price.

Say thanks to your sofa bed

Learning how to clean a sofa bed is an adult skill we never thought we’d need, but we have it now. So with your newfound knowledge and a crash course on why sofa beds are so good, shop Koala’s range, and try one for yourself.

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