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Sleeping Duck vs Koala: which is the best mattress?

Sleeping Duck vs. Koala: who’ll take home the crown?

Welcome to the ultimate mattress showdown — Sleeping Duck vs. Koala. We’re here to settle the score and find out which of these Aussie mattress brands is the true reigning furball of the snooze.

Sure, we both have two of the cutest mascots in the animal kingdom. But we’re pretty confident that when it comes to sleep, koalas take the crown every damn time. Because who else zonks out for 20 hours of the day?

To keep things fair, we’ve carried out a careful comparison of our very own Koala mattress vs. Sleeping Duck’s mattress. We’ve taken a close look at what goes into each one, including all the clever features, technology, pricing and, of course, what the customers think (they know a winner when they see one). So, with all that being said, let the mattress-off begin.

The big mattress-off: Sleeping Duck vs. Koala

Full disclosure: we’ve actually done a Koala vs. Sleeping Duck comparison before. But all the greats need fresh battles to truly settle their scores, so we decided it was high time we took another look.*

The Sleeping Duck

🦆 Price: RRP $1,649

🦆 Warranty: 10-year warranty

🦆 Customisable comfort: interchangeable firmness options

🦆 Cooling technology: BreathTech hyper soft bamboo knitted cover and Australian-made AntiGravity® surface foam to keep you cool and dry

🦆 Hypoallergenic materials: Yes

🦆 Easy maintenance: Removable, machine-washable cover

The Koala Mattress

🐨 Price: RRP $1,050

🐨 Warranty: 10-year warranty

🐨 Customisable comfort: Flippable comfort layer and three-zone support

🐨 Cooling technology: Kloudcell® for support, cooling and body responsiveness, plus TENCEL® Lyocell Cover to absorb and release moisture

🐨 Hypoallergenic materials: Yes

🐨 Easy maintenance: Yes, but no washable cover

The Koala Calm As Mattress sits on the Kirribilli bed base in a contemporary-styled bedroom.
For an award-winning comfort experience, nothing compares to our built-in Kloudcell® layer featured in our Calm As Mattress.

Not too hard, not too soft, just right

Welcome to the best show in town. Our flippable Kloudcell® comfort layer is the ultimate sleeping trick, giving you the option of medium-firm or firm comfort right in your own bedroom. It’s like having two mattresses in one, with both sides offering the kind of comfort you thought you’d only ever find in a cashed-up Lotto winner’s lair.

We’re not afraid to admit that the guys at Sleeping Duck also know a thing or two about keeping things firm and toit. That’s why they give you two initial options to choose from: medium (best for side or front sleepers) and firm (best for back sleepers). You can even opt for the half-and-half, perfect for sleeping partners with different preferences.

But honestly? Nothing compares to our built-in Kloudcell® layer. Whether you’re a committed side sleeper or a devout back dozer, who knows how many positions you actually go through in a night (eyyy). We wanted everyone to experience the beauty of Kloudcell®, and we loved it so much that we put 17% more of it into our Calm As Mattress. Hello, you!

What’s the support like?

We get it, life can be tricky and we all have ways to cope — emotional support water bottle, anyone? So if we get to have support systems, why can’t our mattresses have them too?

The Sleeping Duck mattress is comfy enough, made using an AntiGravity® surface foam that creates a feeling of weightlessness. Plus it has a multi-zone tailored support system of steel springs to give you the right support in all the right places.

But before you start sleeping with the enemy, here’s what you need to know about Koala’s curves and appendages.

Our mattress has a three-zone support system designed to relieve uncomfortable pressure points and give you personalised support exactly where you need it most. Fancy yourself an upgrade? Our Soul Mate Mattress boasts a mega five-zone adaptive support spring system that’ll make you think you have a team of live-in sleep experts working around the clock every night to give you the best damn sleep you’ve ever had in your life. No biggie.

What else do you wanna know?

It’s pretty clear to us who the winner is. But hey — don’t let us get inside your head. If you’re still looking for your perfect match-ress, here are just some additional features to take a squiz at. You might just discover we’re the love of your life.

🐨 GECA certification. GECA certification is like having a seal of approval from Mother Nature herself. Their rigorous standards put products and services through the ultimate test, evaluating everything from environmental impact to health, social responsibility and performance. They don’t mess around, and we’re pretty stoked to be their first certified mattress in Australia!

🐨 120-night trial. Yep, you heard that right. You can sleep on your new mattress for 120 nights, and if it’s not the right fit, we’ll arrange a return and full product refund. Compared to Sleeping Duck’s 100-night trial, that’s an extra 20 nights you get to snuggle and snooze about to see if it really is the best mattress for you.

🐨 Ease of delivery. When you buy a Koala mattress online, we deliver right to your door. And the best part? It’s absolutely free. City dwellers in metro areas can even have their goodies delivered within four hours. Just sayin’.

🐨 Customer satisfaction. Still wondering if a Koala mattress is any good? Well, if our customer reviews and awards are anything to go by, we’d say abso-bloody-lutely. Our award-winning mattresses speak for themselves. And if you don’t wanna take our word for it, then this is where we name-drop some of the big boys like Canstar and Good Design Awards to say that they kinda like us too.

Koala vs. Sleeping Duck: say hello to your new bed buddy

Look, we’re not telling Sleeping Duck to duck off, but the winner, in our minds, is pretty simple. Here’s what we do differently and why a Koala mattress is head and furry shoulders above the rest.

With us, you’ll get all the perks — the real perks — of a luxury mattress, such as comfort, support and breathability, without having to take out a second mortgage. Everybody deserves a good kip, whether they’ve got the moolah or not, and here at Koala we live by that philosophy.

And the other thing? We actually love the rest of your home too, no matter how much we gush over mattresses. Check out our bedroom and living room ranges, and make a stop by homewares while you’re there. Careful, now — you might just fall head over heels in love.

* Prices correct as at May 2023

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