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What’s the best sex bed set-up? Koala gets the lowdown.

The best sex bed set-up: Koala gets down and dirty

Rocking the Casbah. Knocking boots. Doing squat thrusts in the cucumber patch. Sex is a beautiful fact of life, and it can be cranked right up with a bed that really lets you do the deed.

If you’ve ever wondered what the best sex bed is or if there’s a particular mattress that lends itself to lovemaking, then strap yourself in. Because Koala’s getting the lowdown on how to get low down (you know where we’re going with this) with the help of the right bed. And we’re bringing physiotherapist and co-founder of Brisbane Spine Clinic Justin Lin along for the ride aboard the sex-bed train.

So cue up your best Joe Cocker track, and make sure you leave your hat on. You’re about to need it to waft away the steam.

What’s the best bed for sex?

Sure, you can have sex just about anywhere. But nothing beats doing it on a surface designed to help you amp it up as you’re getting hot and heavy. So what does a mattress built to take a good shimmy and a shuffle actually look like? We asked Justin for some pointers.

“Sex is quite a rigorous exercise where both people are in awkward positions, sometimes performing forceful movements,” he says. “So comfort is number one. But breathability is also important to keep dry from all the sweating.” Sweat during sex? Yes, please. But a mattress that’ll wick away all the extra moisture to keep everyone on task? Absolutely. 

The best type of ‘sex bed’, says Justin, should also help — and never hinder — the rhythm of the action. And we agree.

“If we look at the many different positions, whether it’s someone on top and another on the bottom, or one in prone and someone at the back, a mattress should help you build momentum.” Well, that’s our Friday night sorted.

And for anyone that’s losing a bit of steam, now is not the time to go soft (the mattress, that is). The best mattress for sex should be somewhere in between when it comes to firmness, and Justin explains how it’s all so that we can maintain thrust.

“It needs to strike that balance of not being rock hard, especially if you’re performing explosive movements. There also needs to be enough contact area for the rest of your back or when you’re on your hands and knees. And that’s where the firmness comes in — to create a balance of comfort, support and rebound to help you preserve momentum.” Well said, Justin. Well said.

A Koala mattress is shown on the Balmain bed base in a contemporary-styled bedroom.
The best type of ‘sex bed’ should help — and never hinder — the rhythm of the action. And we agree.

How Koala’s mattresses hit the spot

As cute and cuddly as we might seem, we, here at Koala, are certified sex gurus. So it’s no surprise that we designed our mattresses with more than just sleep in mind.

All our mattresses are packed with features worth considering when shopping for your next bed (sex beds included). So here’s everything we pack on the inside so that you can pack it on up top.


“Look for materials that help you get rid of sweat,” says Justin. “A good mattress should keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night.” Nice — we’ve nailed it with this one. Our Koala Mattress features Kloudcell® and TENCEL™ Lyocell for airflow and superior ventilation, not to mention breathability up the wazoo. Looking for all that minus a few bucks? Our best-value Koala SE Mattress is the one for you – all the good stuff for a great night’s sleep, minus a few bells and whistles. 


While we don’t wanna be dry everywhere (hello, sex puns!), we do want our mattress to be. The Cooling and Drying COOLMAX® Cover on our Calm As Mattress wicks away moisture at a fast drying rate. Plus, it has a 7cm Kloudcell® comfort layer for super responsive motion in the ocean.

Body temp regulation

Sure, get hot, but don’t blow a gasket. The heating and cooling Sensapole® Cover on our Soul Mate Mattress will keep your body temp at the ideal level. And it’s combined with a comfy 8cm of Kloudcell® to respond to all acts of tussling.

The other stuff

But Koala, you say, what about the best bed frames for sexually active folks and the ones that like to get acrobatic in bed? We hear you, and our thoughts are: the sturdier, the better. For those that really like to move the needle on the pleasure odometer, stay safe with the padded bedhead of our Paddington Bed Base. It’s the best PSA we’ll ever make.

As a final touch, throw some of our comfy and luxurious pillows, duvets and linens onto your bed. It’ll have you cranking up Barry White and serenading your other half in no time.

Always use protection

Safe sex isn’t only important for people. Your mattress needs to be safe too. And as a fluid-forward activity, you wanna do everything possible to protect your mattress from those naughty thrills and spills.

“On a mattress, there are skin cells, dust, sweat, bad odours and the potential for mould to develop,” says Justin. “If you choose one with good ventilation and protection, it will ensure you get the most use over its lifetime.”

No need to fashion a sex blanket to protect the bed, either. Koala’s mattress protectors feature Sanitized® antimicrobial treatments to help you stay clean while getting dirty. Plus, they keep all kinds of spills and odours from reaching your beloved mattress.

Better sex starts in bed

Sex is like pizza. Hot or cold, it’s still everybody’s favourite meal. And with the right bed, we guarantee it’ll be even better. So shop Koala’s range of mattresses, frames and sheets today, and become the sex god you always knew you could be.

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