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Ecosa vs. Koala: who makes the best mattress?

Ecosa vs. Koala: a battle royale of mattress brands

Coke vs. Pepsi. Maccas vs. Hungry Jacks. Kmart vs. Target. We could deliberate over these epic battle of the brands for yonks, but the Ecosa vs. Koala debate? Nah — that one we feel pretty confident about, and we know who’s in for the win.

While we love to support fellow Aussie businesses, we simply offer a few things that Ecosa can’t. That’s why we’re weighing up the pros and cons of our mattresses and sofa beds so that you can decide, once and for all, what’s what.

So, in memory of the late and great Jerry Springer, get rowdy and get ready to throw your chair because we’re about to kick off the ‘why didn’t ya do it sooner’ Ecosa vs. Koala mattress-off.

Who’s better in bed? Koala vs. Ecosa

Two mattresses, both alike in awesomeness, in fair Australia where we lay our scene. And there’s you, shopping for a new bed and stumbling across this comparison of how the Koala mattress vs. Ecosa stacks up.

So let’s cut the Shakespeare and look at the features of two big Aussie bestsellers: the Ecosa Mattress versus the Koala Mattress. As customer favourites, we’ve reviewed the queen-size versions to determine who takes the prize.*

The Ecosa Mattress

🛏️ Price: RRP $1,150

🛏️ Warranty: 15-year warranty

🛏️ Customisable comfort: Adjusts to three different firmness levels

🛏️ Cooling technology: Gel-infused memory foam layer and breathable cover

🛏️ Hypoallergenic materials: Yes

🛏️ Easy maintenance: Removable, machine-washable cover

The Koala Mattress

🐨 Price: RRP $1,050

🐨 Warranty: 10-year warranty

🐨 Customisable comfort: Flippable comfort layer and three-zone support

🐨 Cooling technology: Kloudcell® for support, cooling and body responsiveness, plus TENCEL® Lyocell cover to absorb and release moisture

🐨 Hypoallergenic materials: Yes

🐨 Easy maintenance: Yes, but no washable cover

The verdict

Sure, Ecosa has us beat on warranty. They offer an extra five years, but we have to wonder how much bacteria accumulates in a mattress over that time — do you really want to be sleeping with your ex’s dead skin cells!? Plus, their mattress has a cool washable cover. Love. But ultimately, when it comes to winning this round, there isn’t much of a contest (sorry, guys).

The Koala mattress is more affordable, offers three-zone support and uses a combo of Kloudcell and Lyocell for the cosiest, most relaxed sleep you’ll ever have. Plus, it features our flippable comfort layer to get the exact feel you want. And if you chuck on one of our mattress protectors, it’ll keep your bed in top shape for longer.

Still not sold? That’s okay. The Koala Mattress is Australia’s highest-rated mattress on ProductReview.com.au, with a whopping 4.8-star average rating. So if you can’t take our word for it, you’ll just have to take the word of the Aussie public.

If you’re after all the greatness of the Koala Mattress but don’t quite have the budget, never fear. It’s exactly why we created the Koala SE Mattress – our best-value mattress for those looking to better their sleep. Those wanting a little extra sumthin-sumthin can check out the Calm As Mattress. It features 17% more Kloudcell® foam than the Koala Mattress and a moisture-wicking COOLMAX® cover, and it’s our little gem that’s racked up the most awards. Otherwise, go for our luxurious Soul Mate Mattress that has 33% more Kloudcell® foam (show-off) and five zones of ergonomic support. Treat yo self.

A man relaxes on the Koala Cushy Sofa Bed drinking coffee and writing music in his living room.
Koala sofa beds go from sit to sleep in seconds without noisy mechanisms or hardware.

Sit to sleep: Koala vs. Ecosa sofa bed

We’ve pleased you in the sack (you’re welcome), so now it’s time to move on to some sofa-bed action. In this round, we’re judging which sofa bed has the superior sit-to-sleep experience, looking at everything from comfort to convenience.

As Ecosa has just one sofa bed and Koala has three (ahem), we’ll compare our top-rated Cushy Sofa Bed to their classic Rio. Let’s go.

The Ecosa Rio Sofa Bed

🛋️ Price (2.5-seater): RRP $1,950

🛋️ Warranty: 5 years

🛋️ Assembly: Easy as

🛋️ Colours: Three 

🛋️ Foam layers: One 

🛋️ Materials: CertiPUR-US®-certified polyurethane foam, recycled polyester, Forest Certification Council® certified wooden frame

🛋️ Sit-to-sleep time: Two minutes

The Koala Cushy Sofa Bed

🐨 Price (2.5-seater): RRP $1,699

🐨 Warranty: 5 years

🐨 Assembly: Easy as

🐨 Colours: Seven

🐨 Foam layers: Two

🐨 Materials: CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam, polyester, 100% FSC®-certified poplar plywood + MDF

🐨 Sit-to-sleep time: Seconds

The verdict

Who wins the Ecosa vs. Koala sofa bed scuffle this time round? In a totally non-biased call, we’re awarding it to ourselves.

Although both sofa beds have a five-year warranty, easy assembly and quality construction, we slightly edge the competition (and at a lower price). Our two foam layers — rather than just one — give more cushion than a Kardashian’s bum.

Want more? Koala’s sofa beds come in two other styles and seven colours. First, there’s the famous Stunner Sofa Bed, with integrated storage, steel-frame construction and our exclusive stain-resistant and durable fabric. Second, the Koala Sofa Bed, made with durable fabrics that are exclusive to Koala and ultra-stylish seat cushions that are balanced for comfort.

And don’t forget the biggest drawcard: our pull-out game. Koala sofa beds go from sit to sleep in seconds without noisy mechanisms or hardware. Exactly what you need to set the mood.

A few more #humblebrags about Koala

Gosh, we’re pretty tired from lugging all these extra features and awards around. And when you shop our impressive line-up of sofa beds and mattresses, you’ll enjoy them too.

🐨  120-night trial. We won’t mention names, but a certain mattress brand only offers a 100-night trial. And while that’s not too bad, think of everything you can do in bed for those extra 20 nights. Is your new Koala not the best mattress for you? No worries. We’ll arrange to pick it up (in metro areas) and refund you the full product price.

🐨  Awards and reviews. Are Koala mattresses good, you ask? Our reviews and awards can answer that. We’ve got a stack of Good Design Awards, Product of the Year, Choice, Canstar Blue and others to brag about. And certifications, including B-Corp, GOTS, FSC and GECA, just to name a few. Check them all out here.

🐨  Tool-free assembly. You’ve probably come across a few tools in your lifetime, and not the ones packed away on a shelf somewhere in the garage. So who wants to use them to assemble furniture? Koala guarantees tool-free and straightforward assembly with all our designs. So whether you’re putting together a bookcase or a bed frame, you’ll be chuffed with how easy it is.

🐨  Sustainability. Everything we do at Koala is in support of the planet — and our lovely customers who inhabit it. Our processes, packaging, designs and materials are all sustainable. Plus, we’re committed to long-lasting products with a full life cycle, so you’ll find no fast fashion here.

🐨 Ease of delivery. Buying a mattress online with Koala means no more lugging it home from the store or paying exy delivery fees. We deliver all our mattresses for free. Plus, city folks living in metro areas can get their Koala goodies in just four hours. You could be sleeping with a winner tonight.

See what all the fuss is about

On top of our fantastic range of sofa beds and award-winning mattresses, we do a few other things. Check out the Koala selection and discover how we earned our title as the home of comfort.

* Prices correct as at May 2023

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