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Look no further: we’ve got the best gift for Mother’s Day

If not breakfast in bed: what makes the best gift for Mother’s Day?

We know the best gift for Mother’s Day is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, but we also know that the first few months of the year fly by and it’s May in the blink of an eye. 

This year, you’re going to bid farewell to googling “thoughtful last-minute mother’s day gifts” – or worse, “last minute gifts for mum” – and promising to do better next year. Keep on scrollin’ to discover our picks for the best gift for Mother’s Day and start to make amends for all those late-night worries and times you chucked a sickie and had to be picked up from sick bay. 

The very limited edition Niah McLeod x Koala Collaboration

Niah McLeod x Koala Collection

We fell so deeply in love with award-winning, Byron-based Niah McLeod’s intricate fine art dot paintings that we convinced her to collab with us to commit them to textiles. A very first for Koala, this super-limited edition of very-special cushions, floor cushions, throws and duvet cover set allow you to bring a piece of fine art into your home at a fraction of the cost of the original artwork. Plus, you can cuddle these.

There’s a reason we launched this collab right before Mother’s Day, folks. These babies make the perfect Mother’s Day gift – plus, all profits go to ID. Know Yourself: an Aboriginal-led charity hand-selected by Niah as the beneficiary of our collaboration. Win, win, winny-win-win.

With only 960 units created (!), this is one to get in quick-sticks for. Which is coming home for Mum this year?

🖤 Bana, Gugaa 55cm Cushion and 130cm x 180cm Throw whose meaning is “Rain on Stringybark” 

💛 Gupu Dreaming 55cm Cushion and Duvet Set whose meaning is “Water Dreaming” 

❤️ Waraawara 80cm Floor Cushion whose meaning is “Fishing Line String” 

Sheet & Duvet Sets

If you’re old enough to read this you’re old enough to hear that Mum really doesn’t want breakfast in bed for mother’s day. She wants a new sheet and duvet set to snuggle into. 

Soz about the reality check, but this is a PSA that needs to be spread far and wide. And one that we’re here to answer! 

As Australia’s sleep experts (thank you ve-ry much!), we put a lot of thought into what makes the best mattress, as well as all the other bits and pieces that go on top of them. When it comes to the best sheets, Australia has quite a few options to choose from. Here are our top picks for the best gift for mother’s day:  

💖  Le Linen Sheet and Duvet Sets. These French linen sheets are made of flax from Normandy, France and come in three colour options: natural, Bush Scrub and Sunset Sky (beige, olive green and a muted pink, for those who need a little translation!). Designed so you can mix and match different colours in sheets and duvets, these’ll elevate Mum’s bedroom styling and sleep all in one go!

💖 Organic Cotton Sheet and Duvet Sets. Soft on skin, breathable and downright gorgeous – these GOTS-certified sets are a great option for the more eco-conscious Mammas out there. Similar to their French Linen cousins, these sets are designed for mixing and matching, and come in a multitude of patterns and fabrics to truly make the sets your own. Extra Mother’s Day points if you nab one of the Crinkle Duvet Sets – they’re designed to never need an iron!

💖 Tencel Sheet and Duvet Sets. Our very first foray into sheets, these babies are made of a silkier-than-silk fabric called Tencel, which is actually made from wood pulp. Great for your bedroom, great for the planet. Available in our largest range of colours, each inspired by Aussie flora and fauna, a Tencel Sheet or Duvet Set makes for perhaps one of the best gift for Mother’s Day. 


Sure, a new pillow may not seem like an obvious choice when you’re researching the best gift for mother’s day, but we put it to you: why not? Sure we’re biased, but what could be a better gift than that of a great, pain-free night’s sleep, each and every night?

A million bucks a month for the rest of your life, sure. But a great night’s sleep is a close second! 

We’ve stuffed all the sleep tech we can into our three pillows (read all about it here), but we’ll TL:DR it: 

🐨 The Koala Pillow is our OG, multi-award-winning flippable pillow, so you can pick from a firmer and softer side depending on the support and feel you fancy 

❄️ The Breeze Pillow features a cooling dough layer (for real) which makes the pillow feel like you’ve always flipped it to the ‘cool side’. Great for hot or hormonal sleepers. 

☁️ The Cloudy Pillow is our softest pillow offering, perfect for those who like a puffy and light pillow with a little less height. 

Not sure which one Mum wants for Mother’s Day? Fret not. We made a quiz to help you out. 

A neutral coloured linen cushion on top of an orange cushion


Inspired by the Australian landscape and designed with the planet in mind, our Homewares range of durable cushions, rugs, and throws are perfect for your home. Or Mum’s. 

This range was thoughtfully and meticulously designed by our in-house team, taking the guesswork out of your purchase. Premium, stylish, unique, comfortable and good for the planet: you know any of these babies will make the best gift for Mother’s Day!


Made with organic cotton and linen and all things nice, our range of cushions is designed for real life: easy to mix and match, easy to clean, appropriately priced and appropriate for the planet. Plus they’re just so squigdy! 


Throw rugs, throw blankets, blankets – call ‘em what you want, but you’re going to want to call ‘em yours. A perfect cosy addition to most any room, machine-washable and made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and linen materials. You’ll be the twinkle of Mum’s eye each and every time she enters the room. 


Our range of sustainably-sourced and created rugs are a homage to this planet we call home, twice over. We worked tirelessly to use only the most eco-friendly suppliers and fibres to bring our rug range to life: each design inspired by the Aussie landscape. Each available in two sizes to ensure each room is sorted. 


Were you a right little s*it as a kid and have spent the better part of your adult years making up for it? Here’s your chance to wipe the slate clean. Sure, a new mattress is perhaps a little more exxy than your traditional best gift for mother’s day, but she’s an angel and deserves an angelic night’s sleep. Wouldn’t you agree?

When it comes to picking the right mattress, there’s a lot that goes into it. You can start your research journey here, or just cut to the chase and get Mum to take our quiz to find which of our three mattresses would suit her best. You’re the apple of her eye. 

Last minute gifts for mum 

Read all we had to say and still can’t find the best gift for mother’s day? No worries. We got you. Have a squiz at our personality-based gift guide to see if something jumps out at you, and if not? There’s always a reduced-price succulent from Bunnings, we suppose… 

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