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Behind the design: why we created a homewares range

Big things are happening at Koala. Our brand new Homewares range has landed on site and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Here at Koala, we’ve made a name for ourselves by dominating the bedroom space. From our award-winning mattresses to best-selling bed bases, we knew we wanted to launch into an area that was unique and challenging that complimented our existing range.

“We wanted to do something special for the customer. We wanted something unique, that stood out and that was special to the brand,” says Design Director Alexandra Owen.

Enter Koala Homewares.

When inspiration strikes

From the native flora and fauna to our distinctive culture, we’ve basically taken a slice of home and recreated it in the form of cushions, throws and rugs. 

“I think Australia is such an icon worldwide for living a life laid back. Due to the way we live our lives, our weather and our amazing coastal landscapes, it’s just an incredibly rich and inspiring country,” says Alexandra. 

Take our Clifftop Throw. Alexandra drew inspiration from the rough beauty of cliff edges after a weekend away to the Central Coast of NSW. 

Textiles Designer Erin Haigh says she designed the Pebble Beach collection thinking about Australia’s national park trails and all the incredible waterfalls and streams.

And our iconic Beach Bum print? That was designed by Product Designer Clay Andrews during summer lockdown when he was missing our Aussie beaches and wanted nothing more than to go for a swim.

The homewares design process

“We start the design process by wanting to do something unique in the market and that represents Australia and the Koala brand,” says Alexandra.

According to the design team, it all begins with inspiration. The Koala team worked closely with our partners in India, leaning on master craftsmen and their great wealth of knowledge and expertise on techniques and patterns. 

“We have been working with India on this collection from day one. They have an incredibly rich history with textiles, one of the most amazing in the world, passed on through generations. So we feel incredibly lucky to work with them on a wide variety of techniques from quilting, jacquard, and the handmade rugs,” she says.

The finished product

And from there, our Homewares range is born! 

“We’ve just had so much passion from the team to create this. We couldn’t have done it without any of their incredible commitment and I think also the collaboration with everybody to get this to the customer, to capture it in a special way, to communicate it in a great way,” says Alexandra.

Must-have Koala Homewares

Every single piece from the range was designed in-house by our Koala team at our Sydney HQ. From the colour, pattern and even the material, our products are inspired by our Aussie way of life, and are made from premium, responsible materials.

Plus, they’ve been given the life-proof luxury tick of approval so you know they’re ready to handle just about all of life’s thrills and spills.


Alright, enough chit chat. Here are some of our favourite products from the range:

  • The Outback Rug is inspired by earthy textures and rock faces of our Aussie outback. Every piece is hand knotted and made from natural and renewable fibres. It’s also family-friendly, pet-friendly and biodegradable so a little spill won’t be the end of the world
  • We love that the Bottlebrush Rug is made from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles. One 2x3m rug is made from 631 plastic bottles sourced out of landfill and waterways
  • The Shear Beauty Rug is made from 100% ethically sourced and traced New Zealand wool. It’s heavyweight and organically braided for a very premium, modern feel (without the crazy premium price tag)


  • Inspired by life on the coast, the Beach Bum Throw gives us chilled out beach vibes. It’s made from Certified Organic Cotton and is the perfect lightweight duvet for the summer
  • The Sand Dune Throw is made with a blend of cotton and a versatile Jacquard weave. The black and white one-of-a-kind design is a reminder of the landscapes that surround our coast
  • The woven Jacquard spot of the Koala Rockpool Throw comes in a reversible pattern so you can pick and choose whichever side you feel. Like all our throws, it’s machine washable so it’s a breeze to clean


  • The Daydreamer Cushion is made with a blend of Certified Organic Cotton and filled with our plush feather alternative inserts (like all our cushions!) The cloud design features a lightweight quilting
  • The quilted, hand-stitched design of our Stitch Up Cushion adds a fun level of detail to your living room
  • The Kick Back Cushion comes in two sizes and a range of different colours. When you’re ready to wash, just slip off the cover and throw it in the washing machine

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