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Want to find the best pillows, Australia? Koala knows the way

Don’t sleep on this: we’ve found the best pillows, Australia 

A bad pillow makes for a bad sleep. And we all know what the most common pillow culprits are: the lumpy sack of potatoes, the solid block of cement and those sad, crepe-like floporamas that defeat the purpose of having a pillow at all.

Here at Koala, we’re taking a stand against bad pillows. We’re here to say that no one has to suffer any longer when the best pillows Australia has to offer are just around the bend.

“But, Koala,” we hear you ask, “how do you know what the best pillow in Australia is?” Easy. It’s whatever best suits you. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the best pillow for you and how to know when you’ve found the right one. And with hands on our hearts, we hereby swear that the age of the pillow as a sack of potatoes is officially busted.

Finding the best pillow: the essentials

Who knew there was so much to think about when choosing the best pillow? We’re probably gonna need to lie down after this. To get the perfect pillow pairing, we need to consider what size, support and quality mean to you.

💤 Support. Do you like a lot of support for your neck and head? Something thinner and more discrete? Perhaps you prefer a softer touch? Pillows are usually categorised by how they feel and the support they offer. Common terms include firm, extra firm, medium firm and soft. So just like tofu then, only better.

💤 Quality. Trust us. This is one area of your life you don’t wanna sleep on. A pillow is an investment in your comfort and health, and those are pretty big deals if you ask us. Look for quality, environmentally friendly materials and a solid rep from the people making your pillow (hmm, our furry ears are burning).

💤 Size. Did you know pillows came in all shapes and sizes? Well, you do now. Although most of us are happy with the standard pillow size, others might need more. And we think it’s A-okay to get greedy when it comes to your sleep. We won’t even judge if you keep using that comfy pregnancy pillow when your kids are getting their Ls and first piercings.

What is the best pillow material?

You’ve probably come across a lot of funny terminology in your search for the best pillow in Australia. And usually, it’s to do with the stuff inside them. Pillow fillings have a major impact on how they feel and act, so taking the time to learn what makes for good pillow stuffing will pay off big time.

💤 Feather and down. Traditionally the hoity-toity preference of the pillow world, feather and down are delectably soft. But because these products contain duck and goose feathers, not only will they cost you an arm and a leg, but they are also sources of potential allergens. Bless you!

💤 Latex. Latex is no stranger in the bedroom (cue the awkward wink). This renewable and biodegradable material makes it an eco-friendly option, with durability to boot. On the downside, latex pillows can cost a fair chunk and are harder to keep clean.

💤 Foam. There are loads of foam fillings to choose from in a pillow, like memory foam and gel foam. Each has its pros and cons that are worth considering. Foam usually offers generous support and comfort. But choose the wrong one and it can let off gasses and emit a fair bit of heat. (Sound like anyone you know?)

💤 Polyester. Affordable, comfortable and ideal for a less-bulky sleep, polyester might seem an obvious choice. But be warned. These pillows can get a little lumpy.

A happy couple in bed laugh and play around with pillows and cushions after sleeping on the best pillow
Koala’s Breeze Pillow features clever tech that will help you keep your cool

What is the best pillow for me?

As it turns out, there’s no single winner of the ‘best pillow Australia’ award. Actually, maybe there is! Our best-selling Koala Pillow was the winner of the Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ Award two years running in 2021 and 2022. So how do you know if it’s the best pillow for you? Check out these tips for matching your sleep style to your perfect pillow match.

💤 Side sleepers. Spinal support is key when you sleep, so the best pillow for side sleepers is one that’s firm to extra-firm. This way, everything remains aligned as it needs to be, even when life gets a bit sideways.

💤 Back sleepers. The back sleepers among us need a pillow that’s medium to firm, much like a good handshake. This keeps your head up at the right level without straining your neck.

💤 Stomach sleepers. Lying on your tum means you need only a little bit of height from your pillow to keep your head in check. Opt for something thinner for a better sleep.

💤 Sore necks. Do you wake up with a stiff neck on the reg? Your pillow could be to blame. The best pillow for sore neck sufferers is usually one made of latex or memory foam, both known for their support.

💤 Snorers. Go on, admit it. You’ve googled ‘best pillow for someone who snores’ before. Probably in incognito mode and definitely after another crappy sleep sharing the bed with a snorer. As it turns out, the best option for a noisy neighbour is one that keeps their head slightly elevated.

💤 Freestyler. What are good pillows to buy for someone who sleeps all kinds of ways? For all you non-conformists, the good news is that there are no hard-and-fast rules. Long live the free sleepers! Let your comfort preference guide you towards whatever gets you that sweet, sweet slumber.

But, do I really need a new pillow?

How often should you change your pillow, and do you really have to? Yes. In fact, experts recommend doing so every five years at the very least. Why? Well, this is where it gets a bit gross.

As we sleep each night, dead skin cells, drool, sweat and other bodily fluids get trapped in our pillows. Multiply that by the hundreds (or thousands) of nights you’ve slept on the same one, and you’ve got yourself a bacteria colony inside the very thing you spend each and every night with. That’s a hard no from us!

The Koala pillows

Now for the good news! As the makers of Australia’s top-rated pillow, Koala has put more people to sleep than Phenergan. Our line-up includes three awesome pillows for every type of snoozer to turn your sleep from a sad face to relieved face emoji. Let’s take a look at this tremendous trio. 

Cloudy Pillow

As the name suggests, the Cloudy Pillow is soft, billowy and made for all types of sleepers. If you’re after a pillow that feels like down without any of the ‘down’-sides (get it?), this is it. Made with CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam and a quilted cover featuring 38% TENCEL™ lyocell fibre, it keeps you comfy, clean and cool.

PSA: Our pillows are feather free, meaning no birds were harmed in the making of these Koala pillows, just siliconised microfibres.

The Koala Pillow

The Koala Pillow is our best-selling award winner and has earned a stack of accolades, including Canstar Blue’s ‘Most Satisfied Customers Award’ for 2021 and 2022. The pillow has a firm outer edge for better support and comfy gel-infused memory foam filling. Plus, the option of a firm or soft side to sleep on means you can pick and choose to your hearts’ content.

Breeze Pillow

Are you looking for a pillow that can do it all and then some? Enter the Breeze. Koala’s Breeze Pillow uses phase change technology that works with your body to keep you at the perfect temp all night. And it provides out-of-this-world support for your head and neck with zoned memory foam. Ooh, futuristic.

If you still can’t decide on the best pillows, Australia, have no fear. We’ve crafted a clever little pillow quiz that will let you solve this issue once and for all. No cheating!

Pillow talk with Koala

You asked for the best pillows, Australia, and that’s what you’ll get. Koala has a great selection of pillows for all sleepers, plus everything you need to get some shut-eye. Check out the range to see why we’re known as the home of comfort.

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