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Cotton vs Linen vs Tencel Sheets: what is best for me?

Here at Koala, we know that sheets are the secret to the perfect snooze. But with so many sheet sets on the market, finding the bed linen of your dream can be a bit of a nightmare.

From cotton to bamboo, linen to tencel, it’s no wonder sheets can hinder a good night’s sleep. But fear not – our experts in resting have come to the rescue to help you decide which of our snoozy sheet sets will fit snugly into your life.

Say Ciao to our Organic Cotton Sheet and Duvet Sets 

Organic Cotton Sheet Set in Ocean Salt with Sea Foam Stripe

Are organic cotton sheets better?

When it comes to the question “are organic cotton sheets worth it?”, the answer is, frustratingly: it depends on what you like in the bedroom. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, the light and breezy fabric could just be your perfect match. If you’re eco-conscious, our GOTS certification will help you sleep easy, every evening. And if you fancy yourself the interior fashionista, the mix-and-match textures and patterns available in our Organic Cotton Sheet Set and Duvet Sets will allow you to truly put your personal stamp on your bedding stack. 

Are organic cotton sheets soft?

Short answer: yes! We’d go as far as to say cloudy-soft! 

The light, gauzy texture of our Organic Cotton Crinkle Duvet Set Sheet keeps you cosy but not hot during the blazing Aussie summers. Our sleep expert tells us that organic fabrics are one of the keys to maintaining ideal sleep temperatures while you’re snoozing, meaning organic cotton sheets are best for hot sleepers.Plus the rumpled fabric means you don’t need to stress about ironing: it’s meant to look a little textured.

Organic Cotton Crinkle Duvet Set in Seafoam

It’s the little things that make a big difference 

Other than the fabric (obvs) – these sheet and duvet sets set themselves apart from their Linen and Tencel friends through some truly lovely, quirky details. Think “Yours, Mine, Ours” embroidery, Scandinavian-inspired hand holes to help you make the bed quick-sticks and gorgeous, reversible patterns in sunkissed shades.

What is GOTS certification?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a world-wide recognised body who governs organic textile standards. To receive a GOTS certification, a textile product must meet the strict guidelines set for all parts of the production process, from raw material resourcing, to production, to supply chain management. 

Put simply: our organic cotton sheet and duvet sets aren’t just good for you. They’re good for the planet. 

Where to buy organic cotton sheets?

Right here! 

Introducing our TENCEL™ sheets

The Koala TENCEL™ Duvet Cover Set in Bluegum
The Koala TENCEL™ Duvet Cover Set in Bluegum

What is TENCEL™ fabric?

Tencel is a highly sustainable fabric made from wood cellulite. Yes, it’s made from trees! At the start of its life cycle, our Koala TENCEL™ sheets begin as trees grown on low-grade land. Irrigated by rainwater, the trees are cut and processed into chips, which are then turned into pulp. The pulp is blended with water and solvent to create our beloved TENCEL™ sheets.

Is TENCEL™ sustainable?

The process of making tencel is more sustainable than other methods of sheet production, making it one of our favourite choices to sleep on here at Koala.

Is TENCEL™ fabric good for summer?

We love our Tencel™ sheets because they’re luxurious, smooth and skin-friendly. The fabric itself is far more absorbent than cotton, silky soft and cooler than linen. We’re also pretty chuffed about TENCEL™ as it holds the colour of our sheet sets really well, thanks to its special cellulose structure. 

We use 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres for our dreamy sheet sets and duvet cover sets. A legend at moisture-wicking, our TENCEL™ sheet sets will help you maintain a neutral temperature as you sleep, no matter how hot or cool the outside world is. Designed to keep you from feeling hot and sticky on summer nights, TENCEL™ has a knack for breathability.

Say bonjour to Le Linen

The Koala Le Linen Duvet Cover Set in Natural
The Koala Le Linen Duvet Cover Set in Natural

What is linen fabric?

Derived from the stems of the flax plant, our Le Linen Sheet Set features an all-natural and environmentally-friendly fibre.

Thanks to all of the feathers in the flax linen cap, this material is also a little pricier than other materials like cotton and Tencel. As a luxury fabric, a French linen sheet set is more than worth the splurge.

The process of making flax linen sheets is also a little more tedious and time-consuming. Cotton is in abundance, whereas the flax plant is less accessible.

Is linen good for summer?

Linen sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that people who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin can rest sweetly. Phew! It’s also a hygroscopic material. It conducts moisture well and helps you to stay sweat-free in summer and cosy in winter. Boldy breathable and durable, both our sheets and duvet cover set boasts A+ airflow that leaves the sleeper cooler and drier for longer. 

Plus, they’re also super strong, meaning you won’t have to buy new bedding for a long while! Because the linen thread is often thicker and longer, your sheets are set to last a heck of a lot longer than your run-of-the-mill cotton sheets. When you invest in our Le Linen Sheet Set, you’re signing up for a long term love. Our French linen sheets and duvet sets are especially loved-up having been sourced straight from Normandy, France. Ooh la la!

Koala Le Linen in Sunset Sky
Koala Le Linen in Sunset Sky

Does linen itch?

You may have heard whispers that sometimes linen flax sheets can feel a little stiff when you first purchase them. We combatted this by treating our sheets with a special enzyme wash, meaning these are soft to touch straight out of the box.

So what sheets are right for me?

We’ve laid it all out for you, so now the doozy of decision-making is up to you! Made with top-notch materials, you’re one click away from nicer naps. Whether staying sweet with flax linen all year round tickles your fancy, showing off your personality and staying forever cool with organic cotton or feeling silky smooth with TENCEL™ is up your alley, our Koala bedding is quality, comfy and ticks all the boxes. As Gwen says, whatchya waiting for? Squiz our linens! 

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