A couple wakes refreshed in their bright and airy bedroom after sleeping on their Koala bed and some of the best sheets Australia has to offer
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What are the best sheets? Australia, we got you

The best sheets Australia has to offer

Hooray! On your search for the best bamboo sheets Australia has to offer (or just a sticky beak at what the Koala brand is all about), you’ve stumbled upon a bedding lesson that could seriously improve your sleep.

The long and short of it? It’s not just your mattress that matters. The fabric, texture, size, shape, sustainability factor and thread count of your bed sheets all comes into play when slumber is at hand.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to bedding. But lucky for you, we know our sheets. So get yourself comfy and hop into bed with Koala, because we’re about to rock your socks off.

What’s the best material for bed sheets?

Fibres and fabrics count when it comes to bedding. But what’s the best material for bed sheets overall? That’s a little tricker to say. We’ve put together a quick guide on the good, the bad and the snuggly when it comes to the most common bedding materials.

💤 Bamboo. It’s no shock that bamboo sheets have been trending on Google. They’re durable, soft and easy-peasy to clean. On the downside, though, bamboo can be costly, and isn’t always as sustainable as you might think.

💤 Cotton. Arguably the most famous material for bed sheets, there’s a lot to love about cotton. Hailed the best sheets for summer and the best sheets for hot sleepers, cotton is cool and soft. But beware — cotton can shrink after washing (and no one wants shrinkage!). Plus, despite your best attempts, they might keep a slight crinkle.

💤 Linen. Every hipster and their dog seems to be wearing linen these days. So it makes sense that we’ve started sleeping on it too. But linen sheets can be exy, and they require extra care. The good news? Although some linen sheets might feel scratchy at first, they will soften and then you’ll fall head over heels. And just like George Clooney, they only get better with age. 

💤 Flannelette. Just like the faithful flanny your dad’s been wearing for the past 30 years, flannelette sheets never go out of style. They’re both warm and breathable at the same time, and while they can pill and fade without the proper care, they’re made to last.

💤 TENCEL™️ Lyocell. This fabric is made from wood, but there’s nothing hard about it. In fact, the Koala range of TENCEL™️ sheets are softer than silk and more absorbent than cotton. Clever, right?

A well-rested woman sits on her unmade bed after discovering Koala has some of the best sheets in Australia
Everyone knows about thread count, but it’s just one factor to consider when choosing bed sheets.

What else matters when choosing the best bed sheets?

Congrats. You’re now a pro at decoding bed sheet fibres. You’ve made your mum proud. But before graduating from Koala’s Bedding University, there’s just a bit more you’ll need to know.

Thread cred

What’s that, you say? You won’t sleep on sheets that have anything less than a 400 thread count? Calm your farm, Linda Evangelista. A sheet’s thread count can indicate how soft and comfy it’ll be, but it’s not the only thing that matters when choosing the best sheets in Australia.

Calling all size queens

Don’t believe what Cosmo told you — size does matter. Thankfully, all Koala bedding comes in the standard sizes of king, queen and double, so matching your sheets to your mattress should be a breeze.

When it comes to getting the right sheets, there’s one other thing you need to look out for besides length and width. The best bed sheets also need to have the correct depth, and this is to ensure you get all the edges tucked in nice and neat. We want you and old mate sharing the bed to be snug as bugs under that doona, and that means having bed sheets that stay put.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a fitted sheet, you can finally learn how to make a bed without getting into a struggle, loading up the swear jar or pulling a hammy.

Fit or flat?

Does your bed have the traditional fitted and flat sheet combo? Or do you prefer a simple fitted sheet all on its lonesome? How do you even choose the best fitted sheets? Australia, you have a lot to think about.

Would it surprise you to learn that the need for both a fitted and a flat sheet is a hotly debated subject? Many of us can’t imagine life without the combo, while others forgo the flat sheet, choosing to sleep directly under their duvets. . So, which are the best bed sheets for your set-up? There’s no right or wrong. Only Martha Stewart can judge you now.

Step up your bed game

Sometimes having the best sheets isn’t enough. It’s what you do in them that counts. This is where we do our winking face. To get the most out of your Koala config, we recommend the following:

💤 Make a solid start. The bottom is the place to begin. Buy a mattress online at Koala and give yourself the foundation for a good night’s sleep.

💤 Serve and protect. What’s a mattress topper? What about a mattress protector? Do you even need them? Well, not all mattresses need a topper but every mattress should have protection. We recommend using the best mattress protector in Australia to keep your Koala clean.

💤 Back to basics. Learning how to change pillowcases or how to make a bed like a hotel might be a snooze fest, but it will elevate your sleep to a new level. Also, sticking to a regular schedule of how often you wash bed sheets is considered a major adulting win.

Some of the most versatile and best bed sheets are simple white sheets such as this set pictured on a Koala bed
If you’re going to invest in beautiful sheets then you’ll also need an awesome mattress — luckily we make some of the best.

Koala bedding (why we’re the sheet)

Mattresses are our specialty but at Koala, we’re experts on bed sheets too. And as Koala’s Sleep Business Manager, Stephanie Roberts Baxter is an authority on what makes us unique.

“Sustainability is key to Koala’s DNA,” she says. “We always start with sustainable fibres, then layer all the good stuff on top.”

And that good stuff is what you notice when you slide into bed for the night (or during the day — no judgement here). It’s the breathability of the sheets, the softness of the fibres on your skin and the feeling of absolute luxury. Need we say more?

Great Koala-ty

Wise philosopher Kimmy K once said that nobody wants to get their ass up anymore and work. While she was talking about a lot of things, she certainly wasn’t talking about our bedding, because Koala sheets know how to put in a solid night’s worth of work. They’re designed to last, and that means you can enjoy them for years to come.

“Koala is all about ensuring that we’re not just delivering a sustainable product to our customers but one that lasts and feels good as well,” says Stephanie. “We want to make products people love so they can hang onto them for longer.”

But what if you don’t think they’re the best sheets Australia has ever made? Koala’s 120-night trial has your back. We’ll give you 120 nights to sleep on them and see if our sheets are as good as we say. And if they’re not, you can send them back for free. No dramas.

Better still, Koala’s sheets are covered by a one-year warranty. That’s 100% of your money back without a fuss if anything goes wrong.

Our fibres and fabrics

Whether it’s TENCEL™️ Lyocell, European linen or organic cotton, Koala sheets have got you covered. Which are the best bed sheets for you when it comes to the material? Well, that’s for you to decide. Let’s have a gander.

TENCEL™️ linen

This is Koala’s firstborn, serving up all those silky feels without the cost. The TENCEL™️ Lyocell fibres used in this linen are sourced from FSC and PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests. The colours in this range are a mix of classic tones and pops of Australian-inspired hues. These sheets help regulate body temperature for all-season suitability, and they’re softer than a baby’s bottom (cleaner too).

Le Linen

Our luxurious French Linen range is more luxurious, breathable and comfier than the best bamboo sheets Australia has ever produced. And it’s made from European flax. Why European? “Europe has the world’s best climate for the flax plant to grow longer and stronger,” says Stephanie. See, we’re not just being snobby. Très bien. Like a more neutral colour palette? Then you’ll love this range.

Organic Cotton

Have you met the newest member of the Koala bedding family? The organic cotton range is soft, cool and breathable. It also has the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stamp of approval. “GOTS goes through the entire process with its certification, from sourcing fibre to the supply chain and developing the product,” says Stephanie.

As well as sheets, we also have our organic cotton duvet range, including the reversible duvet sets with the unique ‘yours’, ‘mine’ and ‘ours’ embroidery detail, and the super-soft and gauzy crinkle duvet set.

When it comes to Koala bedding, there are no fast fashion practices — only a commitment to comfort, quality and sustainability. No, sir. We ain’t no Shein of bed sheets. 

You beaut bedding, the Koala way

Koala’s sheets are bloody awesome. But don’t take our word for it. With thousands of 5-star reviews from real Aussies, we’ll let them do the talking. Check out the range here and if you’re not sure what fabric will float your boat, head over here to find out more. Then you can put your newly acquired Bachelor of Bed Linen to good use.

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