A textured cream rug with timber bed base on top, covered with linen bedding and a yellow throw

Gift Ideas | Buy them something they’ll actually love

Gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for them…wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts. Overwhelming. Expensive. We know.

Being time-poor and eco-conscious, it’s easy to opt for a gift card to make sure your loved ones can get something they actually like. Let alone treasure. But we at Koala say a big fat ‘nope’ to impersonal pressies and have hand-picked our favourite pieces, even for the nichest of niche interests.

What should I buy for…

Gift ideas for the Sustainability Seeker

They’ve already got three Keep Cups and a strong collection of reusable shopping bags and rubber straws. Time to up the ante. From FSC-certified timber to WWF Donations and rugs made from recycled plastic bottles, these special pieces are as good for the planet as they are for the receiver.

πŸƒ Paddington Bed Base from $999 | Made from FSC-certified timber and a Good Design winner to boot.

πŸƒ Koala Mattress from $759 | We’ve partnered with WWF Australia so every GECA-certified mattress purchase helps protect our koalas.

πŸƒ Tencel Sheet Set and Tencel Duvet Set from $189 | Our buttery-soft, silky-hued Tencel Linen range is sustainably sourced so they can truly rest easy each evening.

πŸƒ Bottlebrush Rug from $449 | The ultimate in up-cycled style, the Bottlebrush Rug comes in two sizes and three colours, all of which are made from recycled plastic water bottles!

πŸƒ Bush Walk Cushion $89 | This gorgeous certified organic cushion was inspired by the lines of bark on gumtrees. Name a better gift than the feeling of a stroll through the bush?

A cream sofa with wooden feet on top an olive green rug with a pink and green throw rug on the side
The Bottlebrush Rug in Bush Scrub

Gift ideas for the Beach Bum

Sun kissed shoulders, sandy feet and salty cheeks love these ocean-inspired gifts. After all, beach bums need a comfy-as-sin set up to relax on after being on the shore from dawn β€˜til dusk.

🌊 Outback Rug from $349 | Catch the unavoidable trail of sand your Beach Bum trails in with these bio-degradable jute rugs, inspired by Aussie rock faces.

🌊 Big Swell Throw $119 | Surf’s always up with this light-weight but cosy throw. Perfect for when the temperature drops after a long day in the waves.

🌊 Coastal Sofa $1,549 | The sofa designed to feel like the salty sea spray of Byron Bay feels. Take your pick of three mellow, seaside colours and get ready to chill, man.

🌊 Cloudy Pillow $139 | Our fluffiest pillow is perfect for any kind of sleeper; and the Beach Bum needs a soft landing once that salty head hits the hay.

🌊 Beach Bum & Blotto Cushion Bundle $141.56 | These two go together like post-surf burgers and hot chips. Bundle them up for double the fun (and some decent savings!).

A yellow and white throw rub on top a grey sofa with wooden feet and a cream rug
The Big Swell Throw in Surfers Paradise

Gift ideas for the Bookworm

Is your mate counting down the days β€˜til the end of the year so they can start their new Goodreads challenge? Give them the perfect book nook setup where they can get stuck into their next favourite story, or our most luxurious pillow to support them as they read until the wee hours.

πŸ“š Quiet Time Armchair $699 | Help them carve out their little corner of perfection with our curviest armchair yet. The perfect seat for those can’t-put-down finds.

πŸ“š Quiet Time Footstool $249 | See above, but for their tootsies.

πŸ“š Long Weekend Throw $169 | This quilted beauty is a little heavier than the average throw, lighter than the standard duvet. Ready-made for afternoons that disappear into evenings in the blink of an eye.

πŸ“š Round Coaster Coffee Table $449 | They’ll need somewhere to stash their back up books, hot beverages and stiff drinks to handle those juicy plot twists.

πŸ“š Breeze Pillow $189 | Packed with sleep tech, providing top-tier neck and head support – ace for reading in bed!

An orange single seater armchair and ottoman with a pink cushion, black and white throw rug and timber bookshelf filled with books
The Quiet Time Armchair and Footstool in Nullarbor

Gift ideas for the Host

Cheese board in one hand, topping up glasses with the other – all the host really wants is their guests to have a brilliant time. These pressies will elevate any event, from coffee catch ups, languid dinners and unexpected sleepovers.Β 

πŸ₯‚ Stunner Sofa Bed $2,199 | Our very first elevated sofa bed provides the ultimate guest sit and sleep experience. The only worry they’ll have is kicking everyone out!

πŸ₯‚ Le Linen Sheet Set and Le Linen Duvet SetΒ from $319 | You think the host will give their guests grubby doona covers? You’re dreaming! Add a little “ooh la la” to their spare sheets with our French linen range.Β 

πŸ₯‚ Catch Up Cushion $75 | Grab a bev, take a seat and let this natural linen cushion prop up even the longest chinwags. Lots of colour options to suit any host’s humble abode.

πŸ₯‚ Balmy Nights Duvet from $149 | Light enough for the warmer months, compact enough for easy storage and cosy enough the guests won’t want to head back home!

πŸ₯‚ Date Night 4 Seater Bundle $1,284.30 | The dining table is the hearth of the home. Natural Ash timber and rich fabrics elevate each and every dinner party.

A light grey sofa bed with an orange and black and white cushions, pink throw and plants in the background
The Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone

Gift ideas for the Napper

Is there a more valuable gift than the gift of sleep? We say nah. These babies are brimming with sleep tech, gorgeously comfy to the touch and designed to help you get to sleep easier, sleep better, for longer.Β 

😴 Koala Pillow $169 | This baby won Canstar’s 2021 Best Pillow in Australia so y’know, it’s kinda a big deal.

😴 Lazy Sunday Throw $99 | We captured that dreamy Sunday arvo nap feeling and stuffed it into this machine-washable throw made of cosy certified cotton.

😴 Kick Back and Daydreamer Cushion Bundle $186.49 | Paired together, these plush cushions truly are the stuff of dreams. Special shoutout and bonus points to the sweet cloud detail!

😴 Thredbo Mattress Protector from $99 | Perhaps not the sexiest gift you’ve ever given, but damn well useful! They’ll thank you when they don’t have to google how to clean a mattress every month!Β 

😴 All Seasons Duvet from $249 | The best doona, year-round. Heavy enough for a deep sleep but light enough to keep it nice and breezy. They’ll thank you for this one.

A light green cushion with cloud patterns in front of a steel blue cushion
The Daydreamer Cushion in Sea Foam and the Kick Back Cushion in Daintree

Gift ideas for the Style Icon

We love all our children equally. Really, we do. But it’s no lie these items simply scream β€œchic”... in a non-screamy, effortless, understated way. Just like that stylish pal of yours.Β 

😎 Getaway Sofa Range from $1,799 | Our newest sofa range is, in fact, our designer’s all-time favourite. Super comfortable, stylish and with storage drawers – this one changes the game.

😎 Le Linen Coverlet $389 | There’s stylish bedrooms, then there’s stylish bedrooms which feature our French Linen Coverlet. Psst.. we’ve got you covered if you don’t know what a coverlet is.Β 

😎 Balmain Bed Base from $849 | Designed with compact spaces in mind, with detachable ‘wing’ bedside tables so your fashionista can curate to their hearts’ content.

😎 Shear Bliss Rug from $749 | Inspired by running creek water, ethically sourced using 100% New Zealand wool and incredibly soft underfoot – we were bang-on in naming this Shear Bliss.

😎 Sand Dune Cushion $89 | This next-level blended cotton and jacquard weave cushion was designed with impact in mind.

A textured cream rug with timber bed base on top, covered with linen bedding and a yellow throw
The Shear Bliss Rug in Paperbark

The Rest

Can’t find the perfect gift for your special person? Lucky we’ve got tonnes more on offer to make each habitat healthier and happier! Squiz our entire range here. Happy gifting!

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