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Flax Facts – Things to know about French Linen

You’ve probably clocked dreamy shots of impossibly elegant and effortlessly cool linen sheets popping up all over your Instagram.

Now, Koala is exploring new sustainable materials and textures with Le Linen – a new range of top quality French flax linen sheets and bedding in natural colours to suit every home.

Thinking of making the switch to linen? Here’s some flax facts you need to know!

They get softer

Linen gets better with time, the more you use your sheets the softer they will become. But we know you don’t want to wait, so Koala’s linen sheets have an enzyme wash finish, so they are already soft to touch.

Want them even softer? Toss in a bit of fabric softener with every wash.

Koala Le Linen Duvet Set in Sunet Sky

Creases are cool

Le Linen gives you longevity, lustre and a lovely drape—something you just don’t get with ordinary sheets. While you may be tempted to iron your sheets (and you can) we reckon it’s better to embrace the laid back natural look of linen. 

Koala Le Linen Sheet Set and Duvet Set is Natural

A bit of shedding is completely normal

When you first get your linen sheets you may notice they shed fibres. You may be wondering, ‘Do linen sheets stop shedding?’

Well, we’re here to tell you that shedding is a natural occurrence in the life cycle of linen and will reduce after a couple of washes. Keep shedding to a minimum by following the care instructions for your french linen sheets. 

Koala Le Linen Sheet Set and Duvet Set is Bush Scrub

They’re perfect for Aussie summers

Sick of sweltering and tossing under sticky sheets in the Aussie summer?

Linen is a great fabric to sleep in all year round. Due to the thermo regulating properties of flax, it will keep you cool and dry in summer while providing just enough warmth when winter rolls around. 

Koala Le Linen Sheet Set and Duvet Set is Sunset Sky

They’re renewable and durable

Flax is a fast-growing renewable resource that can be farmed with little-to-no fertilisers and pesticides. French linen bedding is also super strong and durable, so you don’t have to replace your linen sheet sets for ages. Talk about a win-win.

With our famous 120 night trial, what are you waiting for? 

Shop the Koala Le Linen range today.

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