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We’re going back to basics: how to make a bed

We’re going back to basics: how to make a bed

We’re all about the simple pleasures in life, and we reckon coming home to a freshly made bed has to be up there with one of the best. And look, making the bed isn’t our favourite household task either. But if you’re finding yours is looking more ‘teenage disaster zone’ than ‘fancy show home’, you might want to stick with us. 

We’re going back to basics and taking a look at how to make a bed. A bed that you won’t want to get out of when that alarm goes off. 

To find out how, we chatted with Lisa Alward, the principal interior designer at Bella Vie Interiors. Together, we’re bringing you some top tips for making your bed, so it’s less of a boring chore. Stylish, comfy, perfectly made bed? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What you need to make the bed

A mattress protector

Keep your mattress safe from red wine spills, late-night accidents and sweaty summer nights with a mattress protector. This is a must-have item for a mattress that lasts, keeping your bed fresh and odour-free for years to come. Just remember to wash your mattress protector regularly, so it can keep doing its thing!


Cotton, linen, silk or flannel. Whatever your preference, your sheets are what make your bed the best place for snuggles, cuddles and all things cosy. Start with a fitted sheet as your base, then add your flat sheet. The flat sheet should be centred with the sides evenly hanging over the edges of the mattress. For a neat finish, Lisa swears by hospital corners (more on those below!) 

A duvet

Next comes your duvet. From lightweight summer options to heavier, feather-filled winter ones, you might opt to swap out your duvet depending on the season. Either way, according to Lisa, you should always have one on the bed. “It just looks weird without one!” she says. She also recommends selecting a duvet one size larger than your bed. “If you have a queen-size bed, opt for a king-size duvet. It just looks more luxe with the overhang from the extra material.”


Place the pillows that you actually sleep on onto the bed first. Lisa says you’ll want two per person. Find a pillow that helps keep your spine in alignment and supports your head and neck while you’re sleeping. Oh look, we have some of the best in Australia

Cushions and throws 

Finally, the fun bit. Styling your bed with decorative cushions and throws is a great way to add texture and colour.  Lisa has three decorative cushions on her bed at home, but she warns, “If it’s going to cause arguments at home, skip them all together! Some people just don’t get the multiple pillows on the bed vibe.” 

 A close-up image of the corner of a bed with beautiful soft sheets, timber headboard and side table in a clean, modern bedroom
A perfectly made bed starts with beautiful sheets, like our Koala organic cotton beauties

How to make the bed in 5 easy steps

Start with a blank canvas (AKA your naked mattress) and follow these easy steps for how to make your bed:

⭐ Add your mattress protector

⭐ Add your fitted sheet

⭐ Add your flat sheet

⭐ Add your duvet and pillows

⭐ Add decorative cushions and throws

How to get your hospital corners right

Think more luxury hotel than hospital ward, and you’ll be on the right track. First up, tuck the sheet under the mattress along the foot of the bed. At the first corner, lift the hanging side of the sheet up and lay it on your bed. Tuck the extra piece of fabric that’s hanging down under the mattress. Fold the side down again and tuck it under. Repeat this step on the other side for a smooth, crisp finish. 

Should you have a blanket on your bed?

We love a blanket. Feeling chilly? Need an extra layer? Just give it a little tug and snuggle in for a cosy night. White bed linen looking a little bland? Not only are they practical, but a throw or blanket can also add a touch of colour, texture and style in the bedroom. It’s a great way to change things up without swapping out your entire bedroom décor! 

Guess what? Koala does bedding too!

At Koala, we have more than just Australia’s best mattresses. We’re also here to ensure you have the best-dressed bed in town. From the best sheets and cover sets to soft pillow cases and snuggly throws, we’ll have you making your bed like a pro before you can say g’night, love!

Welcome to your new bedroom

Ready to revamp your bedroom? Explore our full range of Koala pillows, duvets, beds, mattresses, bedding and bedroom furniture. Make the most of our 120-night trial: if you change your mind or things aren’t quite working out, just get in touch. We’ll arrange a return and product refund – it’s the Koala way!

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