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Koala x Nimble Activewear

Turn on your off switch

Here’s the scoop. The faster you fall asleep, the more powerful your sleep will be for your mind, body and (let’s be frank) SANITY! People who fall asleep in less than 15 minutes are optimised for some epic zzz’s. You’re here, so odds are that you are one of the 55% of Aussie’s that take over 15 minutes to fall asleep - or worse, the 29% that take over 30 minutes (that’s about 1800 sheep too many). WHY? Because your body has not been prepared to sleep.

Koala x Nimble - Turn on your off switch

"55% of Aussie’s count 900 sheep before sleep."

Koala x Nimble - Good Sleep is Intentional

Good sleep is intentional and great sleep takes practice

Train the sheep away! Actively preparing your body for bed is the golden ticket to an evening full of deep, sweet zzzs’. That is why Koala and Nimble Activewear (just call us Kimble) have joined forces to serve your body better with the creation of our ‘Move to Snooze’ set. This limited edition set brings a sense of occasion to your bedtime ritual and does exactly what it says - helps you move, so you can snooze.

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Make these moves, before you snooze:

Slide on your buttery soft ‘Move to Snooze’ sweats, brew your chamomile tea, add a drop of lavender to your diffuser and prepare your body to relax. Let’s move your stress away...

koala x nimble - space


Turn on your quiet. Close the door on your day and retreat to your fave space (obviously your Koala bed). Sink into your weight and loosen your body as you focus your mind on feeling mmm.

koala x nimble - stretch


Turn on your slow-mo setting. Put on some comfy threads (the Move to Snooze set fits the bill) so you can roll, curl, bend and twist those toxins away in stretches that will have your body primed to rejuvenate with improved blood circulation while you slumber. For 8 moves to get you started visit @nimbleactivewear

koala x nimble - breathe


Turn on your lungs. Lay your body's full length and Pranayama - just breathe. Fill your lungs with that sweet O2 and release with intention, slowing your heart beat and alleviating stress  so that you can surrender to sleep.

Limited edition Nimble Activewear Move to Snooze Set

Designed for your pre-bed ritual, you’ll be stretching your stress away in shiver-inducing bliss  to reach ultimate relaxation and enjoy a fully restorative sleep.

koala x nimble - all the smarts
Koala Mattress Queen - Slide 1

The all new Koala Mattress

Pre-bed ritual - check. Supremely comfortable Move to Snooze  set - check. Only thing left to cover is a bloody comfy mattress, and best believe we’ve got that covered too.

With more than 25,000 5-star reviews for our OG mattress, it’s safe to say we've nailed the formula for a good night's sleep. The brand New Koala Mattress is perfect for every sort of sleeper with our Flippable Kloudcell Comfort Layer, ultra breathable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre Sleep Surface, and 3 targeted high-density precision cut support zones working overtime to take the pressure off. Falling asleep fast and staying asleep longer has never been simpler.

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Winner of the 2021 & 2019 Canstar Blue 'Most Satisfied Customers' Award in Mattress Category