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World class warranty, up to 10 years

Try it properly with our 120 Night Free Trial

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to a good night’s sleep

You have found us at our website We are Koala Sleep Pty Ltd (ABN 18 605 237 090), call us Koala. In these Terms we also call ourselves “we”, “us” and “our” and we refer to you as … you guessed it, “you” or “your”.

Using our site and doing business with us

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) cover:

  • your use of our website (Website Terms);

  • the sale of our products to you (Terms of Sale);

  • our promotions, competitions and rewards (Promo Terms);

  • the sale and use of our e-Gift Cards; and

  • our general terms (General Terms).

These Terms are our “rules” for using this website and shopping with us. We want you to read them carefully before using our website and purchasing products from us. By accessing or using any part of our website or offering to purchase or purchasing any of our products or participating in any of our promotions, competitions or rewards and providing any of your personal information to us, we will assume that you agree to our Terms.

When do our Terms apply to you?

Our website Terms apply to anyone who accesses our website, including our customers, suppliers, advertisers, service providers and anyone else who just wants to check us out online. 

Our Terms of Sale apply to anyone who purchases our products or who makes an offer to purchase our products.

Our Promo Terms will tell you whether you are eligible to participate in a promotion, competition or reward that we offer and if you are eligible, those terms will apply to you if you choose to participate in that promotion, competition or reward.

Our General Terms are the boring legal bits that apply to all of the above!

Our Privacy Policy applies whenever we collect personal information about you. 

Changes to our Terms

Nothing ever stays the same. From time to time, we will make changes to our Terms and may include additional terms (for example, special terms for specific products, events, promotions, competitions or rewards). We notify you of these changes by updating the Terms on our website. You should regularly check these Terms to make sure you are familiar with the latest version, especially when you plan to purchase products from us or provide your personal information to us. Changes that we make to our Terms will not affect any Orders that we have accepted.

Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law

If you are a consumer purchasing products in Australia, you have rights under the Australian Consumer Law when you deal with us and when you purchase our products. We comply with the Australian Consumer Law when dealing with Australian consumers and nothing in our Terms is intended to alter or limit your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

Have you got any questions?

Please send your questions about these Terms to If you are concerned about any of our Terms, please do not access our website, purchase products from us or provide your personal information to us until you have resolved your concerns.

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