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Delivery delays & COVID-19 response.

Delivery delays & COVID-19 response.

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Koala Mattress vs Ecosa Mattress

We love our customisable mattresses and think they’re the best in Australia. But our customers often ask us how we compare against the most popular alternatives, so we put together the table below which stacks up a queen size Koala mattress vs Ecosa mattress.

Spoiler alert: our mattresses have zero disturbance, flippable with a longer trial period. Plus, with every purchase, you’ll support Australian wildlife and the environment.

Queen size mattress comparison: Koala vs Ecosa

When comparing mattresses there are some things that matter more than others. In the table below, we focus on what we think are the 4 most important criteria: Price, Product Features, Added Value, and Customer Rating.

To make things easier, we decided to choose the most common mattress size, a Koala queen size mattress vs Ecosa queen size mattress.

The New Koala Mattress




The New Koala Mattress

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Customised Topper - Queen - Lifestyle - USP 1 (Optimised)

Adjustable firmness levels

What might feel right to your mate, doesn't feel right to you. That's why we've created our double-sided comfort layer that gives you the choice between medium-firm support and firm support. Just unzip and flip it to find what works for you.

Koala Mattress - Queen - Lifestyle - USP 2 (Optimised)

Support in all the right places

We have a firmer support base right beneath the hips that prevents your body from sinking into the mattress. This comes in real handy when it comes to helping you maintain a healthy sleeping posture.

Koala Mattress Customised Topper - Queen - USP 3 (Optimised)

Keeping you cool all night long

Nothing beats breathability in bed. Made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre, all you need to know about our sensitive and soothing 7cm comfort layer is that it absorbs and releases moisture, making nodding off a breeze.

No partner disturbance means a good night’s rest

Are you sleeping with a tosser? Our Zero Disturbance® mattress means there’s next to no chance you’ll be woken up by your partner.

All Koala Mattresses have

Koala Mattress Single - Lifestyle - Hero (Optimised)

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