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What the colours in your bedroom say about you

White-on-white is no longer the palette du jour. Thankfully, colour has come back in a big way to add dimension, depth and personality to our homes. And nowhere is colour choice more crucial than in your personal sanctuary, the bedroom. Colour psychology determines what colours are best for a bedroom, but here at Koala we reckon it’s what you fancy that matters most. 

If you find blues and greens relaxing but yellow perks you up, you’re not alone. Any interior designer worth their salt knows about colour psychology and how the hues you choose in a space can impact how you feel. 

Different tones and shades can elicit certain emotional responses, but they can also reveal a lot about who you are. So before you choose your next bedding purchase or paint colour, here’s what your colour preferences say about you.


If blue is your go-to colour, your taste aligns with the majority—this is one of the most popular hues in the bedroom. As blue is a colour found in nature, it’s associated with feeling peaceful and serene, as if you’re gazing at the ocean or sky. Blue has also been said to help lower blood pressure and slow your breathing and heart rate, making drifting off into slumber that much easier. 

What is says about you: A softie on the inside, you’re someone who likes their room as an escape from the organised chaos of everyday life. Bold statements aren’t really your thing; you’re more into reliability and feeling calm. Your ultimate goal is harmony.

Try: Our Bluegum sheets or duvet cover, inspired by the ocean. It’s a great option if you’re into neutrals but want to find a way to softly layer in colour. 


So fresh and so clean, white is a timeless classic that evokes feelings of spaciousness, opportunity, hope and lightness. It’s like a blank slate you get to retreat to every night, where anything is possible. White also can make a space feel airy and larger than it is.

What is says about you: You’re classy with sophisticated taste that transcends trends. You might be traditional, organised and logical, but you also get along great with everyone and will always be in style.

Try: We offer cloud white options across our Tencel and Organic Cotton bedding ranges, boasting a soft white that doesn’t feel cold and pairs beautifully with any other colour.


Grey is the ultimate neutral. Its lighter shades provide subtle warmth and comfort, while darker shades serve modern and edgy vibes. Similar to whites, greys are timeless and usually pair well with an array of other colours. They’re associated with feelings of safety, comfort and stability.

What is says about you: You’re the kind of person who is more than happy to leave any drama at the door. You thrive on feeling content and secure, especially in your bedroom. 

Try: Our Bottlenose Grey bedding sits towards the lighter end of the grey spectrum, making it the ideal addition to any palette. Express your unique personality through the quirky, sweet Ours, Yours and Mine embroidery on our Organic Cotton Duvet Set in Reversible Grey Gum & Ocean Salt


Ah, green. The most restful and relaxing of all the colours, it’s a beautiful and versatile mid-point between cool and warm tones. Found everywhere in nature just like blues, greens have a calming effect and are said to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Green is also associated with health and prosperity.

What is says about you: You’re someone who seeks balance in their life. Affectionate, loyal and straight to the point, you love feeling secure in your relationships and finances.

Try: The Koala Eucalyptus sheets and duvet set are a gorgeous earthy green, which will pick up warm or cool tones depending on how you style and layer them. The anti-ironers among us will prefer the Organic Cotton Crinkle Duvet Set in Seafoam – bring on the creases, baby!


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If you want to add a sprinkling of the romantic to your space, pink is the ticket. Associated with love and tenderness, it’s also great for a creativity boost (similar to purple). 

What is says about you: If pink tickles your fancy, you’re someone who is nurturing, kind and artistic. You’re likely inclined to daydream and you have a youthful glint in your eye. All about TLC, your bedroom space needs to be a warm and happy haven.

Try: Our Lake Hillier bedding is a vibrant ode to South Australia’s stunning pink lake.  Add a little ooh-la-la to your life with our French Linen range in Sunset Sky – a beautiful muted pink you’ll be dying to wrap around yourself. 


Purple can be a bold statement, adding the right dash of drama to a room, or it can be a soothing balm; it all depends on the shade. Historically, purples have been associated with royalty and elegance. 

What is says about you: If you’re into the purple family of colours, let’s be honest, you’ve probably got Aquarius in your natal chart. You’re someone who’s creative, spontaneous, effortlessly unique and praises individuality. 

Try: We’ve dropped a new rich and playful purple-toned Koala bedding colour: Açai. 


Yellow is guaranteed to lift your mood. Warm and inviting, yellows capture the joy of sunshine and are often associated with innovation and bright ideas. But a more modern take on this colour are your mustards – a grounded yet sophisticated way to introduce this family of hues to the boudoir.

What is says about you: Mustard lovers are light-hearted folk who have their finger on the pulse of what’s chic and stylish. You’re a cheerful yet calming presence. You don’t mind the spotlight now and then, but you’ve got your head – which is full of original ideas – screwed on. 

Try: Koala Keen As bedding is just the thing to make you feel like a smooth operator.   


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Another colour directly associated with nature, earthy and brown tones are all about imbuing a sense of security and nurturing to your home. This family of hues have a grounding effect while creating a sense of warmth.

What is says about you: You’re the kind of person other people can count on. A salt-of-the-earth kind of person who finds enjoyment in simplicity, your bedroom is your kingdom and you’re all about true comfort.

Try: Our Kookaburra bed linen and duvet cover set is a soft, neutral brown that ensures you’ll feel relaxed and taken care of where it matters. Opt for our French Linen bedding: linen sheets, linen doona cover and linen coverlet in Natural for a relaxed, European snooze sesh. 


Another happy tone, orange colours range from vibrant and bright to softer, clay-like hues. The orange family can give you a bit of a thrill, charging your space with hope and optimism.

What is says about you: If you’re into this section of the colour wheel, you’re someone who is friendly, fun and easy going. You’re not afraid of a little adventure and find your centre through feeling energised.

Try: Our brand new Nullarbor bedding is inspired by the expansive and alive Aussie outback.

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