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What is a coverlet and why you need it

Le Earlier this year, Koala unveiled a brand new product: introducing the Le Linen Coverlet.

But you may be asking yourself: what exactly is it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (you see what we did there?)

So what is a coverlet?

Simply put, it’s a lightweight layer of bedding. It can be used in the winter as an extra layer, or as a replacement for a duvet in the warmer months. It also works as a decorative piece in the bedroom year-round.

Is a coverlet the same as a duvet?

In short, no. A duvet is typically a thicker, plusher blanket, while a coverlet can be used on its own without a duvet.

Meet the Koala Le Linen Coverlet

We took the incredibly soft and luxurious fabric from our Le Linen bed sheets and turned it into a multi-purpose coverlet. 

The outer fabric is made from 100% flax linen sourced from France. Like all our Le Linen, it’s treated with an enzyme wash to achieve all that soft goodness. The inner fill is made from recycled cotton with a Polypropylene lining. Our version sits at 225 (L) x 245cm (W) and is designed to be used to fit both Queen and King sized beds.

We recommend washing your it before first use. Just toss it in the washing machine on a cold gentle delicate cycle using mild diluted detergent. If you fancy it, add in some fabric softener for extra softness.

The flax of it all

If you’ve got your eye on our Coverlet, you’ll definitely want to check out our entire Koala range of Le Linen products. Available in a Sheet Set and a Duvet Set, our Le Linen sheets come in Double, Queen and King bed sizes, in three different colours: Natural, Sunset Sky and Bush Scrub.


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