Explore our unique range of Cushions, Throws and Rugs
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Must-have purchases for your new home

Moving up and moving out is a big deal, so when you find a place that feels right, you’ll want to bring in some key creature comforts with you to make it feel like home. 

Starting your new rental or share house, you’ll need to learn how to optimise your space. This is when you’ll quickly learn the difference between a need and a want. For example, you may want a king-size bed and walk-in wardrobe, but in reality, you need a queen-size bed with built-in storage. 

Don’t let the size of your new home scare you. With these must-have purchases for new home, you can turn any place into a relaxing, stylish and welcoming home. 

Wine and Dine Bundle
Wine and Dine Bundle

A dining table fit for royalty

Whether it’s game night, a dignified dinner party, or hosting a holiday feast, a dining table is the hearth of the home, where the magic happens. Get the whole gang around our Koala Wine & Dine bundle. 

Including the bestseller Serenity Table plus six Curved Dining Chair, it’s the smart and stylish way to set up your new dining space. 

Kirribilli Bed Base
Kirribilli Bed Base

The best bed in Australia

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we spend a lot of time sleeping, lounging, or working from bed. With all this bed time,  it’s worth investing in a bed you can depend on for restful sleep and whatever—*ahem*—extracurricular activities you might have visitors for. 

Start at the base-ics and get your bed base sorted. The Kirribilli Bed Base respectfully says I have my sh*t together. Made for compact living, this wooden bed frame has no middle leg so you can use the whole underneath space as storage. Plus the simple, tool-free assembly and intuitive design sees you constructing the the bed in minutes (on your ones, you independent go-getter; you)… so you won’t need to borrow a hammer from home. This is called independence, legend. 

The Award-Winning Koala Mattress is one of the best mattresses in Australia, considered a must-have purchase for new home
The Award-Winning Koala Mattress

Australia’s number one Mattress range 

Now for the mattress. You can’t go past our award-winning original Koala Mattress. The double-sided Kloudcell™ comfort layer provides premium comfort and breathability and lets you choose from medium-firm and firm. As an added bonus, this Kloudcell™ also means you’ll have a Zero Disturbance sleep, no matter who is sleeping next to you. But, if the purse strings are a wee bit tight – never fear. We took all the goodness of the Koala Mattress, and removed just a few bells and whistles to deliver our best-value Koala SE Mattress. You’re welcome. 

The Getaway Sofa in Choppy Waves is among the must have features in a new home
The Getaway Sofa in Choppy Waves

A sofa to sink into 

Doesn’t matter if you’re in a spacious two-bedroom or a snug studio, you’re going to need a living room to put your feet up after a long day of being an adult. Living room sofas can fill a lot of space, so take the time to consider the right configuration for your room first, then think about adding a coffee table or ottoman. 

Whatever room you have to work with, the Getaway Sofa is a gorgeous contortionist, and perhaps the best modular sofa in Australia. Comfort comes in all shapes, sizes, and configurations so it’ll fit the space you need it to. Plus, the generously-sized timber storage drawers give you the extra space you need without taking up extra square-footage, and helping you to quickly shove the mess in when your parents (or a date) comes round. 

Among the must have furniture for new home, explore our unique range of Cushions, Throws and Rugs
Explore our unique range of Cushions, Throws and Rugs

Make the house your home

Now that you’ve got the essentials sorted, it’s time for a bit of fun. Make your home your own with our unique cushions, throws, and rugs inspired by Aussie nature to bring a little zen to your space. Designed with the planet in mind, our durable cushions, rugs, and throws are the perfect choice to spruce up your home without hurting the earth. 

Guest Sleepover Bundle
Guest Sleepover Bundle

Looking for furniture packages?

We get it, while you do want to invest in your style, things can really start to add up. That’s why we’ve put together a large selection of bundles (that’s our word for packages!) that will keep you happy and your wallet too. 

Whether you’re looking for bedroom furniture packages, to kit out your entire place or (the horror!) searching ‘fantastic furniture packages‘ – we’ve got a solution sorted for you.

We’ve bundled together our most popular pairings to give you a better price on our products across all rooms in the house. 

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Squiz our bundles here. 

You’re sold?

Look at you growing up so fast. With all these essentials, your friends and fam will be proud to come round and admire the home you’re creating for yourself. 

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