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How to sleep quickly (and stay there)

How to sleep quickly (and stay there)

Remember when you were a kid, and you could fall asleep basically anywhere? The couch, the car, the lounge room floor? Yeah, well, those days are over. As an adult, figuring out how to sleep quickly can be a whole other ball game.

As important as sleep is, it can be damn hard to get it right. Go to bed too late and you’re robbing yourself of important sleep time. But head to bed too early and you could end up lying awake for hours, worrying about the dread of insomnia on a loop. Ugh, it can be exhausting.

That’s where we come in. And for all the best insights, this is where we bring in sleep and clinical psychologist Andrew Mair. He’ll help us understand how to get to sleep and stay there and how to reframe our thinking at bedtime.

So, with his expertise and our Koala-fications in comfort, it’s time we changed your sleep game for good. Next stop: Snooze Town.

Get an adult-friendly bedtime routine

The first step in learning how to get to sleep fast is creating a solid schedule.

That’s right: sleep schedules aren’t just for the bubs and little ones. While we can ditch the bottles and lullabies, an adult bedtime routine is just as essential. And it can be the very thing that gets us falling asleep without a fuss.

 💤 Set yourself a bedtime and a wake time. Going to bed at the same time every night probably sounds like something your gran would do, but hear us out — your gran is actually a legend. Our body’s internal clock finds it easier to drift off if it’s getting the cues that bedtime is near. And the same goes for the morning. Having a consistent wake-up time is essential for setting good sleep patterns.

 💤 Pyjama-rama. Wondering what to wear to bed? Well, because comfort is crucial for good sleep, you need the right PJs. (Bonus: your nightie can also signal to your body that it’s time for some shut-eye). So, whether it’s a posh satin set, your favourite old T-shirt or you’re wearing absolutely nothing, the choice is yours. Just make sure you close the curtains.

 💤 Zen out. Want to know how to go to sleep? Imagine your room being like a big baby nursery. Now, treat yourself with the same gentle, loving care you’d give a bub at bedtime. Think mellow sounds, dark lighting, soft sheets and the temperature set just right. Nappy: optional.

How to sleep: preparing body and mind

Okay, we don’t mean to get all hippie on you, but catching some ZZZs is a totally holistic experience, man. When you’re after that soul-soothing sleep, body and mind need to be aligned.

If you’re ready to sync up mind, body and soul, Koala can help you prepare for the journey with these top tips on how to go to sleep — and stay there.

Watch the caffeine and carbs

Wondering how to get to sleep fast with that bowl of carbonara and Coke Zero still sloshing around in your gut? First — yum. Second — this could be the problem.

Studies show that eating before bed (especially high-carb foods) can make it harder to stay asleep, even if you get knocked out quick-smart from the ensuing food coma.

Caffeine before bed is also a no-no. This includes soft drinks and chocolate (we’re not crying, you’re crying). The link between caffeine and sleep shows that we need to avoid it for six hours before nodding off. Instead, opt for something soothing like iced water or chamomile tea if you’re after a late-night bevvy.

Sending signals

Let your body know it’s almost time for bed. Get your routine underway. Start relaxing.

“The strange thing is that as we move through adolescence and into adulthood, we forget that those routines and signals we give ourselves are actually important,” says Andrew. “We forget about doing those things, but then we still maintain the expectation that we should be able to control when we fall asleep.”

Andrew reminds us these expectations aren’t realistic and that our need for sleep changes over our lifetimes. So the best piece of advice? Listen to your body and those signals that ping from time to time, and you’ll be on the right track.

Ditch the devices

We know, we know: we must spend at least 45 minutes a night toggling between apps before we finally (and begrudgingly) go to bed.

But if you’re looking up ‘how to get to sleep early’ on Google, after a certain point during the night even that becomes counterproductive. So for a balmy night of better sleep and better sleep hygiene, say sayonara to any gadgets and phones before bed.

Listen to music

Music — is there anything it can’t do? As well as providing certified bangers to dance the day away to, your favourite tunes can also help lull you into a quiet state of rest.

That’s right: music has been shown to improve sleep quality, and it can also help with sleep disorders like insomnia. But leave the Metallica for now; it’s time for those chanting Buddhist monks to take centre stage.

A young woman prepares her bed after learning some tips on how to get to sleep
There are lots of factors that go into getting to sleep and staying there, but lying down on a Koala mattress is a great place to start

Be kind at bedtime

So, what to do if you can’t sleep right away?

“Rather than wondering why you can’t fall asleep quickly,” says Andrew, “think about why you want to or feel you need to. There are lots of expectations about what’s normal, and often some underlying beliefs are going on that might be dysfunctional or inaccurate.”

Andrew urges us to ditch the idea that sleep is a one-size-fits-all approach. “The idea that you’re going to have a consistent amount of sleep every single night consecutively is just not realistic. Biologically, we’re more flexible than that.”

Other factors, including stress and anxiety during the day, could also be at play. Now add to that the worry about not being able to fall asleep, and you can see how it makes things worse.

Neurodiverse individuals (like those with ADHD or ASD) may also find it harder to get to sleep.

“Sleep disturbances are much more prevalent in people, including children, with neurodiverse conditions,” explains Andrew. “With ADHD especially, we know that there’s an underlying neurological vulnerability that makes it even harder to fall asleep.” In this case, a friendly neurodiverse bedtime routine can help.

How to sleep like a Koala (and look just as cute)

It’s easy to figure out how to sleep quickly when you’ve got a comfy bed. And Koala knows a thing or two about being comfy.

The Koala Mattress, our classic all-rounder, is the most reviewed and loved in our line-up. Equipped with a cushiony Kloudcell™ foam topper, 3-zone support and a Flippable Comfort layer, it’s got everything you need for a solid sleep. Psst… keen on the Koala but your bank account ain’t? No probs. Check out our best-value Koala SE Mattress – all you need for a beaut night’s sleep. 

Next up is the award-winning Calm As Mattress for our sensitive sleepers. This baby has 17% more Kloudcell™ than the Koala Mattress (for a little more tenderness) and features five layers of ergonomic support to do a body some much-needed good.

Finally, the Soul Mate. This mattress is for those wanting pure indulgence every night. With a lush 2-centimetre quilted cover and 33% more Kloudcell™, we dare you not to sleep well.

Koala’s range of mattresses is made with quality components, making them as cosy as a cuppa. Plus, don’t forget the anti-slip bottoms and antibacterial treatments. Knowing your bed is made to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards has gotta help you sleep at night.

Need a pillow to go with your new mattress? Our Koala pillow range also features Australia’s #1 rated pillow and has the nod of approval from thousands of customers.

New mattress, new you

How long does a mattress last, you ask? And do you really need a new one just to get a decent kip? Yeah, probably. The best mattresses should last around 10 years (and psst, that’s also the length of Koala’s world-class mattress warranty), so it’s an investment you’re gonna wanna take seriously.

Koala also offer a 120-night trial, so take your purchase for a spin and see what the fuss is really about. And if you’ve got your eyes set on the Soul Mate Mattress — wait for it — it comes with a whopping 365-night trial. Yeah, it’s a total show-off.

Hit the sack sooner with Koala

No need to Google ‘how to get to sleep’ anymore. With Koala, you’re already there. Our comfy-as mattresses and furniture range can help you get that ‘ahhh’ factor you’ve been missing, all without spending all of your hard-earned gumnuts. And with fast delivery and 120 nights to try out your new purchases, you can rest easy.

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