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Can you sleep in leggings, or a hoodie? Let’s find out

What should you wear to bed?

So, what are you wearing?

We know, it’s a pretty personal question. But it’s a question we love to ask because what you wear to bed could be the key to having a rollicking good time under those signature Koala sheets. Sleep-wise, that is.

Can you sleep in leggings? Is it good to sleep naked? And if it is, is it healthy to sleep naked?

We’re here in our PJs, mug of tea in hand, ready to answer your questions. So let’s get the help of sleep and clinical psychologist Andrew Mair and start talking bedtime apparel, as well as looking at other tips on how to sleep to get you those glorious ZZZs.

How to get the best sleep

Comfort is key when it comes to choosing what to wear to bed.

Love the feeling of clean sheets against bare skin? You’re probably a nudie sleeper. But prefer to get cosy and snuggle in at night? You’ll fit right in with the flannel-PJs-wearing crowd.

At the end of the day, it really just comes down to personal preference and what feels good as part of your bedtime routine. It also depends on where you are in the world as well as your immediate surroundings.

“Being comfortable is probably the most important fact,” says Andrew, “regardless of the actual biomechanical nature of things.”

When you’re sweating it out in northern Queensland, chances are you’ll want to wear as little as possible. But if you’re somewhere with snow-topped roofs, you’ll need to wear everything you own to try and stay warm.

A couple enjoys breakfast on a Koala bed while wearing comfortable clothing
No matter what you like wearing to bed, you’ll find a comfortable spot on a Koala mattress

Is it better to sleep naked?

Lots of people love to strip down when they sleep, but is sleeping naked better for your health?

Andrew says it’s certainly not bad for your health. What matters is that you’re comfortable.

“For some people, sleeping naked might actually make them feel more relaxed, more comfortable. For others, they might need to have pajamas on in order to feel relaxed. Finding what feels comfortable is particularly important for people who are neurodivergent. It makes up a key part of their sensory experience when going to bed.”

He goes on to explain the connection between sleeping naked and sleeping easy. “For people with ASD and sometimes ADHD, sensory issues are important. So for some people, sleeping naked might actually make them feel more relaxed, depending on what a sensory experience it is for them.”

Temperature is also key for everyone, and it’s important to keep your body temperature down. If you get too hot in bed throughout the night, you’re more likely to wake up. So whatever helps you keep your cool is going to give you the best night’s sleep.

What about dressing your bed?

Whatever you wear to bed (whether it’s a little, a lot or nothing at all), it pays to have quality sheets. And that’s where we come in.

With everything from organic cotton, French linens, duvets, mattress protectors and award-winning pillows, we have exactly what you’re looking for in our Koala bedding range. We’ll have you snuggled up like a joey and tucked in for bed in no time at all.

Your questions answered

Do you wear socks to bed but nothing else? Well, it turns out that sleeping naked but keeping your socks on is quite the perfect combo. It redirects blood flow from your core to your hands and feet, which prevents you from overheating. More birthday socks, anyone?

Let’s answer some other common questions.

Does the fabric matter?

It sure does. Cotton is breathable and lightweight so is a great option for sleepwear. Silk and flannels are perfect for cooler evenings as they are super comfy. Wool is also a good choice for winter while organic bamboo is soft and hypoallergenic. Who knew!? A big issue for sleepers is getting too hot and sweaty so if you’re prone to overheating remember, natural fibres are best.

Can you sleep in leggings?

If you run cold at night, leggings might be just what you need to get cosy. When choosing a set of bottoms, go for a looser pair of leggings over, say, a pair of compression tights so that your circulation can keep doing its thing. And stick with natural fibres. Synthetics and sleep just don’t go together.

Can you sleep in a hoodie?

If your duvet isn’t cutting it, an extra layer could do the trick and help you slip into a deep slumber. When sleeping with a hoodie, opt for natural fibres like wool or cotton where possible, as they’re typically more comfortable and better at keeping you cool compared to synthetic materials.

Is it bad to wear a bra to bed?

Again, being comfortable and cool is the best combo for getting good sleep. There’s no evidence to suggest that wearing a bra to bed is either good or bad, so if it works for you, live it up with that bra life.

Is it okay to wear earrings while sleeping?

Chances are you’ll be more comfortable if you remove your earrings before bed. But for earrings that can’t be removed, you could consider covering them with bandaids overnight to protect the piercings from getting yanked around.

Do silk sleep caps work?

A silk sleep cap may help to keep morning bed head at bay. It can help to reduce the friction between your hair and the pillow while you sleep, which is great news for those of us with curly hair.

Get some Koala-ty sleep

So, what’s our biggest Koala-ty tip when it comes to bedtime dress codes? Wear whatever feels best, even if it’s nothing at all.

Whether you’re a nudie or a PJ fashionista, find all the bedding, mattresses, bed linen and sleep stuff you could ever need online at Koala.

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