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What time should I go to bed? A bedtime routine for adults

What time should kids go to bed? Well, that’s for the grown-ups to decide, but when there’s a cuddle and a bedtime story on the cards, how can bedtime not be a kiddo’s favourite time of day?

But it begs the question — what’s a good bedtime routine for adults? While we may not have all the perks of being a boss five-year-old, it turns out that us adults could also do with a routine when it comes to hitting the sack.

We’re here to answer all of your snooze-related questions like ‘What time should I go to bed?’ and ‘Does warm milk help sleep?’, as well as offer tips on how to go to bed earlier.

We’ll take a look at what a sound adult bedtime routine looks like and cover everything from what to wear to the best temperature for sleep, plus other tips such as how to sleep quickly that you can start using straight away.

Why is a bedtime routine important for adults?

Finding yourself on Struggle Street the minute you get into bed? Tossing and turning like a loose battery? Or are you just waking up feeling groggy as hell? If you’ve been there with all of these experiences, we’re here to help you mix it up with some new bedtime routines.

We spoke to sleep and clinical psychologist Andrew Mair, who considers a daily bedtime routine for adults fundamental for good sleep.

“When I see a patient who’s having trouble sleeping, the first thing I ask is what their bedtime routine looks like. I’ll ask, ‘Is your bed comfortable? Is your room cool enough? Is it dark enough? Are you comfortable in what you’re sleeping in?’ All of these things are essential for most people in terms of getting a decent night’s sleep.”

Looking for a new bedtime routine?

We get it. You’re all set to have an early night: you’re prepped and washed and have happy thoughts all the way into bed. And then there it is — life getting in the way. And if it’s not life, then work and family commitments will tend to do it. Whatever your schedule, a bedtime routine could be the very thing that helps you get some much-needed shut-eye.

“Having some time to wind down before bed gives your body an indication that it’s almost time for sleep,” says Andrew. “Slowing down in the hours before bed will make it easier to fall into a deeper, restful sleep, particularly for patients who are neurodivergent.

“It’s vital to have a bedtime routine that promotes calm and quiet so that there are positive connotations attached to going to sleep.”

How to relax before bed

Andrew explains that a bedtime routine is all about setting yourself up for success in the way that best suits you — success being a great night’s sleep.

“People often find having a warm shower or a bath before they go to bed helpful. Overnight, your core body temperature drops down and then rises again as you approach wakefulness.

“Stepping out of a warm shower gives you that sense of your body temperature starting to drop. And then that’s almost like an unconscious cue that ‘Oh, okay. My body’s kicked off the process of getting ready to sleep.’”

We know you already know about these gems. But if you’re about to wind down and settle in for the night, have some late-night fun on us with this bedtime routine checklist for adults:

😴 Have a warm shower or bath. Go on, treat yourself.

😴 Then settle in with a soothing, warm drink, avoiding caffeine and large meals.

😴 When you’re done with the Milo or Sleepy Tea, turn the lights down and get your room feeling nice and cool. It’ll set the mood.

😴 Now fluff up those pillows to create that “aaaah” feeling.

😴 If you limit screen time in the hours before you sleep, your routine should feel like a dream.

A woman gets ready for bed after discovering that a bedtime routine for adults is important
Making time to wind down before bed helps your body prepare for sleep

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Getting good sleep

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