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Four reasons people love the Koala Pillow

A good pillow is essential to a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to pillows, it’s hard to beat our award-winning Koala gel-infused memory foam pillow.

We aren’t the only ones who love the Koala Pillow, it’s been voted the best pillow in Australia. That’s right — in 2021, the Koala Pillow won the 2021 Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ Award (Pillow category). With over 4000 customer reviews, here’s why customers love the Koala Pillow.

digital render of Koala Pillow

A side for every sleeper

Wondering which pillow is best for you? The Koala Pillow has both a firm and soft side, so you can flip it to the side you like best. The dual sides means the Koala Pillow suits everyone from side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers and even combination sleepers.

The secret to it’s dual usage is the conical holes throughout the pillow which provide alternative firmness and ventilation.

The soft side features larger holes in the memory foam, which compress to cradle your head and provide a lower profile. The firm side features smaller holes which provide a firmer feel for those who require extra neck support. 

So which side is which?  Look for the label on the cover – S is for soft, F is for firm.

hand pressing on pillow

Never look for the “cool side” again

There’s nothing better than the feeling of flipping your pillow, and laying your head on the “cool side”. 

​​Some memory foam pillows can trap heat or get warmer as you lie on them. With the Koala Pillow your head will stay cool all night long, thanks to the cooling gel-infused memory foam that moves heat and moisture away from your head.

As well as providing compression, the holes inside the memory foam act as ventilation and allow airflow to the other side of the pillow, keeping your head cool. 

woman lying on side with head on pillow

No more neck pain 

Time and time again, customers tell us how the Koala Pillow has solved problems with neck pain. So what’s the secret? The outer edges of our pillow are firmer than the rest which means your neck is supported in any position. So you get all the goodness of those ritzy contour pillows without the price tag (or strange shape). 

pillows on bed

Memory foam that actually remembers its shape 

Some memory foam pillows can take a while to return to their original shape, and after a while just don’t have the same height. Thanks to the conical hole design, the Koala Pillow compresses and returns to its original shape quickly, making it perfect for combination sleepers and anyone who changes sleeping positions during the night.

Ready to try Australia’s best pillow for yourself? Grab your Koala Pillow today.

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