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In the market for a toddler bed? Here’s what to keep in mind

What to look for when buying a toddler bed

Your little one has almost outgrown their cot, and you need to start looking for their new bed. We know this can feel like a huge step. From a cot to a big kids’ bed – your baby is growing up! Maybe they’re not quite ready for an adult-size bed, but what if there was something in between? We’ve got the answer: toddler beds.

So, what is a toddler bed? And how are they different from your standard single bed? We’re here to tell you, plus share a few sleep safety tips so everyone can get some much-needed ZZZs.

How is a toddler bed different from a cot or single bed?

Let’s take a look at what makes a toddler bed different. 

A cot provides a safe and secure environment for newborns and babies to sleep in. Cots are typically small and enclosed, with a mattress for support. They’re the perfect size for tiny bodies and are designed to protect bub from rolling or climbing out at night. 

When babies get a little older, they outgrow their cot and need more space. This might also be the time you move them into their own room. As they become active, inquisitive little toddlers, kids start being more independent when they go to bed and get up in the morning. And while a standard single bed can sometimes do the trick, you might find that its height is an issue for little people. 

A toddler bed is usually lower to the ground – so much easier for those little legs! – and often has safety features like rails to keep the sleeper from rolling out overnight. The best toddler beds, Koala Design Manager Adam Harrigan explains, are the same size as a standard single. “They just have different proportions,” he says. “They might have lighter mattresses or sit lower to the ground to make them more child-friendly.” 

A big kids’ bed is a change, but it’s an important milestone in your toddler’s first adorable, wobbly steps towards independence.

What safety features does a toddler bed need?

Sleeping in a toddler bed can take some kids time to get used to. It’s a good idea to keep the little crawlers and climbers snug and safe with a few safety features. Your toddler’s bed should:

👏  be low to the ground to prevent any falls and to help the little ones get in and out

👏 have railings for peace of mind that they won’t roll out while they’re sleeping

👏 have a quality, firm mattress

👏 not have any sharp edges 

👏 be well constructed and built with durable materials. 

How do you choose the right toddler bed?

When you start looking for a new bed for your toddler, you’ll quickly get lost in a sea of options. 

Focus on finding a quality bed that can be used past the toddler stage. You want something that works for bigger kids, too, so you’re not replacing the bed after only a few years. Look for a bed that’s made well, using safe and ideally sustainable materials. And one that offers safety features for those early transition years when your kids are still small. Find a bed that works in the space you have, and always remember to measure the room – you’ll want to know exactly where this new bed will fit!

A young boy in his bright, fresh bedroom sits up in his toddler bed and smiles down at a book
Our toddler bed can be transformed for bigger kids by removing the guard rails and adding the legs

Say hello to Joey

As the OG sleep experts, we decided it was time to create a range of kids’ bedroom furniture – the Joey range. After all, everyone deserves good sleep, right? When designing this collection, we’ve gone big on quality. 

“With this particular range, we wanted to create pieces that were built to last,” says Adam. “To achieve that, we use quality solid timber that’s also sustainable and FSC certified. It’s a neutral, warm timber that works well in almost all spaces. It ages gracefully and really stands the test of time.” 

We’ve designed our Joey bed – which is height adjustable – with longevity in mind. Start super low when the kids are little and they’re still practicing getting in and out of bed. Then, add some height once they’re ready for a regular single bed. The bed also has the option of an additional guard rail to give you peace of mind that your little ones are sleeping safe and sound all night.

Your kids are still growing. So, you’ll want to keep those little spines supported with a high-quality toddler mattress. That’s where our Joey kids mattress comes in. It’s designed with supportive pocket springs and CertiPUR-US®-certified foam to provide little wrigglers the support they need, right to the edge of the bed. The mattress has a zip-off, removable top layer that’s machine-washable, plus it has a water-resistant inner protective layer – perfect for those late-night accidents!

And the best bit? You’ve got a 120-night trial for all of the items in the Joey range. Give them a go, and if they don’t work for you, get in touch for a return and a total product refund. No dramas!

Ready for a big kids’ bed?

From toddler to tween, our Joey beds are a great choice for parents looking to upgrade their kids’ sleeping spots. Moving house or need to change rooms? Our no-tools, hassle-free assembly promise means it’s easier than ever to take our bed apart and put it back together without any damage. With Joey you can rest easy, knowing your kids are tucked up safe and sound in a bed that’s designed to last.

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