Can you wash pillows: a guide to Koala’s washable products

Can you wash pillows a guide to Koala’s washable products

Picture this – brand spanking new Getaway Sofa, in that snazzy Outback colour. You snuggle into the corner with a glass of red wine, putting on your current binge-worthy show. It’s your time. Suddenly a knock at the door startles you, making you spill your burgundy vino on the cushions. One point to food delivery, zero points to your reflexes.

But that’s ok, mess happens and Koala products are built for whatever life throws at them… including your nightly tipple. We like to call it life-proof. 

So before you start aggressively rubbing the stain further into the sofa, here’s the nitty gritty on keeping your Koala products as fresh as the day they arrived.

Can you wash pillows?

There’s nothing ickier than removing your pillow slip to discover you’ve been sleeping on yellow-stained, smelly pillows. Good thing it’s a simple fix. 

Our Koala Pillow and Breeze Pillow’s removable outer cover is fully machine washable. Just turn it inside out for a cold machine or hand wash then line-dry it. There’s no need to iron, tumble dry, dry clean, or bleach it. 

If you’ve got extra stubborn or smelly stains, a little bi-carb soda will do the trick. Just sprinkle it on the cover for a day or so then vacuum it off. 

Can you wash pillows too? When it comes to cleaning the core of these pillows plus the entire Cloudy Pillow, it’s important to spot-clean them with a damp, but not wet, cloth with a bit of mild detergent and lukewarm water. When you’re all done, simply dry them in the shade until they are totally dry. We’ll say that again… totally dry. You don’t want a lingering wet musk haunting the pillow under your head or in storage. 

If you skim-read that part and you’ve got your pillow too wet, it’s all good. Just pop the pillow out in direct sunlight for drying, being sure not to wring the foam cause this can damage or break it. When it’s dry as a bone, vacuum or brush it gently. And voila! 

The Lounging Sofa and Ottoman now feature removable, washable sofa covers

Sofa with washable covers – is this a thing? 

You betchya, peanut. We make award-winning sofas, but something our customers kept asking for is machine washable sofa covers. And we totally get it. Sofas are a big purchase, of course you’d want the opportunity to elongate the life of your sofa by washing its covers. 

So – we made it. Just like that! Our Lounging Sofa and Lounging Sofa Ottoman feature removable, machine washable sofa covers in five gorgeous colours and fabrics. The best bit, is you can grab a few extra cover options so you can change out the colour of your sofa whenever the mood strikes you. This really is the only sofa you ever need to purchase! 

Making your mattress protectors and Joey mattress range go the distance

When it comes to managing stains and spills, our Joey mattress range isn’t kidding around. 

Designed for any inevitable night-time accidents, both the baby and kids mattresses feature removable, washable top layers and water-resistance protective layers. 

To wash the top layer, simply zip off the layer and pop it in the machine on cold wash, then line dry. It’ll be back on the mattress ready for a bedtime story. 

For added peace of mind, the foam we use in our youth mattresses has antimicrobial properties that help prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and microbes. So you and your little one can rest easy knowing our materials are further protecting them from little nasties. 

A similar technology is implemented across our mattress protector collection. The Sanitized®️ antimicrobial treatment on our protectors prevents the growth of unwanted microbes and bacteria. This means it reduces mould staining and odours, ensuring your mattress stays fresher and cleaner for longer. 

When it comes time to wash your mattress protector, mattress protectors are machine washable. So a good cold machine wash followed by a line dry is all you’ll need. 

Machine-washable throw rugs 

Throws are one of the most versatile homewares you can own, which means they can cop a lot of love. Luckily for you, machine-washable throw rugs are our specialty. Like most of our products, a cold machine wash and shaded line dry is the best way to extend the life of your throw. However, for our throws, we recommend putting them in a laundry wash bag inside the machine to help prevent threads from being snagged. 

As an added care tip, you can gently pull your washable throw blankets into shape while it’s damp. If you’re a little time sensitive, a warm (not hot) iron is fine but just give the fringes a miss. 

All of our machine-washable throw rugs come with a sewn care label in case you don’t have enough time to ask us (or Google). 

Can I was pillows? Light grey sofa bed decorated with homewares in a sunlit room
Stunner Sofa Bed in Limestone

Stain-free couch for the win

Remember that glass of red? Well if you’ve got one of our Stunner Sofa Bed or Getaway Sofa featuring stain-resistant fabric – by the time you’re reading this, that stain could be gone. When it comes to liquid stains like red wine or coffee on your sofa, don’t rub or scrub – blot instead. Grab a paper towel or clean sponge and gently blot, this will remove most of your stain. 

If your stain came from a sauce, scoop before you blot. This will remove the excess and help stop the spread of the stain.

Whichever stain you’ve made, be sure not to “overwet” the area (we know that’s not a word, but it may be tempting) as this can lead to water stains. 

Besides the odd stain or two, regular cleaning of our sofa will make a big difference in the life of your furniture. We recommend using a low suction vacuum once a week and positioning the sofa out of direct sunlight. 

Sometimes pilling happens, but don’t worry, it’s just a sign you love your sofa. Fibre pills can be removed with a battery operated pilling tool which can be found at most hardware stores. 

Got a stain you can’t shake? 

Whatever mess you’ve made, our general advice is to always follow the care instructions on your product first. And if you need a little extra hand, well that’s what google and TikTok is for.  

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