A large, colourful child’s bedroom filled with kids bedroom furniture such as a low bed, chest of drawers and a large rug
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Kid’s room basics: children’s bookshelf, bed and more

Kids’ room basics: children’s bookshelf, beds, storage and more

When you envisioned life as a grown-up, you probably didn’t think you’d spend your spare time shopping for a children’s bookshelf. But hey — you’re here now. You may as well make a cuppa and have some fun with it.

Choosing kids’ furniture can actually be pretty enjoyable. As the place where your adorable little ratbag sleeps, plays and hangs out, you’ll wanna make sure you get it right.

Koala has a rep for being the home of comfort, and we’re also proud parents to a new baby ourselves (our new Joey range featuring all things kids and bubs). Not to brag, but this does make us doubly qualified to help.

For style reinforcements, we spoke with Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward. She shared some awesome tips on kids’ bedroom furniture that could save you a lot of hassle and, hopefully, a bit of cash.

Children’s bedroom furniture basics

Kids are simple creatures, so keep this in mind when setting up their rooms. The goal is to choose every piece with practicality first, with sprinklings of style and fun thrown in along the way.

Not sure where to start when setting up your kid’s furniture? Australia, say no more. These are the four essential goodies that every kid’s bedroom needs.

👶🏽 A bookshelf. A children’s bookshelf serves two purposes: it promotes reading and keeps their books off the floor. More importantly, though, it helps them play-act libraries. We’re thinking Rachel Weisz in The Mummy or Dora the Explorer and the overdue library books in her backpack.

👶🏽 A bed. What’s that? Your kid sleeps on their own all throughout the night without stirring or waking anyone up? Yeah, keep dreamin’. Kids can get restless during their sleeping hours, and that’s okay. A bed that suits their size and age-related needs is a must. 

👶🏽 Some storage. Kids have a lot of stuff. And we mean a lot. Kids’ storage furniture is what the savvy parent needs to keep it all hidden. Storage solutions include dressers, drawers, boxes and hampers. The more storage space, the better.

👶🏽 The fun stuff. Unless you’re going for the super adulty beige baby look, kids’ bedroom furniture can be fun. Animal art on the walls, a wooden play kitchen and a colourful rug are just some of the additions that might get the little bubbas bursting with curiosity and imagination.

A baby sits on a rug in their room surrounded by kids furniture such as a cot and chest of drawers
Choose a few solid furniture pieces that are built to last and add playful touches with accessories

Kids’ furniture tips to save some stress

A little smart thinking now means less effort and money spent on your kids’ bedroom in the future. Lisa guides the way on how to ensure you pick the right stuff.

Plan for the future

Lisa suggests thinking about the future when choosing kids’ furniture. “Buying good foundation pieces that will grow with your child is important,” she says. “Furniture that can be repurposed later on into something useful is a smart purchase.” This not only saves your wallet, but it’s great for the planet.

Get a solid foundation

Sure, that racing car bed looks cool now. But if you want furniture that goes the distance, avoid furnishings that are overly kiddy when picking big-ticket items. Keep the staples simple, and you’ll increase their lifespans.

In place of kid-specific pieces, Lisa suggests amping things up with smaller bursts of inspiration. “Find small things you can pop up on the shelf or little decor items you can change,” she says. “As their taste changes — as will yours — you can refresh it.”

Choose age-friendly sizes

While it’s fun to imagine buying just one bed as part of baby’s room furniture that the little angel will then use until they move out of home, babies don’t really work like that. They grow up — and fast. Age-appropriate sizing as they get older will be key for safety, comfort and usability.

And psst. We’re not sure if you know, but Koala also makes a toddler bed that easily converts to a child-friendly one. Just sayin’.

Adaptable storage

Storage, storage, storage. Did we mention storage? Think of all the stuff your kid will accumulate over the years and how much clutter you’ll have to deal with, and you’ll understand why we said ‘storage’ four times (okay, now five). The bonus is that kids’ storage furniture can be repurposed when they grow up. “What starts as toy storage could become blanket or hobby storage later on, or even a bench seat,” says Lisa. She’s a smart cookie.

Think about your set-up

It’s easy to imagine yourself as the world’s best parent when you’re expecting a baby, but most of that goes out the window once they arrive (we’re looking at you, no-iPad rule). One thing we can be sure of, though, is how our home operates. Do you have a spare room to use? Need a bed and a cot in the same space? Already have built-in cupboards? All good thinking points when looking at bedroom furniture.

The Koala approach to buying kids’ furniture online

Does furniture shopping online fill you with fear? That’s okay because Koala is here to hold your hand. We’ve put a few measures in place to make online shopping fun and fuss-free. Plus, our fast, flexible and free shipping means you’ll never have to sidestep a pushy furniture salesperson ever again.

Our baby and kid Joey range includes a cot, mattress, toddler bed and drawers. And we’ve designed the range to be flexible enough to change with your little joey as they grow.

For instance, our Wombat Chest of Drawers has been designed with nappies, romper suits and baby blankets in mind, but we guarantee as baby grows into big kid, tween and even teen, this beauty will be there to store their stuff. And the toddler bed with removable legs and safety barriers can be turned into something a bit more grown-up when the time comes. Pretty cool, hey?

Like all of Koala’s stuff, our kids’ furniture range is kind to the planet. And buying from a brand that puts sustainability at the forefront means you can be a little less worried about their future.

We also give you 120 nights to get up close and personal with your purchase. You might not be able to return your kids from whence they came (trip to Mordor, anyone?), but at Koala, you can return our products. Because by the end of the trial period, if you decide it’s not for you, let us know, and we’ll provide a product refund.

Koalified to talk kids’ furniture

Koala furniture is built to last, and it’ll no doubt take you from your child’s first steps to their first solo trip to Maccas (in your car, no less). Check out our Joey range to see how easy it can be to shop for kids’ bedroom furniture that’s not only stylish and stable but sustainable too.

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