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The making of the brand new Koala Mattress Range | Q&A

With our brand new Koala Mattress Range finally here, jam-packed with years of know-how and how-did-they-do-it, we sat down with Product Manager, Steph Roberts-Baxter from Koala’s Product team to get a sneak peek into one of the brilliant minds that has brought thousands of Aussies a better night’s sleep.

Steph, why did we design three new mattresses? 

New Koala Mattress

The way we sleep is as unique as we are, so we’ve designed the new Koala Mattress Range to cater to as many different sleeping preferences as possible. We wanted each mattress to deliver that signature Koala feel, no matter which one you choose—so even though the comfort layer on our new range is now flippable, meaning you can easily adjust the firmness of your mattress, you can be sure it will still have the cloud-like feel that Koala is known for.

Why did we choose the features we chose? 

Koala Calm As Mattress

Each of the features we’ve incorporated in the new mattress range has been designed to help solve some of the common problems people experience when they sleep.

Tend to sleep hot? The COOLMAX® fibres in the sleep surface of our Calm As mattress can help you stay cool and dry for a better night’s sleep.

Need a little more support? The adaptive foam springs and bamboo charcoal memory foam layer in our Soul Mate mattress can help take some of the pressure off.

Want something that’s kind to the planet, as well as to your skin? The TENCEL™ Lyocell used in the New Koala Mattress has been produced with low ecological impact, as well as being breathable and smooth to the touch.

How is the mattress range different from our original Koala mattress? 

Each new Koala Mattress has a Flippable Kloudcell™ Comfort Layer

The biggest change from the original design is our new Flippable Kloudcell™ Comfort Layer, meaning you can unzip and flip to whichever firmness feels right for you. All three of our new mattresses have a “firm” and a “medium-firm” side, making it easier than ever to customise the way you sleep.

How do our mattresses adhere to the sustainable standards set at Koala?

Our mattress range is certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) – this means that our mattresses have been independently assessed to meet a wide range of environmental, human health, and social impact criteria, so you can be certain you’re making a purchase that is better for you, and better for the planet.

The foam used in our mattresses is also certified by CertiPUR-US to have been manufactured without the use of ozone depleting chemicals and dangerous fire retardants, and has been tested for durability to ensure it will last for years to come.

What questions should you be asking when buying a mattress?

Setting aside all the fancy fabrics and features we’ve packed into the new mattress range, the only way to truly determine if a mattress is right for you is by sleeping on it. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new mattress, and two minutes in a showroom is no comparison to having 120 nights to put your new mattress to the test. Always make sure your purchase allows you to trial risk-free in your own home before you commit.

How is the mattress range different from other mattress brands?

In developing the new range, we’ve produced 144 prototypes, undergone sleep trials, and conducted comprehensive durability testing, pressure mapping, and safety certification, to ensure that our mattresses are not only made from the highest quality components, but that they are safe and durable enough to have you sleeping soundly for many years to come.

So there’s the long and the short of it! If you have any burning questions about our new mattress range that hasn’t been covered or questions on any other product, have a read through our FAQ page. Alternatively, reach out to our friendly customer service team who will be happy to give you all the A’s to your Q’s. 

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