A three seater sofa with light green upholstery and timber base board
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Behind the design: why we created the Getaway Sofa

“We wanted to push ourselves and deliver more than what people expect from us so far. Our promise to our customers is that we continually strive to create better and better solutions for your everyday needs.” – James Whitta, Koala’s VP of Product Design. 

What a way to introduce our newest addition: The Getaway Sofa! The Getaway was designed with families in mind, whilst the Getaway Sofa Luxe Edition delivers life’s luxe side every day. This is the most comfortable sofa we’ve ever made, one of the myriad reasons this baby is our in-house design team’s all-time favourite Koala Sofa (but shh…don’t tell the others)🤫.  

Three seater sofa with light green linen upholstery and timber storage shelves.
The Getaway Sofa Luxe Edition in Kakadu 3-Seater

It’s beautiful. 

We believe great design should be for everyone, not just a few. James and his team are committed to delivering design, practicality and quality to as many people as possible; without the exorbitant price tag. 

Two years of research and development from our Sydney-based team has resulted in an incredibly thoughtful design that James believes sets a new standard for us here at Koala 🛠. 

The silhouette and the colours are striking in equal measure. Getaway Luxe is available in two super-soft laid-back linens made from recycled materials, both boasting solid ash timber storage drawers for an ultra-noice finish. The family-friendly Getaway Sofa is completely upholstered in a stain-resistant, Koala-exclusive fabric that’s tough as nails but soft to the touch. 

Both Sofas feature oversized covers that create a relaxed, wrinkled effect over time. Meaning, like you, this sofa only gets better with age. 

A grey three-seater, dark grey upholstered sofa with storage drawers.
The Getaway Sofa in Penguin Parade 3-Seater

It’s practical. 

The Getaway Sofa is not only insanely-good-looking but also extremely practical; designed to solve common household problems 💡. From stowaway drawers to life-proof fabric, James and his team have built this one to last.

The draw is the perfect hideaway spot for the everyday chaos that young families experience, be it the impromptu lego session that needs to be cleared quickly because the in-laws are arriving in five minutes or, the doorbell rings and you still haven’t cleared away the remnants of last nights’ festivities,” James tells us.

It’s not just what’s underneath that matters. We’ve elevated our life-proof luxury with the Getaway Sofa. The Koala-developed stain-resistant fabrics have been tested against sauce, wine or any other bodily function that may occur – so they’re not only great looking but easy to clean.

A man sits on a three-seater sofa with light grey upholstery and timber base board reading the newspaper.
The Getaway Sofa Luxe Edition in Outback 3-Seater

It’s comfortable. 

You’ve heard it here first, folks – James reckons The Getaway Sofa is our most comfy yet. Our first sofa which uses both foam and springs in its seat cushions, stuffed to the brim with our special formula that creates a feather-like feel without the use of feathers. 

As James explains, “what that gives us is an extremely soft and sink-in feel that immediately takes you to your happy place.”

Durability was important during ideation and design. All of this soft, marshmallowy goodness is built on a high-quality steel frame with a lightweight suspension fabric inner frame supporting the seat cushions for bounce-proof comfort. Read: comfortable enough for napping but strong enough for roughhousing. 

One three-seater and one two-seater sofa in light grey with throw cushions
The Getaway Sofa 2 and 3-Seater in Choppy Waves

It doesn’t cost the earth. 

As with all Koala products, you get more for less than you’d expect when you take the Getaway Sofa home. James tells us “you would typically expect to pay quite a lot of money for this type of luxury. But we’re very proud of the fact that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this level of quality, comfort and style. I love that.”

Good for you and good for our furry friends. The Getaway uses FSC® Certified timber, CertiPUR-US® certified foam and recycled fibres, and every purchase supports our friends WWF to help koalas, green sea turtles and glossy black-cockatoos.

A father, mother and child sit on a three seater light grey sofa to read a book.
The Getaway Sofa in Choppy Waves 3-Seater

Ready to try it for yourself?

Excellent decision making. Try the Getaway Sofa or Getaway Luxe Edition in your home for 120 nights to ensure it’s the perfect fit. Don’t love it as much as we do? Send it back within the trial period for a full product refund – no harm, no foul. 

Take a squiz at the family-friendly Getaway Sofa or the elevated Getaway Sofa Luxe Edition. Like, right now. 

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