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Great in bed – Six Koala innovations you need to know about

Here at Koala, we make some pretty cool stuff and we’re damn proud of it.

So we’ve pulled together a list of six of the best things we can’t stop raving about (and we reckon you’ll love them too.) From a sweat-free pillow, layered duvets, to cable management holes in our bed base read on to find out more.

It’s all in the details 

Organic Cotton Duvet Set in Reversible Grey Gum & Ocean Salt

Have we created the best organic cotton sheets in Australia? We think so. 

Our GOTS-certified Organic Cotton Sheet Sets and Organic Cotton Duvet Sets were indeed a labour of love from us, to you. Kitted out with all the sweet details we could dream up, these sets bring a playful personality to your bedroom. 

Quirky, embroidered “Yours, Mine, Ours” text on the reversible Crumple pillowcases and duvet cover ensures you never get your pillows twisted again, whilst the hidden hand openings make it that much easier for you to make your bed. That’s a fun Scandinavian trick we’ve nicked to bring to the Aussie market. Merci us later. 

Plus, for the perfectly made bed, the Crinkle Duvet Set’s pillow opening is cleverly positioned on the back face so your pillow never peaks out the end. We’ve left a few hidden love letters for you on the buttons and in the internal seam. The more you look, the more you find with these organic cotton bed sheets. 

Heads or Tails?


Our Koala sheets feature a handy ‘head’ and ‘toes’ tag.

Forget the endless search for the short side of the sheets. Koala sheets feature labels for the head and toes on each corner, to help take the guess workout out of making the bed.

Customised comfort 

Choose between the softer or firmer side of our Koala Pillow.

Whether it’s our New Koala Mattress, our comfy Calm As Mattress or cloud-like Soul Mate Mattress, all our mattresses have a customisable comfort layer. Simply unzip and flip to choose between a firm and medium-firm feeling.

The custom comfort doesn’t end there. Our award-winning Koala Pillow has a softer and a firmer side, making it perfect for all sorts of sleepers. It also features a gel-infused memory foam that moves heat and moisture away from your noggin. Like our mattresses, it’s ventilated and allows airflow to the other side of the pillow.

Double the duvets

Our All Seasons Duvet and Balmy Nights Duvet can be connected together for even extra warmth

Koala duvets are not only comfy and soft, they are designed to be used together.

Our Balmy Nights Duvet is the perfect light summer quilt to keep you comfy on hot nights. While our All Seasons Duvet is the perfect medium weight quilt for all year round.

When the temperature drops and you want to feel extra toasty, simply connect the two quilts using the tabs at each corner to make one super-warm winter weight quilt.

Say bye bye to bunching

There are few things worse than waking up after a restless night to find your duvet has retreated to the bottom of the cover. Now, you can say bonne nuit to bunching thanks to our Koala Duvet Covers. Specially designed to work with our Koala Duvets, our Koala Duvet Covers have ties in each corner which loop easily into the connector tabs on the duvet, so your quilt will stay exactly where it should – all night long!

Easy organisation

The Paddington Bed Base features cable management holes.

There are so many things that make our Paddington Bed Base a winner, literally, it won a Good Design Award!

But one feature that might pass you by is the handy storage shelf just behind the headboard complete with cable management holes for you to stash your pillows and charge your devices.

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