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Are sofa beds worth it?

Are sofa beds worth it? Well, let’s talk.

With a reputation for being uncomfortable, bulky and not the sexiest piece of furniture, you would be forgiven for thinking a sofa bed isn’t worth having. But things have changed.

Thanks to updated designs that now make them just as comfy as mattresses, plus the convenience of having a spare bed for unexpected guests, the sofa bed is a bloody awesome addition to family and living spaces.

But as an item often thought of as leaning on the pricey side, the question is, are sofa beds worth it?

As long as you buy the right one, we’d say they are. Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward takes us through what makes the best sofa bed and gives us pointers on sofa bed decor.

Why you need a sofa bed

Short on space? Got a snorer in the house? Or maybe you’ve always got family and friends banging on your door to stay over. There are loads of reasons why you might need a sofa bed. After all, it is the MVP in space-saving furniture. Let’s take a look at why sofa beds come in handy.

“During COVID, all the rooms in the house had to become multipurpose. And now, with guests coming to stay again, we need to find space to put them,” says Lisa. “A sofa bed is a great option, because it can be folded away when not in use and still remain a functional piece of furniture.”

She also reminds us that they’re super handy to have, even without guests. “If you’re not sleeping well, maybe because you’re coughing all night, you can go into a spare room and use that sofa bed and let the other person have a good night’s sleep.”

Choosing a sofa bed is important stuff. And with fuss-free guest furniture that’s designed to be cushy and comfy, you can’t go wrong with the Koala range.

The best sofa bed Australia has seen

Sofa bed designs have come a long way in recent years. So if it’s been a while since you’ve owned or slept on one, you might be tickled pink.

“The mechanisms have improved, and there are now designs with storage in them,” says Lisa. “Plus, you’ve got options when it comes to bed size, with double, queen, single and even king single available.”

When it comes to finding a good sofa bed, Lisa’s got these pointers. 

“Always test it out, and remember that people are not sleeping on it for months on end. Generally, it’s just one or two nights here or there, maybe a week. The convenience and the savings of not having to go to a hotel is really what makes a sofa bed worth it for your guests.”

You want you guests to have a great sleep experience, but you also want your sofa bed to look as good as it feels. We get it, which is why we keep that in mind when designing our Koala sofas, using fabrics and cushioning that feel and look luxurious.

And when it comes to sofa bed decorating ideas, Lisa is our gal. She recommends choosing the cushions for your sofa wisely.

“Opt for symmetry, avoid using too many colours, create balance with prints and block colours and always select a cushion insert that is slightly bigger than the cushion cover for a stylish finish.” Vogue Living, here we come!

A father and daughter relax and play a game on a Koala sofa bed, a handy space-saving furniture piece
Koala The Koala Stunner Sofa Bed not only looks good, it also has handy built-in storage

Koala sofa beds

Your sofa bed might not get as much use as your mattress, but that doesn’t mean you should lose out on comfort. That’s why the secret to getting the best sofa bed is getting it from a mattress company. And it just so happens that Koala has an award-winning and highly rated  range of sofa beds you’re probably going to adore.

Thanks to our mattress expertise, we know what it takes to design quality sofa beds. Go from sit to sleep in seconds with pull-out designs, no-tools assembly and luxurious fabrics.

Want to try the product of the year? As the top rated sofa bed on productreview.com.au and winner of the Product Review 2023 Award for the Best Sofa Bed, our iconic Koala Cushy Sofa Bed goes from sit to sleep in seconds. Thanks to its soft, heavenly cushions and easy assembly, this sofa bed is a ripper.

Our customers love the Koala OG Sofa Bed, which has won the productreview.com.au award for sofa beds thanks to hundreds of five-star reviews.

Need to maximise your space? The Koala Stunner Sofa Bed offers advanced pull-out storage underneath, a compact footprint and is made with Koala’s spill-proof and stain-resistant fabric. Fancy! This is a dream come true for every type of sleeper.

Give it a try!

Our designs are all homegrown. We’re an Aussie brand with global presence and the first GECA-certified mattresses in Australia (Good Environmental Choice Australia). We love what we do, and we don’t want our customers to have to choose between innovation, sustainability and affordability.

So whether you’re sitting, sleeping or doing something in between, know that a Koala sofa bed will give you not only the best cushioning you’ve ever had, but also peace of mind that we’re doing all we can to care for the environment.

Not sure which one to choose? All of our products come with a 120-night free trial guarantee. Simply buy any Koala product, try it for 120 nights, and if for any reason you decide it’s not for you, we’ll arrange a return and refund. Too easy!

Shop the full Koala range online today.

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