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How to style a mid-century modern bedroom like a pro

How to style a mid-century modern bedroom like a modern pro

Ready to put the modern in your new mid-century modern bedroom? Awesome, because we won’t be needing physics and a time machine to get this look. Mid-century design is barrelling back into vogue, and for good reason too — it’s timeless, sustainable and looks bloody great in the bedroom.

To build our bedrooms right, we spoke with Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward about how to get the mid-century look down pat.

Get the mid-century look

So, what exactly is mid-century modern as an  interior design style? Are we talking Mad Men chic or the tulip chairs in The Jetsons? To help us get our history right, Lisa tells us it had a little something to do with rebelling against the ’40s.

“Throughout the ’40s, the style was really opulent and glamorous. There were lots of frills and bells and whistles.

“Mid-century modern is much more focused on combining natural and manmade materials. It centres around functionality and clean lines, mixed in with more vibrant colours like oranges and greens.

“This post-war style is really all about having a pared-back approach to interior styling.”

Clean lines, functionality and a pared-down approach to style? If you ask us, it sounds a lot like Koala in a (gum)nut shell.

Mid-century modern bedroom pieces

What do we need to be looking for when we’re out furniture shopping? Lisa talks us through capturing the look.

“It’s more about opting for function over form and selecting practical, minimal designs. Start with your foundational, neutral pieces, and then add colour with smaller, more affordable items.”

When you’re buying your mid-century modern furniture for the bedroom, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

😴 A mid-century modern bedside table will usually have clean lines, slim legs and be neutral in tone.

😴 A mid-century modern bed frame that comes in a warm timber like oak or rosewood will give the room an aura of detailed simplicity.

😴 Mid-century modern homewares will help create a retro look by bringing in geometric shapes in vibrant shades of orange, green, turquoise or teal.

There’s a tried and true recipe when it comes to good mid-century modern design. Larger foundational items like your bed frame and bedroom furniture are used to bring in the natural materials, like oak and timber, while homewares, like cushions and throws, are used to bring in abstract patterns and pops of colour. You could even opt for a brightly upholstered armchair or an abstract rug to really seal the mid-century deal.

Lisa’s top tip for a mid-century modern look is to keep the room tidy. Whether it be in the bedroom, home office or living room, she says sticking to a pared-back look by reducing clutter and keeping things clean and simple is the secret to nailing the style.

Okay, so muted, neutral tones, deliberate splashes of colour and a clutter-free home. We got this!

A mid-century modern bed featuring warm-toned bedding and a dark orange cushion from Koala
Throw down a couple of richly coloured cushions, such as the Koala Daydreamer Cushion, to get the mid-century modern look in the bedroom

Koala pieces to get you the look

Get that mid-century look down to a tee with these essential pieces from our Koala furniture range.

😴 The clean lines, simple design and an ash veneer finish of the Balmain Bed Base and the stunning curves and simplicity of the Kirribilli Bed Base make these the ultimate feature pieces in your mid-century modern bedroom.

😴 With its sleek finish and warm, neutral tone, the Balmain Bedside Table is a match made in Koala heaven when it comes in a pair.

😴 If you’re after a little texture and a fun romp of colour, don’t forget to add the Daydreamer Cushion in Nullabor or the Beach Bum Cushion in Surfers Paradise. They are those little bits of Australia that you’ll want to have in bed with you.

Get ready for bed with us

No matter what look you’re going for, everyone knows that all a bedroom is really good for is doing the fun stuff after dark that gets us dreaming and drooling. In your sleep, obvs!  

So whether you’re all tucked in and fast asleep or doing something else that makes you drool, a Koala bedroom will have you feeling all kinds of cosy in no time. We have three Koala mattresses to choose from to get you started plus an award-winning range of  Koala pillows. They’re all perfect for adding the finishing touches to your mid-century modern bedroom.

Explore our full range of bedroom products today for fuss-free delivery, tool-free assembly and a risk-free 120-night trial. We’ve got you covered!

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