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6 bedroom styling tips to create a beautiful bedroom

Who doesn’t dream of waking up in a beautiful bedroom? 

If you’re in need of some bedroom styling tips to bring your vision to life, we’re here to help. We teamed up with influencer Hayley Andersen (@haylsa) to take a peek under the covers on how to create a bedroom you’ll be excited to fall asleep in each night.

Start with your bed 

When it comes to styling tips for your bedroom, the most important place to start is of course, your bed. Your bed should be the focal point of your bedroom and often that starts at choosing a comfortable and quality mattress that will last. A bedroom should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. 

Next, you’ll want to choose a bed base that fits with the overall aesthetic of the room you’re looking to create. We love natural wood tones as they are long-lasting (and not just trend-focused!) and allow for the perfect base to build your desired room’s palette on.

Hayley chose the Koala Mattress for her room as well as the Koala Timber Bed Base (we’ve discontinued this one, but have two great timber bed bases to choose from!).

Focus on your floor

Do you have a hardwood floor? Tile or carpet? Whatever you’ll be padding across before hopping into bed, adding a rug not only adds texture and colour to your room but also can keep your feet toasty so you’re not hitting ice cold floors first thing in the morning!

There are three main things to keep in mind when choosing the right rug for styling your room — size, material and colour. Hayley chose a lighter neutral colour at the base of her bed to offset the dark carpet, with a diamond design to tie into the overall look and feel.

Don’t shy away from colour 

One thing that’s hard to break when it comes to styling your bedroom, is getting too stuck into a few colours like Hayley’s previous bedroom. While neutral palettes with soft whites and washed-out pastels are currently on trend, adding bolder colours can breathe life into your bedroom. 

Check out some of our favourite bed linen colours here.

Before and after of Hayley’s bedroom

Your bedside bestie 

Is your bedside table the last thing you think about? Did it even come to mind? Well, we’re here to tell you that your bedside table should be your bedside bestie. They can not only be stylistically gorgeous, they are also functional and offer the perfect space to add more character to your bedroom. 

Keep your bedside table simple and add some lighting, books, or greenery and your bedside table will become so much more than an afterthought. Similar to Hayley, when it comes to choosing a style, we recommend one that not only complements your bedding but is built to last using good wood, like our Koala Bedside Table

Go green

We can’t imagine a room without some plant babies. Not only do they make for a prettier space, they also have health benefits too! Plants in the bedroom can help clean the air but also can clear off toxins like mould and airborne allergens.

Use hanging, floor or smaller bedside plants to boost creativity and create a feeling of serenity. 

Add touches of you

Your bedroom is an extension of yourself and there are pieces of you that you’ll want to add to make your room uniquely yours. Whether that is collected memories from past travels, artwork that’s been handed down or bought during a trip to your local gallery, or anything else, this is what makes your bedroom a dream come true.

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