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How to care for your Paddington Bed Base

You’ve bought yourself a Koala Paddington Bed Base and naturally, it’s become your pride and joy. The next step in your relationship is learning how you can care for it to ensure you both enjoy a long, happy life together.

Firstly, congratulations are in order – the days of whacking your shins into a bed frame are over. But our clever upholstered design is just one of many excellent things about this handsome bed base: it’s made from a mix of sustainably sourced timber and recycled polyester fabric (including 33% REPREVE® fiber), the headboard sits at the perfect tilt for relaxing in bed, and like all our furniture, you can put it together in minutes. It’s what bed base dreams are made of.

Like any relationship, spending QT together will help to build your budding romance. Here are a few simple ways to care for your new best mate.

Regular maintenance 101

Even though the Paddington Bed Base is a mix of timber and upholstery, a damp cloth will do the trick for week-to-week maintenance. Just run a soft, damp and lint-free cloth along the timber to remove any dust. And if you really want to kick things up a notch on the weekly dust front, you can give the upholstery a vacuum on low suction (just make sure the nozzle is clean).

The other important thing to know about maintaining your Paddington Bed Base is placement. Ideally, you’ll want to position your bed out of direct sunlight, as over time this can fade the colour of the fabric. You also don’t want your bed base in a damp or wet environment, because it can cause damage to the bed frame over time.

If you accidentally spill something

We’re all guilty of a little ‘Netflix and spill’. It happens to the best of us, but there’s no need to panic. Just remove the liquid or food spill immediately with a dry cloth, as the longer the spill remains the harder a stain is to remove. Once it’s cleared, grab a clean, dry cloth and some mild detergent and get to spot cleaning. 

Create a mild soapy-water solution and dip the dry cloth into it, then apply firm pressure over the spill area in a circular motion. Follow by buffing with a clean water-dampened cloth.

Be careful not to wet through to the filling and definitely keep bleach away from your beloved bed base. Once you’ve spot cleaned, let it dry in the shade. 

Bonus points: a couple of times a year, do this

A good relationship starts at the foundation.

We made the Paddington Bed Base exceptionally sturdy, with nice solid panel slats and a perfectly plush-yet-supportive headboard, but you should periodically check all the components are secure and that the gumnuts remain nice and tight.

Simple to clean underneath with extra storage space

The bed base has a light and airy feel, with the frame itself floating well off the floor. This means it’s excellent for providing additional under-bed storage and is super easy to vacuum underneath.

Easy on your back and gentle on the shins

The Paddington Bed Base is as comfortable as our famous Koala Mattress because we’ve designed a headboard that sits at the perfect angle; a slight backward tilt ideal for reading, scrolling or eating brekkie in bed. It’s also upholstered with a luscious infill offering a nice balance of softness and support.

Meanwhile, that upholstered goodness extends to the outer edges of the frame. The cushy side rails are a clever move to ensure you never bang your shins on the edge of the bed ever again. 

Cleaner on your airways

Like all Koala furniture products, we’ve tested the Paddington Bed Base against our strict standards to ensure that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are kept to a minimum. No breathing in any nasties with this bad boy.

Why stop at the Koala Paddington Bed Base…

When there’s a range of award-winning mattresses, pillows and super-chic bed linen waiting to come home with you? If you’re looking for a sign to upgrade your sleep, this is damn well it. 

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