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How to put a throw on a couch (strangely harder than you think…!)

How to put a throw on a couch like a pro

Are you sofa-king tired of your same old couch? Need to cover up your sofa’s faux pas? Ready to give your living room a little spruce? Well, get this — getting a new look for your sofa isn’t just about mixing and matching cushions. Woah. You can actually do a bit more.

Whether you want snugglier accessories, greater colour coordination or just a rebrand of the space altogether, investing in a good-quality throw can be the solution to getting savvy with your decor.

But here’s the thing. You can’t just throw on a throw — you need to throw like a pro. Get it right and you’ll be crowned a style icon. Get it wrong and you’ll be toast. Okay, maybe not toast. But, nonetheless, here’s everything you need to do to fire up your crouch cred. 

Finding the perfect throw

First thing’s first: you need to own the right throw before you can make it work with your couch. According to Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward, texture, colour and weight matter, and they can make or break the harmony of a room.

Let’s get textural

You always wanna choose a throw that complements the design and texture of your sofa. And as most sofas are made with flat and dense woven fabrics, Lisa suggests using texture as a way to give your furnishings dimension and personality.

“A sofa is made of flat materials because you don’t want it to catch on jeans, nails, pet nails and the kid’s toys,” she explains. “The idea of the throw is to make it textural and seasonal. You might have a wool throw that you bring out on those winter nights and then something lighter and more colourful for the summer.”

For extra chunk, Lisa recommends checking out the Hamptons style. It’ll deliver all the chunk and ruggedness you could ever want with its heavy, woven rugs and earthy, ASMR-y decor.

A splash of colour

A throw will do wonders for adding a pop of colour to your room, but Lisa tells us it’s all about understanding the way colours work in tandem.

“Stay true to your aesthetic to get the best results.” She says rich colours and lots of texture will create a bold look, whereas lighter linens and colour-drenched cottons will look more airy and fresh.

And Lisa’s top tip that we absolutely love? Choose fabrics that are in a similar depth of colour to your fur babies. You’ll thank yourself (and her) later.

“If you’ve got a dark-coloured dog, you’re better off choosing a fabric that’s going to be darker so that the hair doesn’t show up as much.”

Weight matters

And finally, you wanna think about the season you’re in when picking out your new throw. With so many fabrics to choose from, Lisa reminds us to keep it harmonious.

“Opt for a heavier, more snuggly material like wool in the winter and a lighter option like cotton or linen in summer.”

A beautiful warm throw on a timber stool
A throw can add warmth, texture and colour to any room of the house

How to style a throw on a couch (and every room in the house)

Now that you have your perfect throw, it’s time to get your style on. And regardless of whether it’s the living room, bedroom, indoor space or outdoor patio, your style game needs to tight.

How to place a throw on a couch

Let’s start with the star of the show — the sofa.

For a formal finish, Lisa says to keep it tidy. “Fold your throw neatly, and place it over the arm or the back of your sofa. Keeping things neat will help your room look polished.”

After a more casual feel? Try draping the fabric over the back of the sofa and placing the cushions back on top so the throw is slightly underneath the cushions.

And the top tip? Toss it onto the sofa and see where it lands. It’ll still work a charm. “Even just draping the throw can have a really nice effect.”

How to place a throw in other areas of the house

To zhuzh up the other areas of your home and give them the same warmth and personality that you’ve now got in your living room, take your throw out for a walk, and see where else it works within the house.

Drape a heavy one over the end of your bed to create a cosy sanctuary. Pop a neutral one on the hallway console to brighten up the passageway. Or use your cotton and linen ones down the centre of the dinner table as runners for that sunny outdoor-indoor feel.

And one last thing — the throws don’t need to be cooped up indoors. “Outdoor throws are great for snuggling up with on those cooler nights,” says Lisa, “with the really thick ones feeling more luxe.” Yes, please. We’ll take luxe any which way we can get it.

Time to snuggle up

With patterns and colours inspired by the sun-kissed sand dunes, turquoise oceans and lush greenery of the Aussie bush, our Koala throws will give your living space the ultimate spruce. And they make for great snuggle buddies as well, whether you’re going in for a snuggle sesh with your significant other or just cuddling up on your own.

Get styling like a pro

So there you have it. Throwing a throw like a pro — the ultimate Koala guide. And whether you’re looking for tips on how to style an armchair or just after some living room essentials, we’ve got you covered. From cushions and throws to armchairs and sofas, you’ll find everything you need to become a master styler with us. Go on. Give us a gander.

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